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These Words Are My Heart and Soul

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Sam Way lives a life like no other; really NO OTHER

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Hey guys, my little A/N (which isn't bolded 'cause I don't want to) but yeah I'm back (thanks Skeff and bloodbunny15, reveiws made my night) but on this note, I am starting a new fic (no fuck, I am a fucktard who points everything out, like HOBBITS AND STEVIE (ohmyfuckinggod best inside joke EVER!) but yeah, this is a prolouge, and character description.


I am going to think that we all know the MCR, Panic! and FOB boys (other characters from other bands may come in, maybe I haven't decided that yet
So this is my ultimadium (I love love LOVE input from my readers, and I think you guys would like it if your opinions were spoken out in this, am I correct?)
A) You guys can make some OC's for me, being brothers and sisters to our lovely boys in the bands,
B) You can suggest characters (give some ideas, bits and peices)
B.5) Suggest a storyline (if you want to add some things that will happen, either reveiw PM or e-mail me at 'kay?
C) You want to read all OC's (From me) and give ideas for bands

Go hard, oh and DONT AUDITION YET unless you can make a super duper amazing form that you are willing to let me use (I have to finish some homework and teach my brother archery right away so)
Love you guys (OH and the other stories will be updated sometime (I PROMISE -if you get the quote you get a virtual taco- ;) )

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