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That's So Fetch!

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It continues, but this time in 2012. We introduce you to Chrystelle Clairefields, Rhiannon Dane and Jessica Karbie, the Plastics at Opal Valley High. Well, when two French sisters enrol and threat...

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"Oh, I have the fattest thighs in the Valley!" cried the attention seeking Chrystelle Clairefields as she and her BFF's Rhiannon Dane and Jessica Karbie stood in front of the senior girl's bathroom mirror, worrying about their insecurities.
"No you don't, I do!" screamed Rhiannon, grabbing her upper leg, just below her skirt.
"No, I do!" whinged Jessica, looking at her butt.

Now, if you ever met these girls, they are picture perfect. Actually they're just perfect. Let me give you the low-down. Chrystelle Clairefields is the most popular girl in school, the Cheetahs' Cheer captain and is dating quarterback Michael Hallden. She has perfect platinum blonde hair, a perfect tan and the bluest eyes; they make the ocean look grey.
Next is Rhiannon Dane. She's probably the biggest Bitch at Opal Valley High. She does all of Chrystelle's dirty work. She's beautiful though. She has dark brown eyes, long brown hair and she's got the thickest lips, Angelina Jolie's jealous. Her boyfriend, Ryan Boss, is the lead singer in a band called The Young Guns.
And then last but not least there's Jessica Karbie. She's the nicest, and also the dumbest. She is a natural blonde, but dyes it lighter about twice a month, along with Chrystelle. Her eyes are an odd shade of yellow, more like gold even. And she's going out with Joshua Jefferson, the nicest guy in the school.

Anyways, you're probably wondering, who am I?
I'm Tiffany Opal, headmistress at Opal Valley High. This school has been around ever since my great grandparents moved here from Ireland at the turn of the century. And I used to be a Plastic. I am in charge of this school. It was up to me to get rid of uniforms. It was my decision on when school starts. Oh the joys of private schools.
But back to the story.

One day, I was just in my office, trying not to laugh at an incident report of a kid being disrespectful to Ms Virginia, the fat dyke P.E teacher that I only employed because she brought me a bonus, when my secretary Yvette sent me through a phone call. It turned out to be Mrs Michèle Depardieu, a French woman who teaches English in France. She's coming to Opal Valley and she's going to teach French. With her, she brings her two daughters, Louise and Jaide. And this is where everything gets interesting.

On their first day at school, Louise and Jaide are the most talked about subject at Opal Valley High. Their fashion sense, their fortune, their couture. And of course, everyone forgot about the Plastics. So, to get attention, they put up flyers for Cheerleading Try Outs.
Jaide and Louise showed up, and got in, as it was up to Coach Wells. Chrystelle was not impressed by this.
"Who do those French toads think they are?" she said to Rhiannon and Jessica.
"Those skanks!"
"They're really pretty, and they smell nice! They're coming over to my house this Friday night and they're going to give me a make-over. Hey, you girls should come over! We'll have so much fun!" Jessica said, as they got to their lockers. All the people walking past ignored them, when usually, everyone would say 'Hi!' or something, so that they could actually talk to the Plastics.
"No! You're not hanging out with them! No one is! We have to get our popularity back." cried Chrystelle, and the closest fifty students stared at her.
"Yeah, but how?" asked Rhiannon.
"Follow my lead." Chrystelle said, as they took off down the hall to the cafeteria, where Jaide and Louise were eating their Vegetarian food, surrounded by at least twenty people, just watching them.
"Hi girls, I'm Chrystelle Clairefields, your Cheer captain. Anyways, I'm throwing a little party this Saturday and you guys should be there. I'll text you the info." Chrystelle said, overly fake. That's probably why they're called Plastics.
"Sorry honey, but if we wanted to go to your kind of party, we'd go to a brothel," said Louise, causing everyone around her to laugh, even Rhiannon and Jessica.
"And anyways, our party's on Saturday night and everyone's going to that. So why would we bother to attend a party that no-one’s going to be at?" said Jaide, stabbing the knife deeper into Chrystelle's ego.
"Fine! Let's go girls." cried Chrystelle, spinning around on her fake Christian Louboutin heels. When she didn't hear the other girls follow, she looked back.
"We don't want to go. We're going to stay here." said Rhiannon, slowly.
"Whatever! Just don't come crying to me when they stab you in the back." Chrystelle said, before she stomped away. Just as she was going to say a final goodbye, her left heel broke and she fell in a pile of vomit that the cleaner was cleaning up.
"Oh, honey, that's why you never buy fake. Next time buy the real Christian Louboutin, not those shitty retail ones. Poor thing." cackled Jaide, causing more laughter. Soon the whole cafeteria was in hysterics, and someone was even filming it.
"Oh, bro look! Isn't that you're girlfriend?" asked Jimmy Stone, the team Mascot for the Cheetahs.
"That's really gross!" said one of the football players, as they all walked into the cafeteria. Michael Hallden, the star quarterback and Chrystelle's boyfriend, walked over to the ugly mess of evil, also known as his girlfriend.
"Baby, help me up." she cried, embarrassed.
"Nah, I don't think so. This is nothing less of what you deserve. Yeah, I saw you and your little 'friend' Connah Trey at the movies the other night. Did you forget? I asked you to come see that movie with me, but you said you had the flu. So I took Ryan instead and we both saw you playing tonsil hockey with that gronk."
"But baby I love you!"
"You love me? Aw, well that makes everything better!" he said, as he took her hand and helped her up.
"Really?" she asked, trying to stand.
"No." Michael said, letting go of her hand.

