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Gone With The Wind

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Meet Delaney Wind, a broken hearted girl who goes over the events of her short lived life..

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I stood at the edge of the rooftop, looking down fifty-two stories to the busy New York streets below. The breeze whipped my hair across my face. It was a Friday, around twilight and I was over it all. I couldn’t take anymore.
Let me tell you a story…

I used to be happy, back when I was Mrs Cameron Campbell to be. I was engaged, to the love of my life. By knowing this, you’ll understand why I’m about to leap from a sky rise building.
We had been best friends since kindergarten when his family moved into the house next door to mine. We grew up together and in our senior year at high school, we started dating.

“I’m so jealous of you Delaney! You’re pretty, you’re popular, you’re dating the star quarterback and you’re the cheer captain!” said one of the junior cheerleaders, Hayleigh I think her name was.
“Aw, honey you can be like this too. It takes a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it.” I replied, as I walked away. Yeah, I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly the friendliest person back then, but I didn’t feel like sharing my secret to success with anyone, especially little girls who would just spread it like small pox.
I walked into the cafeteria, and over to my table. Cameron was already sitting there, with his best friend Austin. I sat next to Cameron, kissing him a hello. He was probably the hottest guy at school. He stood tall at 6”3 and he was buff. But he was still cute.

Of course, Cameron and I were crowned prom King and Queen.
The DJ played our song, ‘Hero’ by Enrique Iglesias.
“I have a surprise for you, Dell.” Cameron said, as we danced. The spotlight followed our every move; we were the only ones dancing. He stopped, and got down on his knee. The crowd of people that circled us all gasped.
“Delaney Elisa Wild, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, making you happy, raising children. I want to die as your husband and no-one else’s. Will you marry me and become Mrs Delaney Campbell?”
“Yes!” I cried, as he put the ring on my finger.
I didn’t know this, but he had gotten the legal consent from my parents, and my big sister helped him choose the ring. It was perfect.
“Are you ready? He’s waiting for you Hon.” Said my mom as we stood in the tent.
“I’m ready.”
“You look so beautiful. You’ve just turned eighteen and already, you’re getting married to your prince Charming. I’m so proud of you.”
“Thanks mom.”
She went outside and cued the music. I walked down the red carpet, barefoot. My long white dress trailed behind me, and my two best friends Valerie Johnson and Samara Killcare were following me, as my bridesmaids.
Cameron stood at the end of the crimson aisle, in a midnight black suit. His tanned skin was illuminated from the sunlight, and his blue eyes were highlighted by the beautiful Hawaiian ocean behind him. His dark brown hair was curly and wet and he had the biggest smile, even though he was obviously nervous.
As I stood across from him, my elder sister, Camille, whispered in my ear.
“You look gorgeous sweetie.”
I guess I did. My long strawberry blonde hair was curled, but still went down to the small of my back. My intense emerald green eyes were lined and lashed and my 5’4 frame was bronzed and tan. Yeah, we probably looked like perfection.
The minister started his long and boring speech about love. I nervously looked at Cameron, to see his face. He was crying. I started to cry too. As a young girl, my sister told me that if a man cries for a woman, he truly loves her. And although we may be young, we truly do love each other.
“…And do you, Cameron Oscar Campbell, take Delaney to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to hold?”
“I do.” Said Cameron, looking into my eyes.
“You are now man and wife; you may kiss your bride.”
And that’s exactly what we did.

Cameron and I both believed in no sex until marriage. So we were really nervous on our wedding night. We had had the wedding on the beach in Hawaii and for our honeymoon we flew to Fiji. We got a honeymoon package, which included our water villa (built on pillars 10 feet above the water), the spa and sauna and breakfast and champagne to our room, every day, for a whole month.
That night, Cameron Campbell took my virginity. I remember the pain, the pleasure and the excitement of doing something new for the first time. We did it over and over again.

Both of our families were extremely rich, and as a wedding gift, they bought us a house in Monterey, right on the cliff, looking out over Monterey Bay. They both lived in Carmel, not far from us.
One day, we all went out to dinner at the Pebble Beach Golf Club. It was really good, and expensive, but that didn’t matter. The next morning though, my stomach said otherwise.
“Honey, you seemed fine last night. I’ll call your mother, see what she says.” Cameron said from outside the bathroom as I vomited all my food up from the last week, or at least it felt like it. Within half an hour, my mom was standing at the door of our ensuite, trying to calm me.
“Dear, I’m taking you to the hospital; I think you might have food poisoning.” She said, as I stood up.

“Mrs Campbell, it’s not food poisoning.”
Mom and I relaxed a little.
“You’re pregnant.”

Nine and a half months later, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, that we named Aiden Blair Campbell. He had a perfect eye colour, a mix between Cameron’s and mine. They were aquamarine, and thickly lashed. He had dark brown hair, like his father, and my wide mouth.
We got him into modelling, too. And that was the biggest mistake of our lives.

One night, as we walked out of the studio and down into the underground car park, we were attacked.
“Give me all your money or I’ll shoot the kid!” said the man, his New York accent thick. He held Aidan in his arms, with a silenced pistol pointed at his temple. Aidan screamed out as Cameron and I handed over all our money and jewellery.
I dropped my watch and bent down to pick it up. “Leave it!” our attackers’ voice boomed, but I didn’t listen. I picked it up and gave it to him, shakily.
“Stupid bitch! Next time I tell you to do something you do it! You lost your chance now!”
“No!” I screamed, as he pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the roof, not Aidan. Cameron had punched the man, and caught Aidan as he fell. But the man regained his balance and shot them both. I just hid behind the nearest car whilst all this was happening. I felt like grabbing that gun and shooting myself, but I didn’t. He didn’t know where I was, and that was the thing that saved my life that night.
Now, as you would imagine, my life was horrible from then on. But five years later, on my twenty fourth birthday, I moved to New York, to work at my father’s bank. He bought me an apartment, nice and high up. He tried to hook me up with his workmates son’s but I wasn’t interested. I was incapable of loving. I still am. And that’s the end.
I closed my eyes and tried to remember their faces, but it had been so long I couldn’t remember. I leaped forward. The last thing I saw was that mongrel who took them from me. And then, nothing.
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