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When I Get Home You're So Dead

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Frank loves Mikey, but he loves his other boyfriend too, the one before Mikey. Boyfriend #1. He moved and they've been long distance, but now boyfriend #1 is back and closing in on Mikey

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AN: Story title inspired by Mayday Parade. Let me know if you like. Should I continue?

Story set up
Today at the store. Yeah, that's weird. But hey, it's the beginning of the story... 

I guess I can never really know how started I was just at the mall with my best friend Bob. Just shopping. We were in Hot Topic. There was  this really hot guy. I'm a hormonal teenage raging homosexual , a stupid hormonal teenage raging homosexual.

 I didn't know. It was a stupid mistake. I was blinded by the cuteness that was Mikey aka cute Hot Topic boy. That boy from hot topic, he became my boyfriend. 

My boyfriend, well my other boyfriend  the one that I've been with since 6th grade, the one that moved away last year. Original boyfriend, boyfriend #1 well, he's back. "Why?!" I continue to ask myself. Juggling two boyfriends can't be that hard, no one will ever find out, Bob will help me. If all else fails, I can always just pretend that sense boyfriend #1 moved ever so far away that I just thought we weren't together anymore.  That's a totally plausible excuse. Yeah...

I knocked on the door of my amazing boyfriends door. Well, amazing boyfriend #2. I was so familiar with the house. I spend more time here than at my own. The blood red front door was very chipped, white spots shun through revealing its previous color. The door swung open suddenly. I had no time to catch a breath or acknowledge anything but my own thoughts as I was whisked up the stairs. Flying past everything before I could blink. I was thrown onto a bed with force. There was no time for my brain to process what was going on before his lips were pressed forcefully against mine. I melted into his kiss. Forgetting the suddenness. 

We pulled apart after a bit and smile at each other. Mikey's smile however; retreated almost as soon as it was formed. "I hate that bitch and my asshole brother." He sighed, sitting on the bed next to me. His anger radiated off of him. "Mikey." I wrapped my arms around him and snuggled my head into his shoulder. "We were best friends then he goes to a different school, fine whatever." Mikey got up and started pacing around his room,  shaking his head. "Then he goes off to boarding school. I don't talk to him for years, because he caught jerkidose." He waved his arms around dramatically with his words, glasses threatening to fall off his face.  "Now he comes back home for senior year and just comes and goes as he pleases. You know how many words he's said to me?!" He paused for less than half a second before I could even open my mouth. "Four! He's said a total of four words to me since he's come back! Do you know what those words were?!" I didn't even bother to open my mouth with the obvious rhetorical question. "'Stay out my way.' That was it, 'stay out my way'. Not even a 'Hi there brother I forgot existed' or 'long time, no talk' or 'Hello'. Would it kill him to try and be my brother? What happened to him?!" I laid back on his bed taking in the scenery. As he continued to speak. "I only ever see him in passing!" I began to ignore his words. Just let him blow off steam. 

I looked around his room. Tiny cracks of sunlight struggled to get through the blinds covering the tiny boringly square window. I covered my eyes. Shielding them from the tiny bit on sunlight that didn't even require shades (and hell a vampire would be okay with how much light that was), the light surprising me. 

I laid back again, staring at his creamy white ceiling adorned with glow in the dark stars that spelled out our names. I inhaled the sweet scent of his bed. Smells just like him, coffee, skittles and just that minty Mikey smell. "You know what I mean?" Mikey questioned, putting a pause on his pacing to look at me for a minute. I tilted my head up slightly, catching a glimpse of his gorgeous  hazel brown eyes before he began to pace around again. "I know exactly what you mean." I replied simply before laying back down and turning my attention to my finger nails. "You haven't listened to a single word I've said." A sudden weight was on my chest, pressing down. I looked up a tad, struggling to do so. Mikey was straddling me, smirking evilly. "You're hot." I stated. He laughed, it was lustful and villainous. Hot. 

I snaked my arms around his neck, bringing his lips down to mine. Mikey pressed his lips to mine willingly. It was soft and sweet, but much to short for my liking. He pecked my lips a few more times. He moved to my neck leaving sweet butterfly kisses. My arms roamed all over him, wanting him, needing him, begging for him. He moved my arms over my head. He held  them down with force, pressing them into the mattress, not letting up. I whimpered, my growing erection craving attention. He nipped at my neck still, sucking and licking. Ignoring my pleas of 'more' and 'please just fuck me's '. He grinded against my full on 'problem', still straddling me. Suddenly he stopped, getting off me. Tease. I ached for more friction, for his touch, for my bare skin against his. I sat up, staring in his beautiful hazelly brown eyes that I could melt into forever. His eyes are the greatest thing produced by a pair of old people fucking, ever (or God or whomever.. Yawheh, whichever came first). 

He leaned in, his lips stopping just before touching mine, torturing me. I tried leaning in the rest of the way, but he stopped me. Taking his hands and gently yet at the same time forcefully having each hand grab a side of my face. He moved in closer, less than an inch away. "You should listen more." Mikey smiled sweetly. His hot breath on my lips driving me crazy.  "We're not doing anything… for three days and I mean anything Frank." He let go of my face again, smiling innocently as if he hadn't just practically killed my soul with those evil words. "I'm going downstairs to get myself a popsicle. Want one?" I shook my head no. He sauntered out the room sexily, swaying his hips as he went. 

Oh dear god. What am I supposed to do now? Think about dead puppies? Oh deflate, damn you! I mentally yelled at my dick, staring at my own crotch intently as if I had boneraway powers or something. I couldn't simply go to the bathroom and fix the problem as the Ways are having their home remodeled. I'd have to either go to the porta-potty in the back yard or their neighbors, neither of which is worth it. 

Mikey came back seconds later, popsicle in hand. "Great this night is gonna be just awesome, I should sleep over all the time." I went heavy on the sarcasm, frowning. "I know right and you really should." He smiled innocently before licking the popsicle up and down. "I hate you." I sighed laying back down, so I wouldn't have to go through such torture. A force pulled me back up. I was face to face with Mikey. He began to suck on the popsicle, taking in every bit. He had one hand on the popsicle stick and the other holding my head so he wouldn't break eye contact with me. 

After what feels like forever he finished that wretched popsicle. "Don't you love popsicles Frankie?" Mikey purred. "I think I'm gonna go home actually." I didn't give him time to reply before I took downstairs and out the door. Leaving my bag there. I vaguely heard laughing on my way down the stairs but I knew he wasn't gonna try to convince me to stay. My jeans now painfully tight because of Mikeys villainously insane ways. Damn popsicles.
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