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Profile of a FicWaddian

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Just this new idea that popped in my head, it's all about YOU!! Click for details and to participate.

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Hey Guys,

I know I have been off the grid for a while... Spencer, my boyfriend is here for a visit and I've been to damn distracted to post shit. As a matter of fact, he's sitting next to me right now. Here's a cutesy webcam picture of us right now

He really isn't into this Ficwad shit (Why the hell should he even be?) So he got up and went to raid the fridge lol

Anyway, I'm being extremely lazy lately, and instead of updating I just got an idea that I wanted to share with you guys. It's called "Profile of a Ficwaddian"

Basically, you're creating a profile of yourself with information about you, and a sample of your writing. It should be in a specific format which I'm going to offer you the layout of it below. Some entries are optional while others are mandatory. The sample of your writing can be however as many words as you want. 1 to 10000000000000000, it can even be like a couple of paragraphs or a couple of sentences, to maybe even a whole oneshot. This is so that other people can see your writing style. The way you write, and your grammar/spelling. Or it can even be a part of a fic you've already written before. You get the idea.

The purpose of this profile is to get as many people on Ficwad to know who you really are as possible. The truth is, we always claim we are a family on here but none of us know jack shit about each other... Also it's to promote your stories. If people read your profile and seem interested in what you wrote, obviously they'll feel inclined to go and read some of your stories. It's a WIN-WIN for everyone and won't take that much time at all.

This is the layout to use for your profile. All entries are mandatory unless stated otherwise.

Real Name:
Relationship status:
Picture of yourself (optional): (Please use for this)
Favourite musicians/bands:
Favourite movies:
Favourite TV shows:
Favourite Books:
Bandoms you write for:
Pairings you ship:
In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written?
Your favourite authors on here:
Your favourite fics on here:
Ficwad authors you think have cool personalities (optional):
Recording of yourself reading part of a fic (optinal): (Pleasae use for this)
Sample of your writing:

Review if you want to participate! The deadline for posting your profile is the 26th of June. But you can post it anytime before that, I think I'm going to do this profile thing as well.

When you post it, for the title you should put: Profile of a Ficwaddian (insertyourusernamehere)
and whatever shit you want for the summary.

Adios, amigos,

I'm out! ox

-Poison Ivy
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