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Blood Is Sharp

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For music and words song #2

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This is my entry for Music and Words song #2 `Blood Is Sharp` - Lost alone.
I saw Loast Alone last february and they were awesome, they were touring with MCR and The Blackout so it was a pretty epic night over all. :)

This makes me look crazy, but hey, nothing fun about being sane.

The slow drip drip drip filled the room.

It’s a satisfying sound. Almost relaxing. Few things will calm me this well. In fact, only two things can beat the dripping. Firstly, fire. The flickering light of a fragile candle, to a roaring fire in a fireplace.

Then there was the one thing I was less proud of. Cutting.

I suppose, it’s not so different to my recent actions. Somehow sliding a small blade across the underside of my wrist deems me to a fate of hurtful comments. Yet, slashing a few throats here and there gets my name in papers and on TV.

The reasons that I lit this candle tonight before sliding that soothing metal across my marked skin is to stop the actions I feared would occur if I didn’t.

I did it before, just a few times. The first name haunts me still. / Mikey/. Sonofabitch was better off that way anyhow. Bastard deserved more than he got. Should ‘a kept him alive longer, made him suffer like I did. We didn’t exactly have a great relationship. In fact, we didn’t even have a satisfactory relationship. All I'm going to day is, I didn’t give myself these broken bones and bruises.

The day it happened was the thirteenth day of November two years ago. Friday thirteenth actually, I guess for some it is unlucky. We had been going out for three weeks, and then he decided to end the relationship. He told me it was just not meant to be and that we’d be better off as friends.

So I ended him.

The second time was his brother Gerard. It was a similar situation. We were together for much longer, three and a half months, before he got bored. Once again, I ended him.

The last time was with a guy called Ray. He was sweet, but his family didn’t approve of me. They thought my wild purple hair and excessive eyeliner would give the family a bad name. So he told me this and I, again, lashed out. I ended him just two months ago.

But now I have a different problem. I'm with a guy called Frank. He’s great, but there’s always a problem. There’s always girls sniffing around him, and he’s never made our relationship clear to others. He went to a party last night. I was there too. I remember looking for a toilet. I accidentally wandered into a bedroom. And there was Frank, with a girl.

I don't really remember much after that, alcohol and all that. But I woke up this morning to a whimpering and the smell of blood.

So now we get to where we are now. A girl tied to a wooden chair in my room, and me holding a blade in my hand, wondering who to cut. It appears I’ve already done some damage to the petite blonde, her wrists are bleeding slightly at the binding and there is a long gash along her left arm.

“P-please don't hurt me.” She stutters barely audible.

“SHUT UP!” I yell and throw my fist at her face. I realise just after that the fist I had punched her with was the same fist I had my blade in. Her face is now horribly contorted with pain and blood. The blood rushing quickly to drip down her chin and soak through her clothing.

“I'm sorry, I know you love him. We were drunk!” she muttered to me.

At that point I decided. I calmly went right up to her face, and looked her in the eyes. Then I cut her throat.

“Don't waste your feeling and your hopes on love.” I say as I see the life in her eyes fade.

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