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the glass hits the floor

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the basment. seen as a dark place that haunts franks dreams but is he ready to face it for real and by his own choice

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note to the readers: unlike the other chapters this one is not a new day. just a little side note.

When Frank finally stirs awake Gerards no where to be found but theres yelling coming from the top of the stairs. Frank stands and goes to the foot of the stairs to listen, "Theyre gay together!!" that was mr Way franks sure of it.

"No! Gerard helps him! Im sure theres a good reason for this." Mrs way... and shes defending them to Frank and Gerard thats very different but in the darkness of the basement Franks eyes refuse to adjust so he can find Gerard.

As all hope begins to be loss Frank hears foot steps coming down the stairs. out of habbit he moves to the nearst corner he can find and holds his knees, "Please dont find me... Please dont find me." He repeats to himself in despiration.

As he begins to scratch his legs franticly he feels a hand cover his mouth and tries to pull away, "Frankie, calm down." Gerard wispers in the darkness causing Frank to panic, "Im going to let you go but you have to trust me okay?" Frank nods as tears stream down his face, "okay here we go."

Quickly Gerard lets go of Franks mouth and pulls him into a doorway as the footsteps reach the bottem of the stairs outside the door, "This is the bathroom. Get in the bathtub and cover your ears... please just trust me." Frank nods and does as hes told as Gerard closes the door slowly and stands in the center of the room.

"Gerard? Gerard turn on the light now." its his father but his voice sounds too calm for what the two boys heard coming from up the stairs.

Gerard goes over to his bed turns on the light and sits, "Is everything okay dad?" he asks in a low voice, "Im sorry i just woke up."

"Wheres Frank? he wasnt in his room." waiting for an answer Mr Way begins searching the room, "Well Gerard?"

Gerard stares at the carpet beneath his feet and hessitates, "Im not sure... why would he be down here? He hates the basement." with that answer Mr Way storms over to Gerard and smacks him across the face, "Dad! I didnt do anything!"

"You just lied to me Gerard Way! you know better than to lie to your parents!" again Mr Way strikes him across the face, "I saw him down here! So where are you hiding him?!?" Mr Way grips Gerards arm and pulls him out of bed, "Are you gay boy? are you another one of those fairy boys?"

Mr Way pulls him in front of the mirrio and shoves his forehead into it causing the mirror to smash, "no one wants to see your ugly self son... I dont want to claim a worthless peice of shit like you either." Mr Way lets go of Gerard leaving him to lay on the floor in his blood.

When everything finally went quiet Frank let go of his ears, "Gerard? gerard are you okay?!?" Frank begins to panic in the dark bathroom and crawls to the door, "Gerard?"

As frank begins to open the door Gerard moves as fast as he can and slams the door shut, "Dont come out here Frankie.... not yet. You have to wait." As Gerards head begins to spin he slumps over against the door, "Just... just hand me a wet wrag Frankie."

"I want to help Gerard! Let me out! Please let me out Gerard! Im scared!" as tears stream down Franks face Gerard sighs and lays on the floor, "Let me out! you cant keep me in here too!" frank yells and pounds on the door.

Before his fists hits the the door again the boys hear footsteps again. Quickly Frank backs up into the bathtub and listens. Gerard looks up slowly and sees his mom looking down at him.
"Gerard, are you gay? Please just tell the truth. Tell the truth and ill let Mikey come help you." she says with concern in her face.

Gerard slowly blinks trying to stay awake, "I... Im not... i have to protect... my brother. he needs me." as the words sliped from his mouth his eyes slipped closed.

Hiding in bathrooms and closets was no new experience for Frank.
"Let her go!" i cried out through the pain, "Please just take me!"
this was a normal weekend thing. Dad would go out, get drunk, come back alone or with a friend or two, and be out for blood. normally he would tie me to something and use a stick or belt. Sometimes his messed up friends would have whips and mallots. This is what always makes me worry.
i fell asleep. Why did i have to fall asleep? I never fall asleep. when he stormed into the house i was sleeping on the couch. I knew he saw me because suddenly i was picked up off the couch and pulled across the house through his room like a rag doll. This has become the normal and as always when we pass my sisters room i see her sliding under her bed to hide.
When we reach his room he ties my hands to his bed post and rips off my shirt causig me to shiver, "Youre too fat you fat fuck! we need to get rid of that fat! no son of mine will be fat!" I brace myself for his words and strikes but no strikes came.
Instead this time he takes a hand full of my hair and pulls my head back, "I can make you perfect... you can be a good boy one day cant you?"
I try to answer but before i can he shoves his fingers down my throat forcing me to throw up.

As the memories swormed Frank and with no way out he did the only thing he could think to and throws up into the toilet until he cant throw up anymore. When its all over and after sitting on the floor a while he hears movement outside the door.

"Gerard? Gerard are you okay?" a voice ecos through the silents.

Frank quickly taps on the door. He knows its Mikey and he wants to help Gerard more than anything, "Mikey! Mikey! Im in the bathroom! Let me out i can help!" As mikey slowly moves Gerard from in front of the door Frank slides through the opening, "Is he okay Mikey?"

Mikey looks at him and nods, "I... Ithink so. we need to clean him up and lay him in bed... are you staying down here with him for tonight?"

"umm... yes i will." Frank answers hessitantly, "I dont want him to be alone right now."
With eachothers help the tow boys easily picked up Gerard and lays him in bed, "Come up for dinner okay? Gerard will be fine and my parents might be a bit relived to see you go to your own room tonight."

"I.. Im not hungry." Frank answers quickly, "I dont want to leave him... he might get mad too."

Mikey sighs and takes Franks hand, "Frank i know you care about him and i know youre worried... we can lock the door and keep a spare key. my dad wont get to him again i promise. Just please come and eat... play their game and you and Gerard can have the relationship you want."

Taken back Frank stares at Mikey a moment, "Im not gay Mikey... he helps me thats all... he forced me to sleep down here because i havnt been sleeping... i ws beat up in school."

"Ill believe you Frankie... for now. but if this relationship does become something ill be here for you two okay?" Mikey takes a key from his sidetable and walks upstairs, "Come on Frank... and dont lie to them. no matter what you do."
Frank nods and follows Mikey uo the stairs preparing for the longest night of his life.

notebook entry part 3 entry 3
so... i was told to write everything and my social worker trusts me... i threw up today and im still sitting in the basement where it all happened. i wont say what and i wont say who it happened to because it wasnt me and i refuse to cause more siblings to be torn apart like my sister and i was.
im facing my fears of the basement though and i have a friend to help with that. well it stated out as force but now that hes in the state hes in i want to help him too. i didnt do anything else. my previous cuts are still healing but i havnt made any new ones only threw up a couple times but now im going to sleep. i dont have to go to school tomorrow since its saturday but i also dont want to sit in this quiet basement anymore so goodnight.

okay so i was trying to make it a bit easier to read tell me if this helped and if i should do anything else. :) happy reading
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