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Best night of her life

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Ash arrived at exactly 8p.m., carrying flowers for Rose. They set off in Ash's car, they went to a restaurant that Ash knew the owner of, he greeted them, but gave Rose a funny look, and winked at Ash. He led them to a table next to the window, looking out on the Thames.
"Tonight is such a perfect night" Ash said, to break the silence.
"Yeah, I'm so glad I'm spending it with you" She regretted saying it as soon as she did.
"Me too, how about we ditch this place and go back to mine, Stef's out with his new girlfriend, and I have the place to myself" Ash winked at her as he said it.
Rose wasn't sure, but knew she couldn't say no to him.
"Sure, this place was boring me anyway." Rose knew exactly what Ash was like, but just looked at him and thought screw it.
They arrived at Ash's, Rose knew exactly what was going to happen.
Ash lifted up her chin and kissed her. Ash's lips were soft, warm, they felt like they belonged on hers. He gently put his tongue in her mouth. It felt romantic, like they had been with each other for eternity. She felt as if he knew her mouth like the back of his palm, he knew exactly what to do.
His hands moved down, under her skirt, he knew what to do down there too. They were ripping each other's clothes off, getting hot and sweaty. They went all the way, all through the night.
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