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I'M BACK!!!!

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As you may or may not have heard; or known I am back (known as Pocahontas to my class (archery stuff) and not taking by hobbits or Stevie (don't ask, just better if you don't)
Buuut, the trip gave me ideas on a new story (yay stories)
'Kay I am so happy about this, you all get to read it (or skip over it your choice) but my friend (who is amazing at guitar; seriously he played Santa Monica by Theory of a Deadman like perfect) was talking to me (I play bass) and he was like "So you play bass right?" I answered yeah and his face lit up before "We should start a band" he is dead serious (like me; but he has a recording studio!!!) amazing shit, 'cause if we do this (I have a shot to fulfill my dreams, yes I want to start a band)

okay story idea, kind of camp thing using stuff that happened to me (adding in more stuff that DIDN't happen)
so I hope to get it up, and give you all insight, bye guys (I didn't die, no really we had this chance where we got to get set up and jump off a 20 foot platform, I started singing "From Now On, We're Enemies" for my countdown (you know "I'm Just the man on the balcony singing, nobody will ever remember me..NOW!" fun as hell (coming from me who is extremely scared of heights)

so yeah I SURVIVED (a 2 km walk with all my shit, hobbits ;P, and no electronics whatsoever)
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