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Facebook, Twitter, Email? lets get to know eachother?;D

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I'd love to get know everyone better?:)

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So hello, thanks for readin' ya'll i was reading through some storys the other night, and i was thinking id love to get to know ficwad people more!;D
so if you want to add me;
my email is
Facebook- lucy corcoran(im laied on the ground smiling like a goon)
Twitter- luce_yeah and my name is jesus christ
whats yours?:D
of course i understand some people wouldnt want a crazy english teenager snooping on their private social networking profiles, and thats cool, just ignore this, but you all seem super awsome and id love to know more about you?
i swear down on frank ieros body im not a rapist/stalker..
feel free to give me your emails/facebooks/twitters:)
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