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MCR INSPIRED. "Fuck the world, paint it white, take my hand you keep me from being afraid again"

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Okay, this is shit and I'm not sure why im posting it. I wrote it in an email to Zombieekickass (Cassieebabbbyyy) and I'm stupidly posting it. Warning: it's pretty stupid. Authors note at the end. xx

another warning: has lyrics that i messed up (sometimes not) and quotes and shit in it. Cookies to whoever can spot all of em (i dunno how many there are, and there's some from tons of bands)xx

I am not afraid to keep on living.
It does get better
I will survive
i dont need the venom
or the revenge
And this might be how i disappear,
but ill be damned if i let you all go to hell
fuck the world
paint it white
take my hand, you keep me from being afraid again.
i dont care about the message
and the sun is black.
I'll show you how to live forever
but only in a light you make
everything ends
but this is a beginning
i am not afraid to bleed, and fuck, and fight
if it means making it okay again
for me
for you
for everyone.
im putting away the pills
the pity
the drink
and the venom.
Shit happens,
we deal,
life goes on
...until you die, of course.

my heart is broken
the pieces shattered
the broken
and the ugly
out and exposed for all to see

I dont need a demolition lover
im not a hero, or a saviour
im not even strong enough to write this down

fuck this life and everything in it
but they'll never take me alive
and NOTHING is worth hurting myself
i might die alone
but i swear

im going to make a difference
im gonna make a change
the road is long and twisted
one day, people will know my name

life is just a joke
thats why we're laughing

but im gonna change it
im gonna make it better

if they can get out so can i
if they can move on, so can i
if they can HELP
fuck, why can't I

Atomic Detonator at your service
I aim to please
do what you want
fire at will (fuoco a volontà)

forever yours


(fuck this whole wide world)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Okay. This made no sense but I felt the need to put it up. It's pretty stupid but i wrote it because i just have been getting depressed lately for no fucking reason and then i was like "fuck this shit. I'm not gonna be fucking depressed. I'm not gonna go kill myself or any of that shit. Fuck it. I'ma survive. I'ma do this shit." and then this idiotic moronic piece of garbage happened and I'm stupidly posting

PS. God, I'm an idiot for posting this. Don't hate/judge me or whatever.


PPS. thank you, cassiebaby. :) You really help me when I feel like shit. Say hello to my Frankiebaby for me, and Jakey too if you can. :) Love y'all

editors note, 2019: oh.. oh no..
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