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Chapter Ten *RESTRICTED*

by xXEmoEeyoreXx

The sex scene that was skipped over in Chapter 10.

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I had just made it to the company Jeep when I felt hands on my waist, spinning me around. The familiar feeling of butterflies filled my stomach as I realized it was Gabe who had followed me. I didn’t have a chance to ask why before his lips pressed harshly against mine. This kiss was different from the one we shared in my apartment. That one was slower, more hesitant. I could feel the anger and pure lust in his lips this time.

“Goddammit Sophie! Fucking kiss me back!” He growled at me. I hadn’t even noticed I wasn’t responding, it felt so good just having his mouth on mine.

He pushed me up against the side of the Jeep as I began kissing him back. I shoved my tongue into his warm, moist, awaiting mouth and groaned. He tasted so damn good. My fingers wound through his hair.

His hands found my thighs as our tongues fought for dominance. I let him win knowing he needed to and jumped up into his arms, wrapping my legs around his slim waist. One of his strong arms wound its way around my own waist to keep me steady while the other ran up my thigh, making me shiver.

The way his mouth moved in sync with mine was beginning to make me dizzy but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted him.

I tugged roughly at his hair before pulling his mouth away from mine completely. Screw Tessa, I was getting what I wanted. His cloudy eyes met mine and I smiled. Moving my mouth down, I placed small, open mouthed kisses from his jaw to the base of his throat. He groaned and held me tighter, his hands roaming my body.

“Oh, baby girl, you’re killing me.” He said in the most sexy, husky voice I had ever heard. The term of endearment made me grin. I loved it when guys used cute pet names.

I pushed his chest away from my gently and he set me down on the ground. I didn’t waste time in removing his jacket and tossing it into the backseat of the Jeep. His breathing hitched as I brought my face closer to his, running the tip of my nose along his while unbuttoning his shirt slowly, allowing my fingers to brush against his skin. I noticed that for a fairly lean guy, he had some muscle. Losing his patience, he tore the shirt off over his head and attached his mouth to mine again. While his soft lips were on mine, my hands ran down his torso to the edge of his pants. I gasped as I felt his erection.

Holy shit, how did I not remember that giant thing being inside of me? He rocked his hips into my hand and moaned.

I moved my lips to his chest while rubbing him through the cloth of his pants. I bent my head slightly to reach his abdomen which was surprisingly well muscled. His hand went to may hair and he pulled slowly before tightening his grip as I ran my tongue over his abs. I felt his dick jerk underneath my touch.

Suddenly, his hands were on my waist, pulling me up straight.

“Get in the Jeep Sophie.” He commanded.

“What? No way! Someone might see-“ I was cut off abruptly by him tossing me into the backseat and climbing on top, shutting the door behind him.

His mouth attached itself to my neck and began suckling softy as his hands ran from my ankles, up my calves, to my thighs, squeezing the entire way. I moaned when his fingertips brushed the inside of my upper thigh lightly making my hips buck up towards his.

This caused him to wrench my dress up to my waist as I unzipped and pulled his pants down, kissing his mouth passionately.

I moaned out his name when he roughly bucked his hips into mine. My hands searched frantically for his boxers; there was too damn much material between us.

Just as I finally got ahold of the hem of his boxers, his hands seized mine and ripped them from the soft material.

“Slow down, baby girl. You’re cumming first.” He whispered huskily, shooting me a sexy smirk. I gulped but didn’t fight it.

He pinned my hands above my head, holding onto my wrists with one hand while the other trailed down my body slowly. He nuzzled his head into my neck before running his tongue over my throbbing pulse making my entire body shiver in delight.

The hand that wasn’t holding my wrists began venturing down my exposed stomach, running over my hip and stopping at the inside of my thigh.

I tried to maneuver my hips so that his hand would touch me where I desperately needed it most but he held strong.

“Easy there, Angel. Patience.” He cooed in my ear before running his moist tongue along my jaw line.

I whimpered in need. His touch was sending fire through my body. I knew I was absolutely drenched and I needed him to satisfy the craving that had settled over me.

“Gabriel, please!” I begged unashamed.

