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going to the movies

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Frank and Gerard are going to go to the movies, but they get distracted. My first time posting a fanfic.

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Gerard Way carefully applied his eyeliner, humming to himself. He began to put gel in his white blond hair when his brother Mikey pounded on the bathroom door. “Gee you’ve been getting ready for like an hour, I gotta use the fucking bathroom!” Gerard sighed. “Mikey, Frank will be here any minute you know I’ve gotta look my best.” “Frank’s here you idiot, I told you that five minutes ago” Mikey informed Gerard for the second time. “You better not be lying Mikey.” said Gerard leaving the bathroom to go downstairs.
Watching Gerard walk down the stairs, reminded Frank of those cheesy movies were the girl walks down the stairs in her prom dress and takes her prom dates breathe away. He stared at Gerard captivated.
Gerard smiled at Frank praying he wouldn’t trip and fall down the stairs like he had on their first date. That had been so freakin embarrassing. He kissed Frank lightly on the lips, knowing later they’d be doing a lot more then kissing (or so he hoped) .
“Have fun at the movies!” Mikey called as Frank and Gerard left the house and walked down the driveway to Frank’s car, hand in hand.
Once they got in the car Gerard could control himself no more. He grabbed Frank’s face and practically shoved his tongue into Frank’s mouth, moaning when Frank kissed him back. “Oh” he gasped as Frank’s mouth moved from Gerard’s lips to his neck.
Frank kissed Gerard’s neck biting and sucking, smiling to himself when Gerard’s moaned his name.
This feels so fucking amazing Gerard thought. He could no longer remain in his seat of the car. He pulled away from Frank who looked disappointed, but then he grinned as Gerard left his seat and straddled him pressing his body against Frank’s.
Gerard pulled off Frank’s shirt grinding lightly against him. Frank reached out and grabbed Gerard’s waist pulling him down and grinding back. Gerard threw his head back, “Oh god…” he moaned.
Frank's hands moved lower…….
A couple of hours later they lay in the backseat of the car faces flushed, breathing heavily. “I love you Baby.” Frank breathed in Gerard’s ear causing him to shiver.
Suddenly someone knocked on the window causing Frank and Gerard to sit up quickly.
“I guess you guys never made it to the movies” grinned Mikey.
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