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The Fire

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just a short thing about a fire :)

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“Gee!” I shout out to the silent land. “Gerard, this isn’t funny. I’m freaking out!”
As I round the corner of the cottage in the middle of this grassy field, I see a burning pile.
Not wood though. It’s a pile of burning bodies. I slowly make my way to the pile. Cautiously I look at it and notice I know some of the faces. There are my parents, my old school teachers, various neighbours I’ve had and my band mates. I even spot a few of my dogs. Then I see him.
My beautiful Gee, hair burning brighter than ever and eyes dead as the rocks beneath my feet.
“Gee!” I cry in anguish, falling to my knees. “No, this can't be... how could you leave me like this?” I whisper.
I need to get away. I get up and I run. I run to the only thing around, a small barn with a stable.
The stable looks warm and inviting. There’s a horse inside lying on the ground peacefully. I slowly unbolt the door and lay down with him. His steady breathing helps stop my sobs, but the tears from losing everything I ever loved still flow freely.

So, I wrote this down after I've had a very similar dream a few times over the past few weeks... it scared me so I'm hoping sharing it will help get rid of it.
Please R&R, i'd love to know what you thought of this :)
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