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Chapter 07: Trouble With Trolls

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Ninja Turtles 2003/Harry Potter AU Crossover. Extensive summary in profile.

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Chapter 07: The Trouble with Trolls

Severus Snape was rarely a happy person and one thing he detested was being summoned to the Headmaster's office like he was some kind of student. Didn't the old man know Snape had lesson plans to work on and potions to brew? In fact, the potions were for the Headmaster although Snape was at a loss why the Headmaster would have him brew a suggestive potion. The nasty little brew was borderline illegal and any instructions the administrator of the potion would give when the potion was in the blood stream would be interpreted as a command that must be followed. Snape knew better than to question the Headmaster, as Dumbledore was not too pleasant when people questioned his alleged well-laid plans for the greater good which in reality meant plans that only benefited Dumbledore.

Walking up to the gargoyle, Snape had muttered the password, which was "Chocolate Frog”. The gargoyle sprang to life and Snape lightly stepped into the office. Dumbledore was scribbling something on a piece of paper. Snape stood there before Dumbledore looked up at him.

"Ah, Severus, do sit down, please," said Dumbledore.

Snape sat and was starting to get irritated. Finally, he got straight to the point.

"Headmaster, you calling me to your office would not have anything to do with the fact that a dozen Slytherin students came to my office in the dead of the night all shaken up but they could not tell me why this was the case," said Snape.

Dumbledore looked at Snape before responding in his faux grandfatherly tone of the voice.

"Severus, my boy, nothing of the sort," said Dumbledore. "It just happens despite my cautions at the start of the term feast, one of your Slytherin Students, a Terrence Higgs, ran afoul of the guardian. A tragedy if I may say so, he had potential but I was just drafting a letter to his parents telling them of the incident."

Snape looked at Dumbledore. The lack of the concern for one of Snape's Slytherin students bothered the Potions Master.

"Headmaster, I do not understand why you used that beast of Hagrid's," said Snape. "Surely a wizard of your experience and capabilities could formulate a better plan to protect the stone. Anyone who could do little digging would find out the beast could be soothed by music."

Dumbledore looked at Snape, saying nothing and something Snape had suspected had slipped out.

"If I did not know any better, I would say you wanted the stone to be found with obstacles first years could get by which you have placed," said Snape in an accusing voice.

Dumbledore looked at Snape with an unreadable expression on his face before pulling a lemon drop out of his bowl.

"Thank you Severus," said Dumbledore. "I will take that into account. Before you leave, would you care for a lemon drop?"

Snape took the candy, because he knew if he had took it, he would be able to get out of the Headmaster's office quickly. Putting it into his mouth and sucking up it, Snape suddenly felt a foggy sensation within his mind before his mind went blank and he had an urge to listen to exactly everything Dumbledore said.

"Severus, my boy," said Dumbledore. "You will tell your suspicions to no one, especially Harry Potter. You will not interfere with my plans to steer the boy into his rightful destiny. Remember this, Severus, I gave you your freedom. You could be rotting in Azkaban right now, a shell of your mere self. I can also take that freedom away with a few choice words to the Wizengamot. You will not remember who told you this Severus but you remember you were told this. You will not even remember you were in my office. Now, you are dismissed."

Snape got up with the blank expression still in his eyes. Dumbledore couldn’t believe his well calculated plan for making Harry think he needed to rely on him would fall so flat. Clearly he had underestimated the boy and Dumbledore would need to regroup. No doubt Harry suspected something was up but he could not have suspected Dumbledore. Dumbledore had to move slowly and carefully, because he did not want to tip his hand to Harry. The Headmaster needed his pawn too much if Dumbledore's plans to acquire more power along with fame and glory were to go into motion. Albus could see it now. Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard who ever lived. The man who vanquished Grindewald and mentored Harry Potter on his path as he vanquished Voldemort, the very thought had a nice ring to it. As Harry was destroying Voldemort, Dumbledore would make sure to engineer a "heroic death" for Harry so no threats could exist to Dumbledore's power, before he could implement his ultimate plan. Sucking on a lemon drop, of the non-suggestive potion containing variety, Dumbledore mused how he loved it when a plan came together.

After Breakfast, Harry Potter was telling Theodore, Daphne, and Hermione about the exciting discovery he had uncovered last night. Harry had decided to take the Portus-Amulet but leave all the other artifacts and books in the room.

"An untapped room full of new books of age old material which has been lost for hundreds of years," said Hermione who was looking extremely excited. "No doubt some of the material could be useful. Can we see the room Harry? Please."

"Of course when she says "we" she really means "I"," muttered Theodore under his breath before Daphne gave him a sharp look.

