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Such a morbid, horrible idea but I want to see what you guys would think

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Saw meets Hostel with the MCR boys and auditions..sorry I am so evil

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Holy shit, this is a horrible idea (not like unoriginal or ripping off anyone, okay first off I DONT MEAN TO RIP OFF THE AMAZING WRITER BELlA_JINXX got it? I just read her idea of a new story (when she posts the first chap. check it out?) and I was writing the character I chose (a vitcim and made a gruesome murder kind of thing) which led me to think about (oddly enough don't try to lock me up for admitting this) my 2 favorite horror movies (well gore) Saw and Hostel.
For those who don't know, how about a fast rundown of both (well 10 if you put all of 'em together)

Saw- Not run by Jigsaw (he is just a doll, not going to go all Chucky) but it is run by a guy John, who takes those who he believe's haven't been living life 'properly' (big long story, he was supposed to have a kid with his ex wife, kid got killed by a druggie stealing from hospital running out slamming the door on the woman's stomach, he got mad claims revenge and puts on 'tests' to see if you have the proper will to live)
Okay? Confusing? Ask someone else or watch it (not recomended for the weak stomached)

Hostel- Easy, tourists (except in the third when it's in Vegas) go to Rome, stay at the Hostel (where they take your passport for "check in" when really they put you up for bids, rich guys buy you so they can torture you)

My fantabulous-ly (morbid) idea is to combine these two, put them into a fan fic (not in gruesifying detail) but i will add some (not enough to make you or I puke) but still.
First off, MCR boys won't die (they are going to be evil motherfucks and be the gamemakers)

I need
Victims (a lot would be nice)
Survivors (not as much, 'cause so little get out of Saw and only a couple got out of Hostel)
Traitor (this character will claim to be fully with the boys, until they meet a guy/girl where they try all they have to save them)
Love intrest to the traitor (woke up blah blah blah falls in love boom-bada-bing)
The thing will say 'how'd you die', I don't NEED it, I just want to know if it was including someone else, gory or not so gory, painful, not, slow, fast..that kind of shit

What I need (if you want to be in this)
Looks (split for more detail)
Eyes/skin tone:
Anything else about looks?
How you fucked up? (or what did you do to be caught)?
How'd you die?
Anything else in general?

For the love intrest
What did you first think of the traitor?
Did you believe they were there to save you?

For the traitor
What did you think when you first saw the love intrest in the game?:
What did you try to do in order to save them?
Did you get caught by any of the guys? If so what did they do?

Thanks, please please please don't go "Wow you freak" because yes I know I am a freak.
Thanks again, hope you like it (or not) but before I post this, suggestions on what you are wanting to see? (Ex. More of a torture kind of thing, more of a game kind of thing etc. etc.)
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