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It's A Free World

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I dont know what to say about this one... I dont even know why I wrote it never mind why im uploading it :/

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Just thought I'd tell you this, i hate this poem... it's terrible and badly written and just a scramble of words thrown down because i felt like i needed to upload something and i probably should just take a few minutes to make it better, but i cba xD
feel free to read if you like though :)


Throughout life we are trapped
In the troubles that come our way.
We are all headed the same direction
To escape the difficulties of being alive.

We start live trapped
In our own mother’s womb.
We then escape
Only to be trapped again.

We are now stuck in a chair
Unable to hold our own weight.
As new born babies
We have no independence

A few years down the line
We are forced to follow the rules in school.
Some are good and stop people getting hurt
But others make us into carbon copies of others.

When we finally leave school,
We think it’s all over.
No more rules, we are free.
But it's not true.

From that moment on,
Our whole lives are the same.
We follow the rules and do as we’re told
Or we get punished.

So is it really a free world?
Are we all different?
Or do we live from one law to the next?
Doing the same thing as the next person?

/*So, this was supposed to be a happy poem inspired by the fact that I had my last GCSE exam today... then I started thinking how it’s changed nothing in my life and got all depressed and puked this up somewhere between constantly blowing my nose (fuckin’ hay fever!) and tidying my room. I should probably get back to that too...
So anyway, please R&R because it would make me a happier person, and then maybe you’ll get a happy poem about actually being happy :)
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