This may seem really slack, but just listen to her extensive list of cruel deeds.
-She has bullied, teased and gossiped about everyone in school at least three times, including me.
-She has had twenty-four boyfriends in the past nine months, every single one of them she cheated on.
- She fools around with Rhiannon's step-dad, and with Jessica's boyfriend Joshua Jefferson.
-Her name means 'Evil bitch that must be destroyed!!"
That's just some mild stuff. Back to the story.

The next day, Rhiannon and Jessica were back at her side, feeling guilty that she made a fool of herself the day before.
"It's all your fault! If you just followed me, I wouldn't have fallen, and Michael and I would still be together!"
"No, you guys were going to break up anyways. Ryan told me that he was going to tell you yesterday afternoon, after practice. But he did it yesterday, adding to your humility."
"Jaide and I went shopping yesterday. She bought me this neck lace, isn't it parfait?" said Jessica, playing with her diamond butterfly necklace.
"Parfait? God, you talk like them now!" Chrystelle cried, standing there, looking at herself in the mirror in her locker. She looked at all the photo booth pictures her and Michael had taken together. She looked back in the mirror. The reflection she saw was not what she expected.
Two girls, with emerald green eyes and long brown hair stood there, their wide mouths in a smile that flashed every single one of their perfect white teeth.
"Aw, Jessie, you're wearing the diamant papillon necklace I bought you!" said Jaide, the shorter of the two sisters.
"Chrystelle, you should really take down those photos of my boyfriend, it’s a bit stalker-ish." said Louise, pointing at the photo booth pictures.
"Your boyfriend? I don't think so, Frog Legs." she said filled with rage.
"Frog legs? Well, not everyone can have cow thighs like you, honey." replied Jaide.
"Yeah, my boyfriend. He said sorry, but he doesn't want to be seen with a vomit covered porker." Louise added. The two sisters put their index fingers together up in the air, followed by the words: "Ooh brûlé!" which means burnt.

That was it. Chrystelle had had enough. It was Friday afternoon when she came up with her plan. She called the rest of the Plastics over to her house for a meeting.
"Rhiannon, did you bring my McDonalds?" she asked, as the girls walked into her room.
"No, I don't want to support your obesity habits." she said, apologetically.
"Ew, what's that God awful stench?" asked Jessica, looking around the room.
"I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Chrystelle, is that a... EW! Rat!!" Rhiannon squealed as a big fat rat ran across Chrystelle's pink carpet. Jessica feinted. Chrystelle got up and grabbed a bar of chocolate from her school bag.
Half an hour later, they were in Chrystelle's basement, which had been turned into a party room. She stood in front of the other girls, explaining the plan to put the Plastics back at the top of the Opal Valley High hierarchy.
"Is this actually going to work?" asked Rhiannon, looking at Chrystelle, seeing her as the pathetic little person that she is.
"Of course it is, whore!"
"Boo! Never call us whore. Because you're our leader, we're only half of what you are. If she's a whore, what are you?"
"Shut up Blondie. So are you in or what?" asked Chrystelle, hurt.
The girls hesitantly agreed.

