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Editing because I`m bored. New boring info added. I have a wee bit of a potty mouth.

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Real Name: Dakota Jayne Mason. I like to go by Dakota Nyx though, but it isn`t my real name. I just like the way it sounds and am currently writing an original story with a girl called that. And I love Greek mythology and Nyx was a favourite of mine. My friends (yes, I actually have friends other than stuffed teddies and my IPod) called me Dee, Kota or Kody/Kodi. I prefer Kota or Kody/Kodi as Dee makes me think of an old woman.
Username: it should be up there somewhere –points- xxxfallenangelxxxx yeah I like the letter x. And no the name didn`t come form BVB (though I am a big fan) it came from a Halloween inside joke type thingmy between me and my best friend.
Gender: well I have tits so I`m guessing I`m a chick, not a dude. You never know though.
Country: England. No, I don`t have the posh accent and have never met the queen, let alone had tee and scones with her.
City:I live in a shitty little town called Corby. It was kinda famous for its steelworks and PLTO (pipe lines under the ocean) where the works made metal pipes and stuff to supply the allied forces with fuel on D-day. I know this because there is a statue in the town centre and I`m a wee bit of a history nerd. I`m also half Scottish so I say wee a lot, in keeping with the stereotypes.
Religion: I`m an atheist. I don`t hate religion though and no, I`m not a non believer because I didn`t get what I wanted for Christmas one year. You can have your beliefs and I respect that, but please just don`t try to convert me to your religion or call me a sinner or whatever.
Relationship status: I`m in a relationship with my best guy friend, Callum.
Picture of yourself (optional): ) yeah you really don`t want to see a picture of me. you will be scarred for life and your computer screen will probably shatter. If you want a description of me then I have purple reddish hair with brown roots, blue grey eyes and a blue nose stud. Ten other piercings in my ears, and I`m fair skinned.
Favourite musicians/bands: oh fuck. You are gonna regret asking that. MCR, Paramore, Hole/Courtney Love, Green Day, NFG, BVB, AFI, The Cure, Misfits, Amber Pacific, Simple Plan, Alkaline Trio, Aiden, ATL,Avenged Sevenfold, Blink 182, BFMV,BFS, ADTR,FIR, Escape The Fate, FOB, Flyleaf, Fireflight, Fuel, GC, halestorm, lostprophets, the offspring, muse, papa roach, something cooperate, sick puppies, sum 41, and I also like Avril Lavigne as I kind of grew up listening to her so yeah. And erm...Taylor Swift and Lights. Thier music calms me.
Favourite movies: Erm Anything Tim Burton, Titanic, Disney, Rock of ages, Paul, national treasure one and two, tranformers, Bridesmaids, does Life On The Murder Scene count? No, oh well. Erm not a big fan of romantic films normally, or sad, sad films. I like comedies and nothing too gory.
Favourite TV shows: The inbetweeners, Buffy the vampire slayer, Scooby doo, Friends, 8 simple rules, doctor who, most anime and I love documentaries about history, especially ones about the world wars and the titanic.
Favourite Books: I`ll read pretty much anything but I love Harry Potter, House of night, historical romances and I also like musician`s auto/biographies and nonfiction books.
Heroes: I bet you expect me to say soemthing like Gerard Way, or somw other band member, but I wontI love the music, and the words speak to me, but the people themselves are not my heros. I don`t know them. My nanny who passed away last Christmas time had a very big influence on me,I could talk to her about anything and she had so many intresting tales. My best friend, Stephanie, or Steph or Stephy, has to be my biggest hero of all time though. She saved me life and inspires me in so many ways. I love her, wihtout her I wouldn`t be here.
Bandoms you write for: MCR only at the moment sadly. I`d like to attempt a Paramore, Halestorm and a Green Day fic one day though. And a Harry Potter and an anime fanfic, but I just can`t chose which one to write for.
Pairings you ship: what just in MCR? Frerard mainly, but Lynz and Gerard, Franj and Jamia and frikey. I also ship Rydon, Jalex, Lynz and Jamia, Pikey and Josh and Hayley.
In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written? When I first posted this it was Promises into lies but now I think it has to be oh erm, well I don`t know. Maybe soundtrack of my summer, or a oneshot called the ghost of you. Your favourite authors on here: Fuck there are so many great writers on here. Too many to name.

Your favourite fics on here: Oh hell erm, FOTGTD (or anything by that amazing girl), A misfits guide to the twenty ways, anything by cosmiczombie, an angel and a demon,nuts and bolts,anything by my friend Rosie, also known as ilovefrankieroxx (I think, I can`t remember) acceptance, chirstmas tattoos, I shouldn`t love you, anything by catscanfly and shit loads more. Look in my favourites if you want to know more as this is just off the top of my head.

Ficwad authors you think have cool personalities (optional):Rosie aka ilovefrankieroxx is awesome. I just realised now that I don`t really talk to anybody much on here. Fuck I feel shitty and lonely. I really like you guys but I just don’t talk.
Wanna talk?

