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Baby Lunch Time

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Remember that Baby Power Cut i did? Yeah, i did another :D

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Baby Lunchtime!

“Frankie, let's make lunch!” Gerard exclaims as Spider Man finishes.
“Can I have a wemon samich?” Frank smiles widely as he follows Gerard into the kitchen.
“You put wemons in your sandwich?” Gerard laughed musically. Even at the age of five, it was clear he would have a voice that could make him famous.
“It comes in a jar. It’s yewow and tastes wike wemons. My mummy buyed it me aww the time.”
“Oh, is it this?” Gerard held up a jar of lemon curd from the fridge.
“YEAH!” Frank took the jar and put it on the table top.
“We need bread.” Gerard looked confused. He stood in front of the freezer trying to remember where the bread is kept.
“And butter, Gee.” Frank reminded him.
“Thanks Frankie.” Gerard took the butter and read to the table, along with some ham for himself. “Are you sure you don't want ham instead? That yellow stuff looks funny.”
“I don't eat ham, siwy. I’m a vegetabwawian.” Little Frank giggled from on top of the table.
“What does that mean?” Gerard asked, climbing on top of the table next to Frank.
“I don't eat meat, or anyting abowt it.” Frank explained while attempting to spread a lump of butter on some bread, but ended up digging a hole through it.
“Do you want some help?” Gerard said picking up the knife and spreading the butter for his best friend. Gerard handed the almost buttered bread back to Frank.
“Thanks Gee.” He beamed. Then Frank turned to the jar of lemon curd as Gerard buttered his own bread.
As Gerard finishes putting butter on the first slice of bread, there was a terrible crash!
“I'm sowee Geegee! I didn’t mean to do that! It fell!” Frank cried between sobs.
“Hey, Frankie.” Gerard moved closer to his friend and hugged him tightly. “It’s ok, don't cry.”
“Bu-but... I BWOKE IT!” Frankie cried even harder.
“Frankie, it’s ok. We have another jar. I’ll go get it for you!” Gerard announced happily before jumping down off the table and skipping over to the fridge to retrieve the funny stuff. “See, Frankie! You can use this!” Gerard takes off the lid after he say down by Frank again.
“Thank you Gee!” Frank shouts as he puts an excessive amount of the lemon curd on his bread.
The two boys take their messily made food into the living room and eat it watching cartoons.
“Gerard, Frank, do you want some lunch?” Dona asks walking into the room to see a Gerard with crumbs on his face and Frank with yellow on his face.
“We made samiches!” Frank tells her.

Interesting fact thanks to a friend of mine... i used `siwy' for Franks speach and siwy means grey in polish, you learn something new every day.
Anywho... people asked me to continue BPC, but i liked it as it is so i thought i could just do a few baby things when i felt like it :)
Good idea? Bad idea?
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