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I didn't actually think I'd ever have auditions but yeah.

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Name- Ash Elizabeth Hazel
Age- 17
Part- Frank's best friend, also first victim.
Hair- Collarbone length, Mikey Way-natural-colour brown.
Eyes, Skin and Makeup- Dark brown eyes which turn red when angered. Pale skin. Usually just eyeliner, mascara and a funky colored lip gloss.
Personality- Loud, proud and unafraid. If anyone picks on her friends, she'll fucking slap them into oblivion.
Piercings/Tattoos- Snakebites, a tattoo of the BVB symbol on her wrist, Cheshire Cat eyes on her neck and the words "Merci Pour La Venin" and "I am not afraid to walk this world alone" on her collarbone.
Relation to Frank- Best friend.
How she was murdered- Tied to a chair. Gunman was blindfolded, spun round and told to shoot.
How she reacted to the murders- SHE WAS FIRST. THEREFORE, SHE CANNOT REACT TO THEM.

AND THAT, dear FicWadians, is my audition for my latest fic. It's a horror Frerard. And I won't tell you anything. But I need you guys in it. Parts I need are:

Ghosts (2 good, 2 bad.)

Victims- friends and relatives of Frankie's. (7. AND FOR GODS SAKE I BEG YOU- MAKE THE WAY THEY WERE KILLED FUCKING WEIRD AND UNUSUAL. I practically get off on writing violent, bloody, psychotic murders so yeah.)

Frank's previous boyfriend

Gerard's best friend and accomplice- nickname is The Dollmaker for reasons that will come in later.

SO GO AUDITION. And make them unique, if I feel a bond with your character when I read the description, I'll probably choose them.

-Ash xxxxx

PS- The name of this fic is gonna be "When He Looks Into The Little Doll's Eyes"
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