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We're All a Little Mad Here!

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Two Brothers run away from the mental institution their parents dumped them at only to find their way to an old friend.. which leads to a few other old friends. *Ratings may change*

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New Story! Rate and Review? Let me know if I should continue.. If you hate it then I’ll just delete :/
Oh and this little bit at the front is just to tell you a bit about some of the characters I guess it really isn’t important to the story.. Just sorta.. A peak into their minds.


Hey, I'm Gerard Way. I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself, yeah? I'm 17, I love The Misfits, they are my favorite band; I have a little brother names Mikey, he's totally awesome, my best friend! My other best friend is a tall skinny guy with a wild 'fro, Ray.. But I don't get to see him anymore.. Not for the last seven months. Not after my parents sent Mikey and I off to some crazy place. Haven't seen my parents since then, don't plan to ever see them again after the hell me and Mikey are now going through. Oh, and one last thing; I'm schizophrenic.


Uh, Yeah. I'm Mikey Way.. 15, almost 16. I have an older brother, Gerard (or Gee as I like tocall him), he's really cool and I love him to death. I'm not really a social person so I only have a few friends.. Gee, Ray, Naomi and Benji.. Oh! And Bob, we mustn't forget Bob! But other then Bob and Gee, I never get to see any of my friends anymore. I don't know how long it's been -I stopped keeping track after four months, so now we must be around six or seven months- since I have been outside of this hellhole my parents dumped me and my brother in; and it's all quite stressful- what they do here.. But that can be explained later. And.. here's something I don't share with people.. I can see and talk to ghosts.. Yeah, give ya something to think about.


Hi, I'm Ray. Normally, I'm really bubbly and funny but.. Just not the past- what, six months? That sounds about right. You see, my two best friends, Mikey and Gee -The Way Brothers- were taken somewhere because of their um.. Problems. I don't know the specifics, but I haven't seen then for about half a year; and I miss them so much, I wish they could come home. It's become quite depressing, actually. I don't talk to my parents anymore, or not a lot. They help me pay rent on my two bedroom apartment that I pretty much share with my friend Frank. I met Frank two days after Gee and Mikey left and something just sorta clicked with us. Ya know? He's really all I have, but that's cool, he's an awesome little dude (when I say 'little' I mean it, he's short as an elf!).

Okay, that was just to give you a little idea of what this is about.. If you didn't know what schizophrenia is, then in Gerard's case, it means he hears voices that aren't really there, they are in his head but his brain tells him that they are real. And he tends to get in fights with them.. Is this worthy of making a story out of? Xo - A

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