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We'll Carry On

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Black parade one shot...AND NO FRERARD WTFFFFFF

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I opened my eyes, to find my dad sitting on my bed. "Hi daddy," I said, rubbing my eyes. "What's up?"

"Son," he said adjusting his black hair. "I'm taking you to the city, to see a marching band." 

"There's a marching band?" I asked, looking into his eyes. "Really?"

"Yeah, they come only once every 10 years. And we're just lucky enough to be alive for it," he said. "Now get dressed, we're leaving soon. Oh and Gerard, wear black and white."

"Alright daddy," I said jumping out of bed. I went right to my closet to pick out my clothes, I had too much colour. When I finally found my only black shirt, I tried to find my black jeans. Looking in the mirror, I brushed my unusually natural short white hair the way Daddy likes it. 

"Are you ready?" he asked stepping into my room. He was wearing a black jacket with white embellishment, and black pants also with a white tuxedo stripe. I nodded, before I grabbed his hand. 

"Why are you wearing that?" I asked, when we entered the city. "You're one of the only people wearing it."

He said, "Son, when you grow up promise me that you'll be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned?"

"Of course Daddy," I replied a bit nervous. "Anything for you."

He nodded, crouching down so he was eye level, "And do you promise, that when I'm daed and gone you'll wear this uniform and join The Black Parade?"

I was now determined, "Yes Daddy."
My friends and I were sitting on the park swings, watching the kids play tag. I know, we're just a bunch of 14 year old boys with no life. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bunch of people crowding the streets. "Guys," I said nudging Ray, the one with the afro. "The Black Parade!"

They looked at me like I was a freak. "That stupid parade your dad made you go to when you were 4?" my step-brother Mikey said. "It's lame, why do you want to go?"

"Yeah Gerard," the short one, Frank, pipped in. "It's just a bunch of freaks on a float, marching, making ruckus. It's lame."

I laughed at them, they just didn't get it did they? "Whatever guys," I said getting off my swing. "I'm going to go watch."

I was walking, hands in my black and white skeleton hoodie, over to the crowd. I tried to find my dad, he's a part of the band that plays on the float, but he said he would wait for me before he was supposed to start. 

"Son," he said placing a hand on my shoulder. "Where's Mikey and your other friends?"

"They didn't want to come," I said, shrugging. "Said it was lame."

"Did they make other plans?" he 
asked, and I shrugged. "It doesnt matter, I know you'll defeat the non-believers."

"Dad, I don't think I know anything about The Black Parade to be making promises," I said brushing my white hair back. "I mean last time I heard about it was 10 years ago."

"Don't worry Gerard, I'll leave you a phantom in 10 years during the summer. She will tell you everything when the time comes," He said before he left the crowd.
I grabbed my paintbrush, and dipped it in the black paint. "So," I said looking at the phantom my dad mentioned. "You're gonna tell me everything right?"

"Not today," she said in her soft, heavenly voice. "It's not the right time yet."

I smeared the paint on the blank canvas, illustrating a rose. "When is the right time? I have my dad's uniform, I met you last week. Oh and my dad's dead!" 

"Patience Mr. Way, the time will come," she said ghosting over to me. "There are signs though. Obviously the first was your dad dying, then meeting me. But the others are the most important, two orphans will arrive on your doorstep, your friends will understand what this is and join the Parade, and the last one is a secret."

"First off, my dad is Mr. Way, my name is Gerard," I sassed dipping my  brush in green paint. "Secondly, do you have a name, and when do I get to know what it is. And finally, can I have a hint. Just one hint on ANYTHING."

She nodded, stepping over to the her couch. I took this time to soak in her appearance. She had a thin waist, thin legs and thin arms, and she was wearing one of those dresses from the renaissance era. Her hair was just as white as mine, and was in curls on the top of her head, and she was wearing a gas mask.  "Here's a hint to the last sign. Only the believers will carry on."
It's 3:35 in the morning, the Phantom pushed me out of my bed. "What the fuck?!" I said failing my arms around. "I was sleeping!"

She grazed around my room, and 
finally stopped at the door. 
"They're here."

"Who?!" I yelled. She chuckled, before dancing down the hall. The doorbell rang, repeatedly, before two female voices called out. 

"Open up!" they said, at the same time. "We need a home."

"Ooooh," Phantom said sneaking up behind me. "These two, I'm sorry."

I shook my head, putting on the hood of my favorite pyjamas. "Who are you," I asked when I got to the door. 

"We can't tell you," one said, hitting the door. "But we know you're Gerard."