"It so happens I am interested in seeing this room too," said Daphne. "Not everyone is afraid of learning like you are. It is almost like you expect it to jump out and bite you. Plus, it's from our namesake from our house, surely even you would be slightly interested in that."

"No, can't say I am," said Theodore while shaking his head.

"Some people just cannot open themselves up to new interesting experiences," muttered Daphne under her breath. "Hermione and I can go see the room them. Can we Harry?"

"Of course," said Harry. "Although I appreciate you would not mention it to anyone else because if the knowledge a secret Slytherin library existed in the school it could attract trouble."

Just then, Professor Quirrell was passing the four first years. Ducking behind a tapestry, Quirrell or rather the parasite he was hosting, seemed interesting at the words "secret Slytherin library" How come he did not know of this? He was the heir of Slytherin; the texts within the library should be his by divine right.

"We won't breath a word to anyone," said Hermione, her eyes shining with glee at new knowledge.

Voldemort had made a mental note. He would spy on Potter and his friends tonight. He would have his faithful servant Quirrell follow them and he would see what was up with this secret Slytherin library. This promised to be his great triumph between him finding age-old texts and then stealing the Philosopher's Stone.

Harry's first Quidditch practice was that night. Flint had started the night by informing Harry that Terrence Higgs had an unfortunate accident and would be unable to be the Seeker. So, Harry was now promoted to the full time Seeker.

Flint was ruthless; he trained the team to the bone. Some of his moves were ruthless and Harry wondered if they were entirely legal. Throughout the practice, Harry had flown on a school broom, which Harry seemed to use well. Other than a sprained wrist when a bludger had smashed into his hand, Harry had thought he played well. The other team members felt it was a successful practice but not Marcus Flint. He said the team still needed work and he would work them twice as hard the following night. Flint would no doubt make good on his threats.

"Explain to me why exactly are we doing this in the dead of the night," muttered Daphne under her breath.

Daphne, Hermione, and Harry were walking down to Slytherin's private chambers. It was late, extremely late. Most of everyone had already gone to bed.

"Maybe we should do this on the weekend," said Hermione, looking around, as every creak of armor might have been Filch or Mrs. Norris. "We should not be out this late at night."

"Come on," said Harry. "We are almost there, no turning back now."

"Ah ha," said a voice. "The little ickle firsties are wandering around at night. Maybe Peeves should be a telling Filch. Oh yes he should, as it would be all naugthy, naughty, and you all get caughty."

Harry, Hermione, and Daphne had spun around. They had spotted a little man wearing a multi colored tuxedo with a bright green bow-tie. The scrounge of every one of Hogwarts, the one who thrived on chaos. Peeves the Poltergeist had arrived on the scene.

"Filch, Oh, Filchy," sang Peeves. "Students are out of bed. Students are a creepin' in the night."

Daphne looked at Peeves with an irritable expression on her face. Before she could say anything, Harry had grabbed her and Hermione by the arms.

"This way," said Harry, dragging the two girls with him. "Quickly, before Filch comes running in here."

Harry had found the wall with the markings of the elements. It was still glowing just like it was when he found out.

"Though here," said Harry.

"Harry, are you crazy," snapped Daphne. "There is nothing here but a solid wall. Are you sure this is the place?"

Harry looked, before placing his hand to the wall. The wall gave a hiss, just like last night. The doorway appeared.

"Harry," said Hermione frantically. "What are you doing? This is nothing but a solid wall."

Harry yanked both Daphne and Hermione through the archway and not a moment to soon as Filch came around the corner, wheezing. He looked around. The troublemakers must have given in the slip.

"Damn delinquents," said Filch with a wheeze. "I will get them wherever they are."

Filch had walked off with Mrs. Norris at his heels. Meanwhile, on the other side of what Filch believed to be a solid wall.

Meanwhile, Harry was walking down the staircase with a bewildered Daphne and Hermione following him.

"Okay," said Daphne slowly. "We just dived headfirst through a solid wall. Maybe it's like the barrier at King's Cross but why hasn't anyone found it yet."

"No, I have some strange feeling Harry is the only who could let anyone in," said Hermione.

Harry looked about. It was exactly as he had left it.

"I do think I am the only one who can get in," said Harry. "The note from Slytherin said the room was waiting for the one with the Heart of the Warrior and the Soul of Fire to come, as the person who fit that was the only one who could pass. Also, he mentioned something about a prophecy, although I could be at a loss at what that means."

Hermione was looking at the books on the shelves looking like she wanted to look at them.

"Help yourself," said Harry. "I honest do not know what is in them as I was just lightly looking around last night."

