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More geek!Cid (check out Closet Nerd for the origin). A pinch of humor, a good helping of SLASH. Valewind. Enjoy.

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Title: Hiding
Author: Arora-Kayd
Beta: Point-Earedpain
Disclaimer: Is this really necessary any more? They arn't mine. Curses. But! Cid w/nerd!glasses is!! Hozzah! I own something! The Librarian!fetish is all Cosmotwitch's brilliance.
Rating: PG
Summary/AN: A little thing that hit me after reading Cosmotwitch's loverly fic which you can find on her LiveJournal. This'll make a bit more sense if you read her's first.

Cid was hiding. From Vincent, nonetheless. He realized the ridiculousness of the situation; he could hold his own against the gunman, for a while at least, but that was when he was in top shape. As it was, Cid was tired. Ever since Vincent had discovered Cid's vision problem and caught him in his glasses, Vincent had been insatiable. Cid has lost count of the number of times Vincent had jumped him in the past week and a half. Now, he wasn't really complaining, who in their right mind would, but he wasn't eighteen anymore. He needed some recuperation time.

Bright light suddenly invaded his refuge.

"Cid, why are you doing in the closet?" Ok, so it wasn't the cleverest of hiding places (the irony of the location wasn't lost on him either).

"Um... nothing?" Vincent's look clearly showed that he didn't believe Cid. "I'm trying to work on this report Shera sent me."

"In the closet, when you have a perfectly good table right over there." Vincent pointed to his left at Cid's drafting table.


"Can I ask why?"

Cid let out a sigh and mumbled, "I was hiding from you." This earned him a quirk of a dark eyebrow. Cid sighed again. "I heard you coming down the hall. I needed to get this report done, but I was afraid you'd come in and pounce on me and this was the first place I thought of. It's your fault. You and your damn librarian fetish."

"At least I don't make a habit of slamming my lovers into walls." Cid glared at Vincent's smirk.

"Touché." That was the last thing said before Vincent attacked Cid's mouth, careful not to dislodge his glasses.
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