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I Am Forever Yours

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Please stay. I am forever yours, Ryan. Be forever mine. (Brendon's POV)

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I'm working on my others stories but I needed a little break from those plots. R&R, if you please. :)

Something pressed against my bare chest, making a smile creep onto my face. Even in the darkness of my bedroom, I knew immediately.

It was Ryan.

The softness of his skin on my own, the hypnotic rhythm of his breath; perfection wrapped up in the form of this skinny little boy.

The skinny little boy that I loved.

Every now and then, Ryan would come into my room and curl up next to me, but this night was different. Something was off; he didn’t have his usual aura of calmness.

I could tell that things were bad.

“Ry, you alright?” I inquired softly.

He replied with a small sniffle. I tilted his chin up to meet his eyes. They were red and puffy from crying. A tear lingered in his eye before sliding down his cheek and dying on his lip.

‘’Ry, what happened?”

“Nothing, Bren. I’m okay.”

It was a lie of course. The way his voice wavered with every syllable was a dead giveaway. I could tell that he was on the verge of a meltdown.

“I know you’re not.”


“Dad,” Ryan finally whispered shakily, “Dad came home drunk- again. He was too drunk to find his whiskey so he blamed me. I tried to get out of the house but he... he...”

I brought a finger to his lips before he could say more. I couldn’t bare to see him cry.

“Enough. I don’t want to hear about that drunken son of a bitch anymore,” Ryan looked even closer to tears than before, “I’d rather make you feel better.”

He gave me a small smile as I wrapped my arms tightly around him.  

“Stay here for the night, okay? In fact, stay as long as you want. I don’t want you going back into that hellhole without me.”

“I need to go back eventually.” he murmured into my shoulder gloomily.

“No you don’t. Stay with me forever. I swear I’ll never let him hurt you anymore.”

Ryan didn’t respond. Why didn’t he believe me? I would die for him, how could he not see that?

“Please stay. I am forever yours, Ryan. Be forever mine.”

Slowly, he pulled away just enough to look me directly in the eye. His beautiful hazel orbs were aglow with infectious joy.

“Promise?” his voice was weak yet filled with exuberance. It was simply mesmerizing.


To prove my point, I pressed my lips against his, sealing my promise with a perfect kiss.
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