Hermione looked at the book, looking excited but her expression quickly turned to disappointment.

"I can't read this," cried Hermione. "Look at this Harry."

Harry looked down at the book. It looked like a normal book with normal text to him.

"Looks normal to me, Hermione," said Harry. "It looks like a normal book."

"That's not what I see," said Hermione. "All I see is a bunch of strange symbols and markings. It is almost like Slytherin did not want just anyone to read these books."

"Let me see," said Daphne, taking the book. "Hermione, you’re right. Slytherin seemed to not want just anyone to see his books for fear they would fall into the wrong hands. Shame really, I was looking forward to reading about lost forms of magic. Seems like you are destined to be on your own Harry."

Harry just nodded. After a quick look through all the books, it seemed like the girls really could not make use of the knowledge but Harry could. Hermione walked across the room, not looking where she was going. Suddenly, she tripped, falling face first into the ground. Daphne and Harry had rushed over to their friend.

"Hermione, are you all right?" said Harry looking worried.

Hermione nodded her head but looked down at the floor. There was a handle for a trap door.

"I think there is something else under this room," said Hermione.

Harry had grabbed onto the trap door, yanking it up. After struggling a bit, he had managed to get it open. He could see a stone slide, which stretched for a ways.

Looking at his friends, Harry slid down the stone slide with his friends following him close behind. Falling down, the sight Harry saw had pleased him greatly. It was some sort of gigantic room, which was big enough to house several people. It was also big enough to practice martial arts for sure. Exploding the underground cavern, Harry had come across another wall with the same mystic markings of the wall upstairs.

Harry stopped short and looked at the wall.

"Let me guess," said Daphne. "Another wall containing markings in which you, oh great Heart of the Warrior Potter can only see."

"Right in one," said Harry. "If these walls did not lead to somewhere, I would think I am going insane."

"Too late for thinking you have went insane," muttered Daphne as Hermione tried to fight a smile, unsuccessfully.

"I heard that," said Harry in a mocking snapping tone but in truth, he could not argue with his friend while placing his hand on the wall. Another hissing noise and the wall sprang up, revealing a staircase. Harry grabbed Hermione and Daphne by the hands and pulled them through the solid wall. The staircase had lead up a little bit before reaching a trapdoor. Yanking it open, Harry found out they were just outside the corridor, which lead to the Slytherin Common Room.

"Well, that's handy," said Harry. "At least now I have a shorter way to get down to Slytherin's private chambers."

It was about two in the morning before the friends parted ways for the night. It had been an extremely odd night.

Elsewhere, Lord Voldemort was not a happy camper. Potter and his friends had given him the slip. The ancient texts, which Salazar Slytherin possessed, should be his. Voldemort was going really irritated about being able to depend on Quirrell. He could not wait to use the Philosopher's Stone to regain his body. Unfortunately, Quirrell could not have a diversion until Halloween night.

It was late October, October 30th in fact. It could hardly be believed Harry was at Hogwarts for two months. Indeed, he had learned much over the past couple of months and right now, he was having a conversation with his brother, Donatello, who had found some strange crystals in their home.

"These crystals are like nothing I have ever seen before," said Don from the other side of the two-way mirror. "They cannot be harmed by any means. If I did not know any better, I would say they might have magic properties."

"Don, when I come home, I will take a look at them. You may be on to something. I will see if the Hogwarts library has anything on them," said Harry.

"When are you coming home?" asked Don. "I mean you must be busy but could you pop in for a weekend for a short time."

"I may have to pop in for a visit soon," said Harry. "Unfortunately right now, I am swamped between school work, Quidditch practice, and sorting to Slytherin's library, which I still have not gotten a chance to read. Still, I must say, these wizards live in a bit backwards. When I mentioned pizza, Daphne and Theodore looked at me like I grew two heads. Hermione knows what I am talking about but would you believe it, the Magical World does not even have pizza. I think I might have to inspire a cultural revolution."

Don started laughing on the other end.

"I am serious," said Harry. "I could really do with a pepperoni pizza smeared in chocolate sauce right now."

"I still do not know who is more obsessed in with pizza or who has the stranger tastes," remarked Don with a smile on his face. "Between You or Mikey, although I suppose it could be a toss up at times."

"Mikey, no contest," said Harry. "After all who ate a half a dozen chilly-cheese pizzas in a row? I remember that all too well, we had to air out the lair afterwards."

Don laughed before growing serious.

"Now, Harry. How well have you been keeping up on your training?" asked Don.

"Enough to stay sharp, why?" responded Harry.

"Well, Master Splinter has hinted he is going to put you in an intense training session when you come home," said Don. "You know, to see if you were on your toes."