The orphans, finally, two more signs to go. 

"Ok," I said unlocking the door. "Come in."

They were about 4'9", in marching band uniform, and they looked exactly the same. Short black hair, pale white skin, and black makeup around their bright hazel eyes. 

"Hello Father," the one right started. "How are you?"

"I'm not your dad, I don't even know who you are," I yelled at them grabbing my short white hair. "Just tell me your name! All of you, or else I'm backing out!"
Phantom snuck up behind me, and released my hands from my hair. She swirled me around gracefully, like a dance almost. 

"Later," she said letting go of my hands and walking over to the two girls. "These two need rest, and when they wake you need to call your friends."

I shook my head at how difficult they are being, I just want to know their names. And my friends didn't have a care about the Parade ten years ago, why would they care now?
The Orphans and Phantom were sitting on the couch I assigned them, looking at me seriously, where as I may have looked like a druggie. I was pacing my living room, constantly rubbing my face, waiting for Mikey, Ray, Bobbert, and Frank. Phantom told me they wouldn't see The Orphans and herself unless they believed, so I'm worried how they'll react when all of the sudden they believe and then there's the Phantom and Orphans. 

"Gerard!" Mikey yelled pounding on the door. "What do you want?!"
I sprinted to the door and when I opened it up I pointed to the couch the 3 girls were sitting on. 

"First do any of you see women on the couch?"
I looked at my friends, 3 of them looking at me like I was crazy, and small shy looking Frank raised his hand.

 "I do," he said walking over to them. "I'm Frank."

All of us, except for Phantom and the Orphans that is, we're staring at Frank. Phantom was the first to break the silence.

 "I'm Mother War," she said outstretching her hand. Frank shook it, before he looked over at the twins. 

"Who are you?" he asked crouching down. 

"Fear," the more 'talkative' one said. "And she's Regret."
My short friend nodded, before he looked at me. 

"Frank," I said grabbing his shoulders. "WHEN DID YOU BELIEVE?!"
He just shrugged, before he walked over to the kitchen. The other guys followed suit, trying to see who Frank was talking to. Ray shook his bouncy afro, before he looked back at the couch. 

"There's no one there," he mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?!" Mother War said, stepping into the path of Ray. "You can clearly see me cant you? No need to lie, you're not crazy."
I grabbed her arm, leading her to the kitchen. She nodded staring at Ray. 

"So guys, well Ray, Mikey and Bob, I'm going to tell you the same story Mother tells Frank and I," I said pulling out a chair for Mother. "I apologise Frank, for having to hear this twice."

"It's okay, I like stories," Frank mumbled looking at his chipping black nail polish. 

"Well," Mother War started. "It all started a long time ago when the black parade first started..."
"...And now I am their only hope  for the members in the Black Parade because no one believes in it anymore. And if like no one believes the the 'Cancer Patient' well... Dies," I said finishing the story, looking at my friends and step-brother. "Well? Do any of you believe me?"

Frank nodded again, sure of his belief. Bob smiled at Fear and Regret, waving slightly at them. Mikey rubbed his eyes, and then stared at Mother War. Ray rubbed his face as he shook his head. 

"This is unreal," the three of them said. 

"Oh, it's real all right," I chuckled, leaning back in my chair. "And you are ALL apart of it."

Mother handed me a piece of paper, and on it was lyrics to a song. 

"This is the song you must preform. We are running out of time, so you have to do it soon."
This was all too much for me. I couldn't stand all this pressure and hero work, and sometimes I get the feeling Mother War is constantly watching over me, judging my every move. 

"And though you're dead and gone Dad, believe your memory will carry on in my heart," I whispered prepping for our appearance. I was pulling on my black leather gloves when I felt the room shake. 

"What was that?!" I heard Frank yell, and Mikey screaming. "Gerard, you need to come here."

"WHAT?! WHAT IS IT?" I yelled back running into the main room. Frank pointed outside and I looked through a window. Oh my god, ashes and rubbish everywhere, and in the middle of the road was a black and white float just for us. 

"Gerard," Mother War singsonged. "This was my secret, the nonbelievers died. Look over there, see all those people in black and white? The believers who have carried on. They're waiting for you."

I nodded, stood tall with my friends and walked outside to our float, War following behind. As we made our way on stage, I realised I'm just a man. I'm not a hero. Just a boy, and I'm going to sing my song. 

The intro to the song started as the float moved through the piles of debris. "When I was, a young boy. My father, took me into the city, to see a marching band..."

The End cause this basically leads into the black parade video and we ALL have seen that...
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