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Miles' Discovery

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15 year old, Miles Iero, is curious about his father's old band. What happens when he stumbles upon something the old fans refered to as 'Frerard'? *Oneshot.*

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Prompt by: Heartbreak_Beauty. Not me.

Miles' Discovery.

knock knock knock 
Fifteen year old Miles Iero knocked on his older sisters' door. 

"Come in." Lily and their mother, Jamia, looked up from the clothes being organized and. 
"Can I help you, little brother?" Lily asked. Cherry, who was sprawled on the floor reading, didn't even bother to look up. 

"What was the name of the band that dad was in?" He got right to the point with the questions. 

"My Chemical Romance or something. Why?" Jamia quickly answered.

"Just wondering. Thanks" He shut door behind him leaving Lily and Cherry with skeptical looks plastered on their faces and questioning what he was up to. They quickly shrugged it off and returned to what they were doing. 

He sat on his bed and opened his laptop. The Google homepage was displayed and he began to type away. 

About an hour was spent reading different blogs, informative websites, interviews-tons of those, fan experiences and even stumbling upon the old website for the band. He finally decided to actually listen to some of the music. 

He wasn't shocked so to speak, but a jaw was dropped. He really liked them. Miles clicked on a live performance and laughed at his dad's energetic nature.  Frank spun around with his guitar, jumped off of amps and flapped around on the ground flailing his legs around. 

One small mistake wad made however. He clicked a video about 'A Frerard Kiss.' Was this another song? Curiosity got the best of Miles.

Frank grabbed Gerard by the bam of the head and pulled their faces together closing their lips in a sloppy, heated kiss. Frank thrusted into Gerard before breaking apart. 

"What the fuck is this shit?!?" 

He promptly searches what the hell Frerard is. 

"DAD!" Miles runs down the stairs and into the living room where his father was watching television. 

"What, Miles?" 

"What the hell is this Frerard shit?" His father looks up at him with wide eyes. He looked a bit embarrassed at his son's findings.

"Excuse me?" He couldn't sound anymore innocent however his face told a different story.

"You and Uncle Gee? In your band. You together."

"You looked up my old band? Did you like us?" Frank tried to change the subject.

"Yes. But that's not the point. You and Gerard kissed?" 

Frank nods as a devilish grin creeps across his face. "Oh yes. Often. Our fans weren't the only ones that enjoyed it. I was a huge 'fangirl' for Gerard, too, so to speak." 

"Fangirl?" Miles rubbed at his head in confusion. 
Where have I heard that term before? 
Then it struck him. His father used to be a fangirl of the band. "Oh my god. Dad!" 

Frank laughed as his son finally got it. 

"What did mom think of this?" Miles threw exaggeration into 'mom' reminding his father that he was surely married or committed at the time these occurrences on stage happened. Wouldn't she be mad that he was stuffing his tongue down Gerard's throat, being straddled by said bandmate or other shenanigans going on onstage?

"As long as I wasn't fucking him. Remember that it was always in the heat of the moment. Being up there performing pumps shit tons of adrenaline through you." Frank turned back to the television show. 

Miles turned and went off back to his room. 
I'm calling Gerard. 

He slid his phone out of his pocket and searched for the number. He heard a dial tone and waited in anticipation. This motherfucker better pick up. He thought. 


"Frerard. Give me your side of the story please." Miles spat out the words. Not so much in anger but just curiosity. Gerard simply laughed at him and hung up. 

Miles lay down on his bed and stared at the ceiling chuckling slightly to himself. Then the next question came: Does Dad still have 'the hots' for Uncle Gerard?

Dec 18th: I might go back and revise this today. Long car ride...
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