The next day was the Depardieu sister's party. They had been at Opal Valley High for two weeks, and already had over-ruled the Plastics.
"Tonight is going to be so fetch!" cried Louise as they danced around in their mansion, watching their maids and butlers set up for the party.
"Really? Fetch? I thought we stopped that in Paris."
"Oh Jaide, qui est si chercher! (that is so fetch!)" Louise said, chasing her. They continued crying those four French words to each other all afternoon until the Grandfather clock made a noise. It was four o'clock! The party started at seven. Time to get ready!
Jaide and Louise had naturally curly hair, but they often straightened it. Actually, no one had seen them with curly hair. But since they straightened it so often, their hair was just wavy. So they got their two butlers Amy and Grace to curl their hair. They looked amazing.
By six thirty they were putting the final touches of make-up on. And then the doorbell rang!

The Plastics walked into the Depardieu mansion with pride. Tonight was their night. Chrystelle drilled the girls on their evil plan once more as they were putting all of their props in place.
"What if it doesn't work?" asked Jessica, nervously as she bit her lip.
"It WILL work. I will not accept failure. It's your job, the both of you, to execute our evil plan. I will be seducing Michael. Any more questions?"
"No ma'am." Jessica and Rhiannon replied in unison as the three of them walked into the crowd. About an hour into the party, Rhiannon and Jessica found Louise and Jaide. But after Jessica was too friendly, Rhiannon had to remind her of their objective.
"We're here to destroy these hoes."
"But Rhiannon, we should be destroying Chrystelle! She had sex with my boyfriend, and your step-dad!"
"I know! And she broke me and Ryan up. And now Ryan's seeing that Jaide girl. He even wrote a song for her. He never wrote a song for me. So we're taking them down, tonight!"
"No. I can't do it. I may be stupid, but I'm not cruel. They can't help it that Chrystelle's a stuck up bitch and that she can't handle being replaced. Rhi, quit while you're still ahead. We can be friends with Louise and Jaide. Chrystelle's popularity is gone. Soon, she'll be replaced as cheer captain. Can't you see it?"
"That's what you think little girl. Fuck off, you'll never understand! Go play Barbies."
And that did it. Jessica and Rhiannon were no longer friends.

Louise and Jaide are really nice girls. You may be thinking, wow, those French bitches are total bitches, but they're really cool. That's why they're more popular than Chrystelle.

At nine pm, Chrystelle found Michael. I hope those retards did their part of the plan! she thought as she walked over to him. The evil plan, this whole time, was:
1. Find the girls and follow them.
2. Get Louise drunk enough to go up to her room with a random guy.
3. Get Jaide to get everyone outside to make a fire.
4. Chrystelle to get Michael up to Louise's bedroom where she was making out with a random guy.
5. Restore the Plastics popularity at Opal Valley High.
But, so far, what’s happened is:
1. Jessica and Rhiannon had a big fight. Jessica is now best friends with Louise and Jaide and told them about the plan.
2. Rhiannon drank all of the bottles of vodka that was meant for Louise. She's fooling around in Louise's bedroom with Chrystelle's boyfriend Connah Trey.
3. Chrystelle was talking to Michael, leading him 'somewhere private' (Louise's bedroom)

"Where are we going? I have to go find Louise." Michael said, looking back down the hallway to where the party was.
"We're going upstairs, she was crying earlier and she ran up to her room."
"Wait, what? I didn't think you guys were friends."
"I've been here all afternoon. They're actually really nice girls. I was just jealous. But we're cool now."
"Hey, listen. I'm sorry about the other day in the cafeteria."
"Don't sweat it." Chrystelle said, as they got to Louise's door.
She opened it, and went off her brains.
"What the hell? Rhiannon what are you doing here? Where's Louise? Who's that? Connah? Don't talk to me, neither of you!" she screamed, before running back down the stairs. Michael ran after her.
"Chrys! Stop! Tell me the truth, all of it."
She told him all about their plan. He went downstairs and found Jessica and heard her part of the story.
"Why what happened to Chrystelle and Rhiannon?" she asked, dancing still.
He told her, and she laughed so loud, Chrystelle and Rhiannon probably heard it, and they were upstairs fighting.
"Okay guys, we have one more surprise before midnight! Please welcome The Young Guns!" Jaide said, looking proudly at her boyfriend Ryan Boss. He took the microphone and started to sing. It was the song about Jaide.
"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" echoed through the house from above. It was Rhiannon, who was still in love with Ryan.
"May I have this dance?" Michael asked a bored Louise, who was sitting alone.
And they danced the night away.

Oh, I'm sorry; did you think that this is the end??
Well, it's not. But for the rest of the stories, you'll just have to wait for another day.

Hey guys,
Thanks for reading. The next stories will be under the title of 'The Opal Valley High Secrets' and then they'll have a character's name and it's a whole story from their point of view.
ILYS Tenille xoxo

P.S. Jade Mathews, this is for you.
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