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Writers Block

by MyNomDePlume 1 review

Just a little story to thank my teacher. :) Not a poem but I don't know where else to put it.

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A girl sat at her computer with her earbuds in and a blank word document open. No music was actually playing through said earbuds; she just wanted people to think that she couldn’t hear them. As for the word document, many short-lived story plots had once been typed there, but they had all been erased.

Nothing was good enough for the girl. Nothing screamed “keep writing me!”. This bothered her a lot. All she wanted to do was write a short story, but the ideas in her head were like roses that refused to blossom. She racked her brain for any form of inspiration, nearly screaming out in frustration. Not even a “Panic! At the Disco” song could give her anything to write about. She thought back to something her English teacher had told her earlier that month.

“Write about writer’s block. It helps you forget about the thought that you’re stuck on.”

Suddenly, one of the roses in her mind blossomed - no, it erupted like a volcano, shooting sparks of brilliance around her head.

“Thank you Mrs. W!” she thought to herself before typing her fresh story into the blank word document.

“A girl sat at her computer with her earbuds in and a blank word document open...”

My english teacher told me to write about writers block, so I did (as you can probably tell). I know this is really short, but I don't really care.
xoxo Liz
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