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All we are is bullets

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I didn't write this, my friend did after telling them to write something for me involving Gee and Frank

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Crossover,Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2012-06-17 - Updated: 2012-06-18 - 421 words

"what are you doing here?" my brother Mikey asked as I walked into our living room. "I thought you were over at Frank's."

I glared at my brother through my black greasy bangs. "Do NOT mention his name Michael," I snapped heading for the kitchen. 

"Dude, Gerard chill. What's the matter anyways?"

I ignored my younger brother as I looked in our dads alcohol cabinet. Grabbing two bottles of vodka, I made a b-line for the basement. The dark room that I call home filled me with peace, and a calmness I couldn't even describe. Everything I saw and heard no less than an hour ago disappeared, leaving only the pain and suffering I have felt. Running over to my futon, I fell face first letting out all my anger. Frank and I have been dating for seven months today, and when I walked in his house I never suspected to see him suck face and grind his biggest enemy. Bert McCracken, my ex boyfriend before Frank. 

"Fuck the lot of you!" I screamed opening one of the bottles and taking a giant gulp out of it. When half the bottle was gone I smashed it against the wall above me. The glass and alcohol started to cut and burn my skin as I cried. I feel like my time is now, and that I will never amount to anything. Reaching under the futon, I grabbed the loaded gun. 
The time is now. 
"Frank!" I yelled banging on his door. "When your done fucking Bert open your shitty door before I break it down!"

When the door swung open and I saw two bloodshot blue eyes, I stuck the gun in Bert's face and smiled. Pulling the trigger and watching Bert fall was probably the biggest high I have ever felt. I had two bullets left. After using one on Mikey, but shooting him in the leg, and one to kill Bert I knew what I had to do now. 

"Gerard," I heard Frank say as he came down the stairs. "Are you o-OH MY GOD!"

"Little cheating bitch," I grinned as I aimed for his heart. "This won't hurt, since you don't have a FUCKING HEART!"

After Frank fell onto Bert, I grabbed his tattooed hand and kissed his cold fingers. "Don't worry Frankie, I'm on my way." 

Opening my mouth and placing the barrel on my tongue I said my silent good byes, saving my goodbye to Mikey for last. I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. 
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