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The Life And Times... Chapter One

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A World of their own..

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Chapter One
I sighed as I placed the last box of my belongings, brightly labeled Lulu, on the cemented steps. Breathing in the sharp air, I turned my back to get a glimpse at the place I’ll be calling home. The neighborhood seemed average, average enough to emit a sense of eeriness straight out of a bad horror movie. The street quiet at this time of day, no sign of civilization in place. Yep, defiantly a horror movie. The houses odd shaped and of various sizes seated neatly next to each other, all possessing a green yard. “How very playschool”, I thought. Everything in this neighborhood was arranged, like pieces of chocolate on a platter.

“Goddammit!” The sound of keys shaking directed my attention back to where Jess was standing, her face red and flustered even in this cold weather. “I’ve been trying to get the key to turn but won’t budge” she exclaimed, sighing deeply. I couldn’t help but laugh at her expense. “Here, let me try”. Jess is my best friend from high school. Ever since we met, we’ve been inseparable. All through our senior schooling we promised each other we’d stick together, that and the fact we’d be stalking each other. We dreamed about travelling together to places that made our imaginations run wild, to share an apartment where we would adopt as many animals as possible and chuck massive parties that only the police could stop. We’d even discussed our perfect wedding dresses and how we’d be each other’s maid-of-honor. We graduated and dived straight into university. Jess studying fashion and publishing and me undertaking a course in hospitality and teaching. We both had our life on track.

“You just had to turn the key”, I said as I opened the door to our new home. “But! I swear I did exactly what you did”, defending herself. “Yeah but I have magic” I laughed. After we each finished our degrees, we decided to travel and work at the same time. Four months down the track and bam, were in England, the only place that rains for two hundred days out of the year. I don’t know why we picked England, except that Jess was fascinated by its culture and believed it was a great place for a publisher to start. I, as promised followed suit.
“Well, it’s great to be finally settled” I said while managing to carry the rest of the boxes inside before it rains. “Yeah, finally our dreams can become reality. Hey maybe we’ll even find you a husband and then will everything be complete” she joked. “Yeah that or twenty-seven cats “I retorted. Hysterics bounced off the walls as the unpacking process began. The evening flitted by fast, finding ourselves sharing a couch.

“Which one?” Jess was standing there in front of the mirror in nothing but a towel holding two blouses in her hands. One was white with a ruffled collar and the other just plain black. “Uh, the white one, you’re not going to a funeral just yet”. “Good choice”. She picked up the rest of her clothes and ran across the hall to the bathroom. Before we arrived in England, Jess made sure to contact publishing agencies and demand interviews, chucking credentials at them. She had everything planned. Well maybe not her outfit.

“Do you think I’ll do fine?” I stared at her. Jess had her hair placed neatly in a top bun with a butterfly embezzled pin holding it in place, her lips coated bright red. I couldn’t help but smile at how badly she wants this job. “Course you’ll do fine, I mean if this doesn’t work out you can always get a job at a fast-food chain”. “Ha-ha, so funny”, she said hitting me playfully on the arm. “Well now that I’m reassured, I’d better be off. There’s a pizza in the freezer if you get hungry”. “Thanks mum” I joked. She grabbed her handbag of the kitchen counter and was out the door. Alone, I decided to go outside and see what this place had to offer.
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