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Crossed Wires

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The morning after the night before.

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Waking up to the feeling of being watched was something which, if Frank never woke up to again, would be twenty years too soon. Sitting bolt upright, the force of the action causing him to jar his neck painfully, he cursed lowly under his breath when he saw someone stood in his doorway. A very naked someone, barring for a towel wrapped around their waist.

Arching an eyebrow, Frank finally broke the awkward silence which had formed between the pair of them. “I see you’re making yourself at home.” Which was kind of rude if he was honest. He’d let Gerard stay the night because he was about ten minutes away from passing out on the street, not so he could use his shower and get his towels all wet the following morning.

“Looks that way. I woke up and felt gross, so I showered,” he explained with a shrug, fingers running through still damp hair, pushing it from his eyes only to brush it back into the same position.

Shuffling somewhat awkwardly in bed, Frank was suddenly uncomfortably aware of the fact that beneath his duvet he was very much naked. It wasn’t particularly pleasant talking to anyone when you were naked, let alone someone who you barely even knew. “Great. So, errr, I’m naked right now, so if you could like, disappear for a bit, that would be awesome.”

A smirk curved to Gerard’s lips, the same smirk which Frank was certain he’d developed just before becoming one of the most sought after guys in school and the same smirk that made the younger boy want to kick him out of his room, down the stairs and onto the street. It was an annoying smirk and, though he hated to admit it, it definitely made Gerard look pretty attractive, especially given his current state of undress. “Sure thing, boss.” With one last worryingly meaningful look at Frank, he turned and left the room.

Sighing, the dark haired teen sank back into bed, groaning as he pulled the covers over his face, wishing he could just disappear forever. He needed to stop being so damn nice.


Several minutes and one shower later, Frank made his way down stairs, almost dreading what he would find. As it happened, it was considerably better than he expected. The duvet had been folded up and was currently sat on one end of the sofa, the pillows resting on top of it, while Gerard was sat – fully clothed, thank god – literally twiddling his thumbs, apparently not sure what to do with himself. When he heard Frank enter, he jumped to his feet, grinning almost sheepishly.

“You weren’t sick then?” The younger boy asked, cocking a thumb in the direction of the bowl which was sat exactly where Frank had put it last night.

Shaking his head, Gerard laughed lowly. “Nope. I didn’t wake up once. I think I was all but passed out, to be honest.”

“You pretty much did pass out. Seriously, you were a mess. I found you out on the street, practically making out with the pavement. Apparently the lamp post had pushed you over.” Sarcasm dripped from each word, still unable to see the attraction of getting so drunk that you couldn’t even stand up without being helped by someone you didn’t even know.

The older boy chuckled again, apparently finding the whole situation a sight funnier than Frank had. Running a hand through his hair, he glanced over at the window before looking back again. “Yeah, things got pretty crazy. Where abouts am I, anyway?”

Frank bit back a number of replies he wanted to give, most of which resolved around the fact that Gerard was incredibly lucky to have been found by him and not some paedophile. Or a murderer. Or anyone really. There were a lot of weird people out there, many of which Frank was sure would be more than willing to somehow take advantage of a relatively good looking eighteen year old boy. Instead, he settled on the obvious response. “Wendover Road.”

He watched with interest when the easy smile which seemed to live on Gerard’s lips faltered momentarily, something akin to alarm replacing it. As quickly as it came though, it was gone again, lips curving upwards into a smile once more. “Near Pagnell Shopping Centre, yeah?” When Frank nodded, Gerard laughed softly. “In that case, I better get walking. Thanks for letting me stay the night, kid. I’ll see you ‘round.”

With that, the boy turned and walked out of the room and straight out the front door, leaving Frank to wonder what the hell had just happened.



Frank let his head drop and bang against the surface of the table he was currently sat behind, mind frantically running through ways of how to get out of this. It had become somewhat of a routine. Three times a week he would try to think of a way to get out of the pure torture which were maths lessons and each and every time, he failed. The first couple of times had been relatively successful, but there was only so many times his dog could get out onto the road, requiring his immediate assistance before his teacher actually rang his parents, only to find out he didn’t have a dog. Since then, he was certain that he would actually need to turn up with several limbs missing to get out of the lesson.

All the students had arrived, though there was yet to be the appearance of the teacher. Not that it surprised him; the teacher was always late. He actually preferred it that way. Meant he got a few more minutes of peace before going through the pain of his brain exploding. Again.

Chattered floated around him, though he ignored it just as he always did. None of it was directed to him and none of it was about him, so quite frankly he didn’t care all that much. At least, he didn’t until he heard a familiar name mentioned.

“Yo, Mikey! Where was Gerard this weekend? We missed him, man!”

Dark eyes looked up in interest, gaze falling on a boy sat a couple of rows in front of him with thick rimmed glasses and light brown hair brushed into his face. He was a kid that Frank didn’t pay much attention to, simply because there was no reason to; he barely said a word, apparently preferring to stick to his own group of friends, though what Frank had gathered was that the boy was some sort of maths genius. Looking from the boy to the two guys who were talking to him, Frank recognised them of two of the ‘popular guys’ from Gerard’s year. The one who had spoken was definitely on one sports team or another, but beyond that, he knew nothing about either of them.