Sample of your writing: here is the first chapter of the fic I was super proud of a few months back, promises into lies.
Endless days of blistering hot sun and crystal clear, salty waves had somehow morphed unnoticed into an incredibly long, dragging summer vacation. Entire days spent on the littered, bottle necked beaches of California, dancing, joking and swimming with friends had grown somewhat tiresome for everyone. And although only a few would dare to admit it, all of the young students were counting down with excitement the days left, surprisingly more than happy to trade in their freedom for their second year at University. Gerard Way in particular.
Gerard was nineteen and majoring in art and music. He was painfully shy, despite being incredibly talented, was forever changing his originally raven black hair and had two best friends that would walk over hot coals for the pale skinned teenager. As loyal as BB and Sam were, the two girls really knew how to push his buttons. Sometimes he really regretted telling them anything.
And speaking of regrets, as if she had actually read his deliciously twisted mind (which knowing the bubbly, silvery eyed Sam Benjamine Alex as well as he did, Gerard wouldn`t put it past her) the eighteen and a half year old suddenly sprung out at him from behind and shook, spraying him with warm sea water. Sensing his slight, well hidden irritation, the red haired writer giggles her unusual laugh that was a mix between a child`s hyper squeal and an evil villain`s gleeful giggle. Why was he friends with her again?
“Sorry Gee-Gee,” Sam apologises in a very unapologetic tone and pushes the drawing boy over so that she could share his worn, once blood red beach towel. “I just couldn`t resist you looked so peaceful there just sketching.” She tilts her head to the side, her messy medium length hair falling to cover her black rimmed eyes. “Where`s BB-Baby?”
Gerard groans and continues trying to dry off his salt water splattered drawing that Sam had so kindly and dead on character, messed up. “You know she hates being called that.” he tries to scold the mischievous, ever happy teenager, but his rose tinted lips tilt upwards at the corners, giving him away.
“I know that’s what makes it fun.” She states in a tone that just screamed “duh, you fucktard,” as though it was the most obvious ting in the world. Her carefully plucked brows knit together in the centre. “Where is the little Lesbo anyways?” she asks as she begins peacefully doodling in the soft white sand with one long, slender finger.
“You can hardly talk, ya know.” Gerard says rolling his emerald, black and red rimmed eyes. “We all know that you`re just as big a Lesbian as she is. If not bigger.”
“Meanie,” Sam flicks out her wet pink tongue at her eldest friend, crossing her carefully painted silvery blue eyes as she does so, knowing just how much it creeped out the crimson haired artist.
“Where is she anyways?” The music enthusiast pouts.
Gerard shakes his head, dishevelled locks of silky scarlet shielding his face, hiding his smug, sarcastic smirk. “How the fuck does BB not notice that you have a massive crush on her?”
It sure was a mystery. Sam acted like a lovesick puppy dog whenever the black haired, black eyed writer, BB was around. However, the nineteen year old was always too busy secretly watching fellow Uni student, Abbie Hudson from afar to take any notice of the kind, bubbly teen. To complicate things even more, Abbie was straight and in a loving, strong relationship with a sweet mousy haired boy called Mikey. Who just so happened to be Gerard`s younger brother.
“Shut up Faggot!” Sam screams and throws a handful of feather light sand at her best friend`s vampire like pale face. “I don`t like BB as any more than a friend.” She said it in a meant to be threatening tone, but it was ruined completely by her flushed cheeks and dreamy, out of it expression.
“Sure, whatever you say bitch.”
Sam nods curtly and Gerard decides it would be best for the both of them (especially as he rather enjoyed having his cock as a permanent part of his body) if they dropped the subject of crushes altogether.
“I`m gonna call BB.” Sam announces after a short quiet between the two friends. The beach was far from silent as a whole though; everywhere you looked young kids were running and squealing as the refreshing salt water crashed over them and beat against the shell littered sand.
“No, wait a sec.” He interrupts, raising one pale hand, “Look over there by the rock pool, isn`t that her?”
Sure enough a minute later, a spiky black haired girl dressed in baggy jeans and a long sleeved top comes bounding towards them, her pale bare feet a blur.
“Where were you?” Sam pouts jokingly and flicks sand at the third and final member of the pathetically small friendship group.
The three of them, Gerard, Sam and BB were a weird match it was true; Gerard was painfully shy and never left the house without his IPod or sketchbook, just in case, Sam acted like a three year old on a sugar high most of the time and BB was secretive, mysterious and yet one of the best friends anyone could ever hope to have. The length of time their friendships had withstood however more than made up for their differences.
“Guess who I just saw?”
“Hayley Williams?” Sam suggested, to which Gerard and BB laughed.
“I wish.”
Gerard groaned. “Ick.”
“What?” the girls demanded in unison. “She`s hot.”
“If you say so.” Gerard was entirely unconvinced. Boobs just didn`t really do it for him, just like six packs and dicks didn`t do it for his friends.
“I saw that guy Gee has a crush on walking his dog down the other end of the beach. He`s changed his hair too, I think I preferred it long.”
His ears immediately perked up. “Really?” his abnormally pale face flushes a deep crimson to match his tangled hair.
“You should just forget him, Gee-Gee.”Sam tells him, or once speaking some sense. She and BB were not the only ones with unrequited love for someone; he was madly in love with a guy from their university in the year above, Ashley Iero. He was short, around 5`4, lived for music and had floppy dark hair that framed his lightly tanned face perfectly (in Gerard`s humble opinion anyway). And to top it all off he was Bisexual. Gerard couldn`t believe his lucky stars when he had found out from Mikey. But there was a catch, of course there was. This wasn`t happily ever after world, this was reality. Ashley Iero had the biggest crush on BB, who didn`t like cock, plain and simple.
And who ever said that love was simple?
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