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Last Friday Night...

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I just open my eyes and something hits my face. So bright. If I didn't breath I could say that I'm living in heaven with such a bright light.
Too bad when you wake up and the sun hits you straight on the face...

I close my eyes again and try to turn to my side but something hits my head this time. Shit. I try to look around to find what I was searching for. And I suddenly spot the empty bottle of vodka. I shouldn't drink the whole bottle by myself. And then I spot my underwear next to the bottle. Damn! I'm ready to jump to my feet but hell, I can't. I'm too dizzy to even move. At least, I'll move my head to see who is next to me. If anybody is next to me. But of course my head doesn't let me complete my action. Do it Sarah! It's just a turn.

I slowly turn my head to the right and I gasp. Oh god, look at him! He's lying on his stomach, hair plastered all over his forehead. His full lips are parted but he's not snoring. How odd. His strong hands are under his head, making him another layer for his pillow. My eyes wonder lower to his neck, his shoulders. His back. Holy hell, his back! It's rising and falling in perfect time with his breathing. And then the sheet stops my view. When I turn to look at my own body, covered by the sheet as well, I realize that I'm holding my breath. How a man so beautiful as him can sleep in your bed?

There's no time to gaze at him. I have to figure out what happened last night. I try to remember with my fucked-up memory, but vodka still does it's miracle. Another time I should drink less. Get the dude drunk, not yourself.

Some flashes start to fill my mind, probably from yesterday night. It was Friday. Yeah, last Friday night, Katy Perry style. And I was watching a movie on the TV. Then there are flashes from Shannon's arrival. He just showed up on my doorstep. Guess he never told me how he reached me. After our first meeting in that Cube club or something, I gave him my number to call me if he wanted to hang out. Maybe my address was more necessary. He just came in and joined me. That easy. How can some people be so at ease with a short of stranger?

I can't remember how, but next there's me and him with the bottle of vodka, passing it from hand to hand. We were sitting on the floor. And from the one moment to the after I'm pushed to my back and he's hovering me. And then his lips are on mine, moving against them and sucking them gently. And I feel so hot and... wet. He took off my t-shirt and I unbuttoned every single button from his shirt, struggling a little. Why the fuck did he wear a shirt? Really? His shoes, socks and pants went next, probably. He must picked me up and carried me to my bedroom next, 'cause the rest of my clothing is here. I remember him kissing my neck and bitting it gently. I remember the goosbumbs he gave me with the wandering of his hands over my body. I remember him undoing my bra and tossing it somewhere around the room, kissing my nipples then. I can even remember that I grabbed him through his boxers. That's an interesting thing to remember. I can clearly remember when he got off of me to take off his boxers. Like Georgia says, always take a mental picture of what gets inside you. I surely took the picture, in HD this time. Even through my dizzy head, this picture is burned in my memory. In HD.

What comes next is the total blur. My hands roaming over his body, my nails scratching his back as he pushes into me. His lips meeting mine every now and then. Our labored breathing. Him taking one of my hands and pushing it over my head, entwining our fingers and holding it strongly. His head dipping in the crook of my neck, kissing it, trying to muffle his moans. I think I moaned as well. Pretty much for sure. The next thing is the climax. I cried out my release as he emptied himself as well, collapsing on top of me, panting hard against my neck. When we found our breathing, we probably started all over again. This can't be explained somehow else. The foil packets of the condoms on the floor explain everything. How we remembered for protection while we were drunk?

I'm so lost in the memories from last night that I don't realize he's waking up. I'm well aware that he's not sleeping when his hand snakes over my stomach and he snuggles close to me, kissing my neck. He gets on his left elbow, looking down at me with a goofy grin over his lips. "Good morning babe." he says, his husky voice doing it's magic to me again. I wrap my arms around his neck and drag him down to me, kissing him with passion. "Oh, somebody is eager for breakfast." and he's grinning again. Well, I can't say no to this kind of breakfast for sure. I smile back to him. "Yes, I really need coffee, my head is still spinning." "Can you handle one more turn and then we go drink the medicine? I mean, coffee." the goddamn smirk never leaving his lips. "I do, but do we still have condoms?" I say jokingly. Of course he starts laughing and then he kisses my temple. "If there's the need, we can find the solution" "You're lovely when you sleep." I say suddenly and he gazes at me in awe, then smiles, his lovely smile making my heart melt, and making me bite my lip as well. "I can say the same for you missy" he says and crushes his lips on mine, warming us up for the pre-breakfast.

Maybe sometimes vodka is used for a good reason, just saying...
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