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Amber spent the night with Ash, after their date. She couldn't wait to tell Rose, she knew Rose wouldn't believe her, but it was worth a try.
As soon as Amber got home, she texted Rose telling her to come round, as she had goss to tell her. Rose texted back telling her she had to tell her something aswell.
When Rose got round, she looked upset, and almost scared.
"what's up?" Amber asked, concerned for her friend.
" I have to tell you something, I'm sorry I haven't told you before, but we agreed to keep it quiet" Rose knew this was already a mistake, but Amber had to know, considering the position she was in.
"Spit it out" Amber was worried, and wanted to know what was happening.
"I'm pregnant." Rose knew Amber would be there for her, and told herself that over and over again in her head. "anyways, what did you want to tell me?"
"I highly think that's relevant, but if you must know, I met a guy, not just any guy, Ashley Fucking Horne! And we went on a date and we... you know..." Amber felt like a bitch, considering her best friend had just told her life changing news. "Who's the dad anyway?"
"What The Actual Fuck Amber?!" Rose got so angry, she slapped Amber around the face.
"Why the fuck did you do that?!" Amber was almost in tears at the fact her best friend had become so horrible.
"Ash! Ash is the fucking father! He is a complete Man slut! I should have never falen for him... never mind crawled into bed with him, now I'm pregnant, and he's off sleeping around!" Rose broke down in tears, halfway through her sentence.
Amber had no idea what to do, her best friend needed her the most right now, but deep down, she felt betrayed, like her so called best friend had lied to her, not trusted her. She knew she had to be there for Rose, as no one else would, and Ash wouldn't, he'd be too busy in another girl's bed.
Amber put her arm around Rose, and hugged her.
"I will be here for you. Best friends forever."
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