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'Images are sought and images are lost, some we preserve whatever the cost.' Random poem I wrote in maths class, I'd appreciate it if you let me know what you think.

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The eye, it sees all of humankind
Attached by wires to our blinded minds
Images are sought and images are lost
Some we preserve, whatever the cost

Eyes are gentle, fragile, pretty
But so many have lost the gift, what a pity
We shake our heads, sends sympathies, polite
Never knowing constant darkness, like that of the night

But sometimes we see things, not supposed to be seen
We panic, we cry, we yell, we scream
Blind, blind, gouge them both out
Nothing but black, no colours sharp and stout

Never again see the stars in the sky
Never again see the birds flying high
Never again see a loved ones face
Never again find light in a murky place

But what we see is merely an illusion, perhaps?
Our own personal memory relapse
Seeing things seen a thousand times before
Or things, not real, made up worlds to explore

What if our eyes aren't gentle, or pretty, or kind
What if they hide the truth from our minds
Like a cheetah that can't run, a bird that can't fly
Our eyes, all we see, just one big lie.
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