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You didn't care at all. [Music and Words]

by FrankieOreo 4 reviews

Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. Even if it's against people you love. Protect your heart, no one else will. Rated R for language.

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AN: I don't know..... It just happened its dangerously short, I realize this. Sorry. Inspired by The Kids Of Yesterday (My Chemical Romance) I will eventually get a link to that at the bottom of le page, loviez. Love you dolls. Thanks for your reading.

This is in the form of an snail email


Don't look act like you don't know. Like you don't care. You were there when it happened. You were apart of it. You took my soul and broke it down. Stole my heart just to destroy it. How many times do you think you can you break something, then go back to the owner and say you'll fix it?  Do you even realize how stupid that is? Not everyone is going to repeatedly fall for you lies over and over. Eventually they see the truth. I'm not even sure right now. Sure about, what I'm gonna do next. But I'm moving on. Fact is, I don't need you. I never did. You always need me. Needed someone to feed off of. To give you the props you don't even deserve. Someone you can break down, make them cry and then fix that back up. Well,  go to hell. 

PS: I'm not nothing and I'm not dirt nor shit or any other name you've called me. I'm THE SHIT mother fucker

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