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Sleep talking

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Soemtimes sleep talking can be helpfull.

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Axl lay on his bed, (well mattress on the floor, they couldn’t afford anything nicer at the moment) staring at the ceiling. He rolled over and stared across the room where Duff was asleep on his mattress. Axl looked at the clock on the wall; it was one in the morning.
Now Axl was very tired but having Duff just across the room, on a bed no less, was making him to uncomfortable to sleep. What if somehow Duff discovered the truth? Discovered that Axl was in love with him. How could he sleep in the same room as the man who he dreamt about every night? Izzy had even told Axl, when they were roommates, that Axl often yelled things in his sleep. Mainly Duff’s name.
Axl blushed covering his face with his hands and sighing. “You okay Ax?” apparently Duff was not asleep.
“I-I thought you were asleep!” squeaked Axl. “Naw, I’m awake, you were talking in your sleep again.” Duff informed Axl. Axl’s heart stopped, his worse fears being conformed.
“What was I saying?” Axl asked hesitantly. Please. He prayed. Don’t let me have said anything embarrassing.
Suddenly Duff stood up and walked over to Axl’s bed. Axl’s heart raced. Duff sat on the edge of the mattress silently. Why doesn’t he say anything? Axl wondered. To Axl’s surprise Duff crawled into bed next to him. “Wha-What are you doing?” Axl whispered.
Duff simply smiled and cupped Axl’s face in his hands. Axl thought he would pass out at any minute.
Duff leaned in close and kissed Axl. Axl froze at first then kissed Duff back. When Duff’s tongue entered Axl’s mouth, Axl moaned “Duff”.
“That’s what you were saying.” Smiled Duff. “And you know what? Hopefully you’ll be saying it when you’re awake from now on.” Duff kissed Axl again, pulling him close. “ I hope so to” Axl whispered back.
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