Something clicked into place though. Mikey. Mikey Way. Gerard’s brother.

“He was at yours. At that party you were throwing. Party to end all parties, or something like that?” Mikey’s voice was soft, apparently completely unperturbed by the fact that two pretty massive eighteen year olds had just strolled into the classroom and were talking to him. Frank supposed that he was probably used to it by now though.

“Nope, he never showed up. Dunno why, your brother is always up for a good party.”

Mikey apparently wasn’t having that though. “He was definitely there.”

The older boy who was talking shook his head firmly, seemingly certain in the knowledge that the younger Way was wrong. “Dude, I’m telling you, he wasn’t there. Don’t you think I’d know if my best mate was in my house?”

Before Mikey had a chance to answer though, the teacher swept into the room, all long skirt and bangles, shooting a withering look towards the two boys who clearly didn’t belong in her class. “Mr Bryar? Mr Toro? You have five seconds to explain what it is you’re doing in my classroom.”

The one who seemed to be the spokesperson of the pair laughed, shooting the teacher a grin which Frank guessed he probably shot all women when he wanted to get his own way, regardless of whether they were probably old enough to be his mother or not. “Just chatting to our good friend Mikey.”

“Yes, well you can talk to Mr Way at lunch time. I happen to know that you, Mr Toro,” she shot a glance at the boy who was yet to say anything, “should be in English with Mr Wilkins. Get moving.” With that, she ushered them both out of the room, before beginning the lesson.

Frank already felt the headache coming on.


One tedious hour later, Frank was certain the only reason his brain was still intact was due to the fact he’d managed to distract himself by running through the conversation between Mikey and the guy he’d overheard. Mr Whatever-his-first-name-was Bryar seemed pretty adamant that Gerard hadn’t been at the party. Of course, Frank knew he hadn’t been there from one o’clock onwards, because he’d been passed out on his sofa.

That didn’t mean however that Gerard hadn’t been at the party at some point. It merely meant he hadn’t stayed the night. Though Bryar was convinced he hadn’t seen him at all, which posed the question of where he had been. He didn’t know why it even bothered him that much. It shouldn’t have. It had absolutely nothing to do with him. But still, he found himself walking towards Mikey when he saw his classmate stood at what he presumed to be his locker.

“Gerard was at my house at the weekend.” Yeah, good one Frank. Way to be subtle. When Mikey turned slowly to look at him, arching one eyebrow and giving him the same look he gave most people when they tried to talk to him, Frank suddenly felt the need to explain. “He was outside on the pavement, completely wasted. It was like, one in the morning and I didn’t want to leave him out there so he slept on my sofa.”

The brown haired boy surveyed him for a moment, as though trying to detect a lie in his words. Apparently content with what he saw, he gave a small nod. “He went to his girlfriend’s then. Her parents don’t let him stay the night and he probably forgot that he would have to get home somehow.”

It was then Frank’s turn to watch Mikey carefully, though it only lasted for a moment. After all, he’d only ever spoken to Gerard once, so he was hardly in a position to judge whether or not his brother was lying. Besides, why would he? “Well anyway, I just thought I’d let you know where he was, seeing as you and that Bryar guy seemed to have your wires crossed.”

Mikey simply nodded once, muttered his thanks and walked away. Staring after him, Frank shook his head slightly before deciding to put the whole thing out of his mind, figuring that he probably wouldn’t even talk to Gerard ever again.

Oh, he was so wrong.


“Frank! Oi, Frank!”

Looking round in the direction which his name had come from, the dark haired boy couldn’t help the frown which formed on his face as he saw Gerard jogging up to him. Dipping his head, his fingers ruffled his fringe awkwardly, only looking up when the older boy came to a stop in front of him.

“I’ve been thinking. I reckon I owe you.”

Frank arched an eyebrow at that, wondering what Gerard could possibly owe him. “You do?”

A small smile curved to Gerard’s lips, one finger coming up to rub at his eye, surveying the smudge of black eyeliner which was left there when he pulled it away. “Yeah. I mean, you let me stay the night when you barely knew who I was.”

“Oh that. That was nothing. I could hardly have left you out on the street, could I?” Because that would have done his social standing the world of good if someone found out. Weird kid leaves popular guy to pass out on the path. Yeah, wonderful.

“Still, how about I buy you a drink to say thanks?”

“I can’t drink. I’m only sixteen. And don’t you think you had enough to drink at the weekend?”

That earned a laugh, a surprisingly soft sound considering that last time Frank had heard Gerard laugh he’d been drunk and somewhat raucous. “Suppose I should probably give my liver a chance to recover. What if I promise you I’ll be on lemonade all night? We can not drink together and just sit in the corner being all anti-social.”

The idea of the Gerard Way being anti-social would have been laughable, had Frank not been so confused about the fact that it sounded an awful lot like he was being asked out. Which obviously, he wasn’t. “Urmm..yeah..sure.”

“Awesome! I’ll pick you up at seven. No point in being that late, seeing as we’re not exactly going to be partying hard. And don’t worry, I already know where you live.” With one last chuckle, Gerard walked away, once again leaving Frank completely speechless.

He really needed to stop doing that.
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