"Okay," said Harry. "I have to go to bed, McGonagall unloaded a bunch of theory on us last week and strongly hinted we might have a quiz, so I need my beauty sleep. I try and pop home during a weekend but Christmas Holiday at the very latest."

"Good bye, and good night, Harry," said Donatello.

"Good night, Donatello," said Harry who had put down the mirror as it went blank and prepared to go to sleep.

As it turned out, Professor McGonagall did set a quiz for the day in Transfiguration. Harry felt he did well on the quiz. Daphne, Harry, and Theodore left the Transfiguration classroom.

"I swear, McGonagall hates the Slytherins just as much as Snape hates the Gryffindors, she is just much more subtle about it," said Theodore. "How does she expect us to remember every little thing she teaches us?"

"Don't be such a baby," said Daphne. "It wasn’t a hard test at all at all."

"Well, some people do not have you brain capacity, Greengrass," said Theodore.

"So, that means you will just study twice as hard," said Daphne. "It would pain me to see if you got lower grades than Crabbe and Goyle. I might have to wear a paper bag over my head in public if that was the case to hide my shame."

"Excuse me," said Theodore. "I will never be as moronic as Crabbe and Goyle. It is a wonder they can breath without detailed instructions in short words from Malfoy and I would never stoop that low."

Harry had stopped short. He had saw Hermione running off in the direction of the girl's bathroom, crying. He saw Weasley glaring at her and Neville looking a bit uncomfortable. Harry looked like he was going to go after her but Daphne grabbed him by the arm.

"No, Harry," said Daphne. "She looks upset, I say give her time to cool down."

Harry did not feel much like letting one of his friends walk off.

"Okay," said Harry. "Still, if I find out Weasley was the one who made her upset, he will face the business end of my wand and that is a promise.”

At dinner, Harry and Theodore were quietly eating dinner. Hermione had not shown up all evening and as a matter of fact, Daphne had not shown up yet until midway through. The look on her face could burn metal. She sat down opposite Harry, looking steamed.

"I just heard what happened from Susan Bones. Weasley," spat Daphne as if the name was venom. "Confronted Hermione about being friends with you. He called her a traitor to her house and said she would end up getting herself killed by joining up with "no good slimy, Slytherins". He also said you were the next Dark Lord."

Harry slammed his hands down. He looked over to the Gryffindor table where Weasley was chatting to two other first year boys who Harry knew were called Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan. Before Harry can get up and give Weasley a piece of his mind, a more serious problem presented itself.

Professor Quirrell had burst into the Great Hall, looking extremely frantic. Everyone had stopped eating as Quirrell had looked around.

"T-T-troll, in the Dungeons!" screamed Quirrell before falling face first onto the ground in a faint.

Mass chaos. Everyone was screaming and panicking. Harry could see Dumbledore raise his wand, shooting sparks in the air.

"Silence!" screamed Dumbledore.

Everyone in the hall had gone silent.

"Prefects, bring your students back to their dormitories," ordered Dumbledore. "Teachers follow me, to the Dungeons."

The teachers got up with the exception of Severus Snape, who had slipped out a side entrance. Snape had suspected something with Quirrell for some time, as Snape's mark seemed to burn it's most around Quirrell. If Quirrell was after the Philosopher's Stone, Snape was not going to let him have his wish.

"Listen up, Slytherins," said Flint, taking command. "It seems to have slipped Dumbledore's mind the Slytherin dormitories are in the Dungeons, so we are going to go to the library. Everyone move it now."

Flint's words were short, commanding, and to the point. Harry, Daphne, and Theodore were in the back of the line.

"I wonder how in the world a troll got in," commented Theodore. "Trolls are supposed to be rather thick."

"Oh, kind of like you," said Daphne. "It should be obvious to anyone with an IQ in the double digits, so in other words, everyone except Crabbe and Goyle, that someone had let the troll in. I sure hope someone tells Hermione about it so she can get back to her Common Room."

"Yeah," remarked Theodore. "What do you think Harry? Uh, Harry""

Theodore and Daphne had looked around but Harry was no longer with them. He had disappeared without a word.

Elsewhere, Harry was frantically going towards the girl's bathroom he saw Hermione run to earlier. He had a feeling she was still there and he doubted the troll would stay in the Dungeons. Something did not quite add up in Harry's mind. It seemed strange Quirrell just happened to notice the troll was in the Dungeons. A little too strange, the more Harry thought about it.

Harry was brought out of his thoughts by coming face to face with Ron Weasley.

"What are you doing up here, Potter?" demanded Weasley. "Thinking about keeping the troll as some kind of demonic pet."