“Please what, baby? What do you want me to do to you?” He asked as his fingertips brushed lightly over the thin lace of my panties. My breathing hitched and I found myself unable to speak.

“Hmm? Angel, tell me what you want.”

“I want your fingers inside of me! Now, Gabriel! Please!” He finally succumbed and ripped my panties off, lightly stroking my clit. “Oh my God, Angel. You are so fucking wet.”

As soon as he released my wrists I grabbed his face and brought his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. He groaned into my mouth, giving my tongue complete access. My hands ran down his chest to grab his erect member. Just from the feel I knew he was a good nine inches. He gasped into my mouth as I began pumping him roughly.

His fingers pinched my swollen clit softly, making me squeal in surprise. He smiled into my mouth before removing it and placing it on my neck.

Before I could comprehend wheat his plan was, two of his fingers had entered my dripping entrance. My back arched into him as his pace began to increase. His tongue finally made it to my hips. My body was trembling.

He paused for a moment as I glanced down to see him looking at me.

“Don’t look away, Angel. Watch me and only me. I want to see you cum.” And with that he dipped his head between my outstretched legs, running his tongue over my entrance before finally diving in.

I cried out when he pulled at my clit, sucking it into his mouth, but kept eye contact just as he’d requested. My hips began to jerk spastically as I neared the edge.

“Gabriel. Oh my God Gabriel!” I moaned. I needed him to give me that little push that would ease the pain and pleasure coursing through my veins.

I threw back my head and screamed his name when he nipped at my clit and pounded my cunt with three of his fingers, cumming in the largest orgasm I had ever felt.

Gabe removed his mouth after cleaning me up and kissed me, allowing me to taste my own juices. I moaned; I needed to taste him. I could feel his throbbing cock against my now moist thigh.

I realized that I wouldn’t be able to give him a proper blow job in the confined Jeep and there was no way in hell I was exiting the car to give him one. Grinning slyly, I flipped us over so that I was straddling his hips with my hands on his chest.

His breathing accelerated as I began to grind our hips together, the friction causing an almost painful type of pleasure. Even though I had just cum, I could feel the presence of new juices beginning to run down my legs.

“Jesus Christ Angel, stop teasing!” He growled. He attempted to flip us back around but I tightened my grip and moved my hips just enough for him to pause. I leaned in close to his ear.

“This is the only way it will work Gabriel.” I whispered before nipping his neck playfully.

“What are you- oh my God.” He muttered as I pulled away from his face and twirled my body around, preparing for sixty-nine.

I took the tip of his massive rod into my mouth, licking the precum that was dripping. Letting my tongue explore his dick, I placed my hand at the base and began pumping slowly knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to fit his entire cock into my mouth.

He groaned, grasping my hips and lifting his head to my steaming cunt. I cried out when his tongue entered me. In retaliation, I began deep throating him while continuing with my hand at his base.

He groaned as his grip on my hips tightened even more. They would surely be bruised in the morning.

I pulled off of him slowly, nipping the skin on his cock with my teeth before easing the sting with my tongue. We both came together a moment later; splashing each other with our cum.

“Oh baby girl,” he said breathlessly “that was amazing.”

I positioned myself on top of his still rock hard cock once more. “We aren’t even done yet, Gabriel.”

His head lolled back and his hips bucked up towards mine in ecstasy. He held my dress firmly in place just under my breasts so that he could watch me ride him.

I began a slow pace but that only lasted a few seconds. My hips were rolling with his on their own accord. I wasn’t even in control any longer; my body was satisfying its needs all on its own.

“Sophie!” He gasped when I slammed my hips down unexpectedly rough. He rolled us over and began pounding into me, making me nearly scream with every thrust.

I could feel the walls of my cunt close around his dick, squeezing it mercilessly. Gabe grunted as he neared his edge. I arched my back into him as his mouth attacked my neck.

“Oh Gabriel, yes! Please, more baby! Please!” With a rough jerk, he came, his thick load splattering the walls of my exploding cunt.

His body collapsed next to me in exhaustion. My cunt, still milking him slowly, felt like it had been ripped apart. It was an amazing feeling.
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