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Oh The Work For Revenge

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"No one knew who she was, or why she did what she did."

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This story has to include:
Characters: This gentleman's chocolate-colored eyes are those of a playful puppy. He has short, thick, straight hair the exact color of the sun. His physical form is noteably feminine.
This girl makes you think of a noble eagle. She has narrow eyes the color of sapphires. Her fine, wavy, medium-length hair is the color of obsidian, and is worn in a severe, simple style. She has an hourglass build. Her skin is cream-colored. She has an elegant nose and thick eyebrows. Her wardrobe is odd.
Theme: descent-into-madness
Setting: alternate reality/splatterpunk

His chocolate eyes are what caught me. Playful laughter danced behind them. His messily straight, yellow hair was cropped short. Yellow is a natural color here. Very common, actually. It is so easy to forget that these people aren't human though. They look very similar. His form was feminine, slender, but you could also see the thin layer of muscle underneath his alabaster white skin.

I knew that he was to be my next target.


Her hair was black. That shocked me, it wasn't a natural color for our kind. But she couldn't be....human? Could she? Humans aren't able to survive naturally on this planet though. They have to wear a special gas mask because our air is too oxygenated. Dyed hair, maybe? Very few of us dye our hair though.

Her narrow eyes were a beautiful sapphire blue, her hair dropping down to just barely graze her shoulders, cut in a straight line. The dark hair was wonderfully accompanied by cream colored skin. She had an hour-glass figure.


They flying cars and purple sky of this world served to rub in my face that I couldn't go to Earth. The humongous buildings and robots that did everything for you, if you could afford them of course. And then there were the signs the said "NO CROSSBREEDING ALLOWED."

That's what I am. A crossbreed, a filthy piece of scum that doesn't deserve to roam free. That's why I said I dyed my hair. That I was one of the rare ones.

That's why I do what I do. To show them that crossbreeding doesn't make one weak. That it doesn't make someone any less of a person.

That's why I do what I do


The Doll Maker. The Puppet Master. No one knew who she was, or why she did what she did. All they knew was that she only attacked our kind.

Gruesome murders, turning people into living dolls. Ruining lives. Causing fear in the heart of our government.

Many parents won't let their kids go out alone after she brutally murdered a 9 year old boy.

But I wasn't scared, I lived in a high security apartment. With humans. Surely she could see that she would be arrested if she tried to kill me!


He wasn't scared. He should be.


I was walking home from work, only a 15 minute walk at the most. I was in a safe part of town. She came out of nowhere.


I lunged. He was my mine. He was going to make a pretty marionette. Really pretty. It was almost a shame that I would have to hurt him. Almost.

A knife carved a grin into his cheeks. I would stitch that up later.

A hammer to his legs breaks them in two places each.

A hammer to his arms in two places each.



Stitch. Stitch. Stitch.

Mouth is sewn back up.

I position his broken arms and legs. Now for the hard part. The strings. If he dies, my little plaything will have to be disposed of.

Oh the work for revenge.
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