Harry was about ready to respond when he heard a grunting noise. The troll was heading straight to the girl's bathroom. Harry pulled out his wand and put it in Weasley's face. Weasley had searched his robe pockets as if in an effort to pull out his wand but Harry had it in his hand twirling it between his fingers.

"Looking for this, Weasley," remarked Harry lightly before turning serious. "Listen here, Weasley. It was because of your remarks Hermione is in that bathroom with a troll descending on it. So, guess what Weasley, now you are going to help me save her."

Weasley looked at Harry as if he was mad.

"Are you insane, Potter?" snapped Weasley. "What if the troll gets mad at me?"

"Better the troll get mad at you then me getting mad at you," said Harry in a low, dangerous voice. "Now get going, Weasley."

Harry and a reluctant Ron Weasley had descended upon the girl's bathroom. A scream was heard which caused shivers to be sent down Harry's spine.

"In, Weasley," said Harry in a deadly voice, which left no room for argument.

Gulping, Ron had entered the bathroom. An ugly troll, about ten feet tall wielding a large club was standing over Hermione, who seemed too shocked too move.

"What do you we do now?" demanded Weasley.

"Must I tell you everything," said Harry in an irritated tone of voice. "Distract it, anyway you can. "

Picking up a broken pipe, Weasley tossed it at the brute's shoulder.

"Hey you pea brain," yelled Weasley as the pipe hit the shoulder. The troll did not hear the pipe but it heard the clatter. Advancing on Weasley, the troll had sent him flying with a backhand slap. Harry had offered his hand, helping Hermione on. Hermione looked at Ron and then at the troll who was advancing on Ron.

"Aren't you going to do something to save him?" asked Hermione.

"The troll or Weasley?" asked Harry playing dumb. "I think the troll does not need any saving."

"Harry Potter!" said Hermione in a disapproving voice.

"Fine," snapped Harry before tapping the troll on the shoulder.

The troll gave a grunt and swung the club but Harry rolled from underneath the swing. Harry sprung up into the air with expert grace, before he clung onto a pipe above the troll’s head. The troll looked dumbly up at Harry and that was the last thing it saw for a while as Harry rocked back on the pipe before kicking the troll in the face with full force with both feet.

The troll staggered back before crashing into a wall. A pair of mirrors fell down, beaming the troll on the head. Harry dropped down looking at the fallen troll.

"Trolls of the world beware, Harry Potter is here," said Harry before giving a mocking bow which caused Weasley to shake his head with disgust and mutter about "big headed show offs" and Hermione to desperate fight a smile. Of course this only lasted a few seconds before Hermione burst into laughter.

At the moment, a group of teachers had entered the bathroom. Snape, Quirrell, and McGonagall were on the scene. McGonagall looked too lost for words but Snape had an unreadable expression. Harry could not help but noticing a trail of blood was flowing from Snape's leg and he was wincing with every step. Quirrell was whimpering at the sight of the troll on the ground.

"Potter, Weasley," snapped McGonagall. "Explain yourselves!"

Before either Harry or Ron could say anything, Hermione spoke up.

"Please, Professor McGonagall, they were looking for me," cried Hermione.

"Miss Granger," said McGonagall in a disapproving tone of voice.

"I read about trolls in a book," said Hermione. "I thought I could take it on my own, I swear. Harry and Ron had saved me, if they were only reluctantly working together. Ron distracted the troll while Harry knocked it out."

Hermione looked around at the severe looking Deputy Headmistress.

"And that's what happened," said Hermione quietly looking at the floor.

"In that case, Miss Granger," stated McGonagall. "How could you be so foolish? You could have been hurt or worse. Five points will be taken from Gryffindor for your recklessness. Now go up to your house Common Room and be grateful it is not more."

Hermione left as McGonagall turned to Harry and Ron.

"You two were extremely lucky," said McGonagall, adjusting her spectacles. "I doubt there were many first years who could face off against a full grown Mountain troll and live to tell the tale. Five points will be awarded to Slytherin and Gryffindor respectively. Professor Dumbledore will be informed of this. I suggest you two return to your Common Rooms as well."

Ron had left followed by McGonagall, but not before the youngest Weasley boy had given Harry a hateful glare. Quirrell had left as well. Snape turned to Harry and Harry felt Snape was going to respond with some kind of snide comment.

"Potter, thirty points to Slytherin for saving the school from danger and saving another fellow student," said Snape. "Although I must caution you against doing it again, as you lucked out on this night as it was only other a troll which had been sent. There are much worse elements out there in the wizarding world that could have been sent. Good night, Potter."

Snape left, robes billowing behind him as Harry was left to ponder the meaning of Snape's words.
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