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A tmb original

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A young women finally meets her faviorite singer and he also turns out to be her perfect man!

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It was a normal day like no other I was walking the streets of london looking for yet another new outfit to show of to my too best friends (Georgia and tiegan) on the Friday night coming,so as I wondered the streets looking for the perfect dress to wear,I walked pass my faviorite cafe,Cafe de Paris(where tiegan happened to work).i began to reverse and entered the cafe,I walked up to the cash register which tiegan was working.she looked at me with a huge smile and was jumping around I knew she had something to tell me,as I stood the opposite side of her with the conter inbetween us I said "so I can see your excited,what about then?"
"you won't believe who is over there in your usual seat as well!" she replied in an over excited I tried to look over to where I always sit a group of teenagers surrounded the table and I wasn't able to see who was in my seat I turned back to tiegan "who is it I can't see?" I said as I began to get excited in wonder of who it was.
"well let's say it's someone u love and there kinda famous"she replied in hope I'd get it.
"Oh my god! Is it jonnhy depp!?" I said with pure joy.
"no his from ur favourite band you know th-"
" is it Stefan!!!" I interrupted her
"omg what's he doing here?"I said it utter surprise
"well so far all he's done has come in and sat down he hasn't ordered anything yet but I'm pretty sure he will soon" she replied
"what makes you say that?"
"well the screaming teens that we're surrounding him are now gone and either he is leaving or he's walking over here to order"
"well my arm are killing so I'm gunna get my seat while I can theres no point chasing him he won't ever be chasing me" I said as I turned and walk towards my seat.i placed my bags (that had been hanging on my arms since I began shopping) on the floor under the table,I notice Stefan was ordering and I thought I'd do my make-up again in case he did notice I began scavenging threw my handbag for my mascara I noticed he had his drink as was about to head back over to my table, I became nervouse and dropped my bag as my make-up and others things began to scatter out of my bag I got under the table to grab them before I had lost them.grab my bits and bobs one by one I noticed there where two feet in front of me very skinny legs wearing skin tight jeans and a pair of Nike high-tops.
"hello? Are you alright down there?" I heard him say,and when he said it I knew exactly who it was.
"Stefan"I whispered to myself.i jumped up in surprise and my head hit the table
"owww" I yelled
"oh crap are you okay?that sounded like u hit ur head pretty hard" Stefan said as he helped me up from under the table and helped me to a seat as I repeated "ow ow ow"
"oh god that looks bad,hey how about I get you some ice" he said in a sensitive voice
"yea-yes please" I replied
"okai,oh what was your name again?" he ask in wonder
"oh,it's Tia"I replied
"sweet name,I'm Stefan you can call me Stef I'll only be a min"
All I was thinking was he is so sweet and so much cuter in person,he's begin so nice to me,don't mess this up!I saw over the other side of the room tiegan with a huge grim on her face as she got an ice pack ready to give to Stefan to give to me,as he walked back to the table I notice tiegan pointing at him and sticking her thumbs up at me.anyway Stefan came over to me and passed me the ice pack to place on my head.
"so what were you doing under there anyway."he asked
" know...ummm I was just picking up some stuff" I replied nevesly
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