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Personalized One Shot For Cookie_Monster

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R for language. Hope you love. Mizzie...Hokey?

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I apologize in advance for the terrible ending, horribly cheesy. I've run out of ideas. Sorry again.

Mikeys POV
New day, new town, new school. In other words, life stinks. My girlfriend of 5 months dumped me because I was moving. Not that I liked her that anyway, but still. I mumbled curse words in audible, getting out my bed. I looked around my new room. Boxes were everywhere. There was only one thing I cared to unpack when we arrived 3 days ago. The box that contained, my stereo, a few clothes and my CD/DVD collection.

I flicked the switch on, taking in the average room, no Mikeyness. The windows, with no curtains let the sun shine through. Well what little sun was outside, it's raining. The soft pitter patter of the little droplets of water hit my windows, slowly making its way to my ear.

I hopped, yes hopped, over to my drawer. I through on some fairly tight jeans, random t-shirt and my glasses. I skipped, ugh YES SKIPPED, over to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash the beautiful face that is mine. New school, new you Mikey Way. I'm gonna be the man. I could be a jock, or a chess whiz or start a Star Wars appreciation club. Oh dear lord, I think I just came with the though of that. Mmmm, star wars. Ice cream club, oh god yes. I stared in the bathroom mirror. Well don't you look sexy today, hot stuff? Why, thank you gorgeous. I blew a kiss to myself in the mirror. Horrified I flew out the bathroom, as far away as that mirror as possible. I'm turning into a diva, like Gerard. I shuddered. That's horrifying. Speaking of whores.

"Gerard! First day of school! Car!" I yelled into the basically that was my way of asking for a ride. Gerard ran upstairs sporting boxers and power puff girl socks running out the front door waving his arms around frantically. He was yelling something like "Oh god, so late, so late." Poor guy, his periods late. "You better not be pregnant!" I yelled after him, closing the front door behind me.

"You're not funny." Gerard stated as I hopped in the passenger seat. We drove in silence for miles. Once I'm positive we're only about 3-5 minutes away from the school, I finally made my clever retort. "I'm not only wearing a boxer and socks." I smirked. "Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck. Fucking shit. How did I not? Why didn't you? Ugh." Gerard groaned in frustration. "Get out, you can walk, I'm going home." I knew the school wasn't far and we had visited previously.

I guided myself to school by memory, the genius that is I, of course had it like that. The second I was on school grounds something caught my eye, something beautiful and gorgeous and shiny. The statue of the school mascot, it's a falcon. Awesome. But the most beautiful person I've ever seen, was standing next to the falcon. Well, what I saw of her.

Her hair was gorgeous, from the back anyway. It was shoulder length, brown and a tad of color shone in the sunlight. Purple maybe? I know so far I’ve only seen her from the side and back. But I have a feeling. That tingly butterfly feeling you get when you like someone. Like love at first sight. But LIKE LIKENESS, so like like at first sight. I have to talk to her. My feet automatically started walking in the complete opposite direction of her. Nooo. Curse you feet, this is a new us and we are gonna walk over there and talk to that goddess. I imagined my legs would’ve groaned annoying at that moment if they could. But I reluctantly
and overjoyously walked towards her. Then the bell rang. Just my luck.

I didn’t see the goddess of my heart again until lunch time. Well, I saw her in my head. She wouldn’t leave. I was so distracted. New school and I’ve already made myself a freak status. In Algebra I started making out with our math book. I tried to make out with the water fountain earlier. This girl will be the death of my social status. I tried thinking of music to get her out my head, but the song lyrics started to get mushy and romantic and describe the side and back of her.

Walking in to the cafeteria I instantly spot my brother, talking to some girl. No, not some girl, I’d know the side of that girl anywhere. My brother, the Gerard everyone seems to want to have relations with is talking and possibly FLIRTING with my love.The gladiator shoes are on bro. I must fight for my ladies honor. I stomped over to them in a slightly angry manor. It’s on.

Gerard noticed my presence instantly, waving me over to them smiling. You cheeky bastard. “Hey Mikey. Hozzie, this is my brother Michael.” He introduced. Hozzie such a great name, it fits her and... the front of her is even more gorgeous. “Hi” She smiled, giving a small wave. Such a cute wave. Dear lord I think I’m drooling. STOP EMBARRASSING ME MIKEY! “Hi....your pretty.” DAMMIT! “Gotta go.” I mumbled walking away swiftly not turning back.

Now the girl physically won’t leave me alone. After spending lunch alone in the library researching on how to make a goddess falling in love (I didn’t finding anything useful by the way), I grabbed my books and walked slowly to my science class. Naturally, the last seat is next to Hozzie. I examined her outfit. She had a unique taste, Anthrax t-shirt (oh dear, just marry me), blue jeans (my favorite color), and these pink sequin converses. My dream women.

I sat next to her smiling shyly, she smiled back (ever so slightly) her eyes read into my soul. The most beautiful eyes in the world. This gorgeous blue, again, my favorite color. But not whenever someone ask me what my favorite color is I’ll just say ‘Hozzies eyes’. Because, they are my favorite color. I’ve never seen anything so magical. I thought about her eyes and pretended to pay attention to the teacher. “Any ideas?” Hozzie asked me suddenly. Oh dear, those eyes, stop looking at me, I’ll die from the adorable. “What?” I’m gonna go ahead and guess I missed something important. “End of the year science project. Any ideas?” Ohh. “Um, no. Sorry.” I stuttered through my words. “You can come over and we’ll work on it.” She smiled, and ripped out a piece of paper from her notebook. She scribbled something in it. “Text me a time and I’ll send you the directions.” Hozzie handed me the sheet of paper. I’m gonna ask you out tonight.

____time lapse____
Ask her out that night I did. We’ve been together for five years now, we’re both 20 and about to graduate. We’re currently sitting at the fanciest restaurant in town. I thought about the 5 years of our relationship. When I asked her out the first day I met her and she said she’ll think about it, taking it slow. Our several dates after that until I asked her out again. All the kisses and hugs we shared. All the trips to amusement parks and carnivals and failed science projects. Right now we’re having a mindless conversation about the zombie apocalypse. Proving again how much I love this women. I pretending like I had to go to the bathroom or something, instead. I got up and dropped on my knee in front of her, holding out my Grandmothers ring. “Hozzie, I love you so much and I’d love you even more, as if that's even possible if you’d become Mrs. Hollie Nicole B-Way.” I looked into her gorgeous eyes, continuing. “You make me so happy and I can’t imagine my life without you. You’re my goddess.”
She smiled at this. She tucked a piece of her brown, with now blue streaks behind her ear. “Will you marry me?” Hozzie shook her head yes, pulling me into a hug. Happy endings are silly, this is just beginning.
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