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(edited even more cause my life changes so f&@king much) Let's do this bitch!!!!

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Real name - Amber

User name - Lalatherapist16

Gender – Unicorn

Country – USA!!!!

City – Wichita

Religion – Pagan

Relationship status – Single (let the wars for me begin)

Picture of me - The video is just what popped up, but that's me. If you want, check out my channel.

Favorite music/bands – Pfff.... off the top of my head, MCR, MSI, Fit for Rivals, We are the Fallen, Iwerstledabearonce, Panic! At the Disco, P!nk, Black Veil Brides, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet for My Valentine, Suicide Silence, Paramore, uhhh.....that's about all I can think of at the moment

Favorite TV shows – School Spirits, A Haunting, Adventure Time, Hetalia, My Little Pony, Ugly Betty, Ghost Adventures, Gravitation, Junjou Romantica Ouran HSHC, Kuroshitsuji, Angel Beats... yeah that's all I can name off the top of my head

Favorite Movies – Every Harry Potter, Orphan, People under the stairs, ZombieLand, Jackass, and pretty much anything scary or funny in a stupid way

Favorite Books – Uh... I just like to read pretty much anything

Favorite Pairings – Frerard, Frikey, Gaizen, RoChu, FrUK
Favorite fics on here – Translations of Blood, Think Happy Thoughts, Haru and the Kobra Kid, Truth Or Dare

Ficwad authors you think are badass (My words Xp) – I has SOOOOO MANY!!!!

Sample of your writing – (Just Random shit I write when I get bored. Figure I'd give ya all a show)

My orders were clear. The blood of intruders was to mix with that of my victims.

I heard the voice of Her Highness in my head again as I peeked around the corner at the girl. She looked around with wide, bright eyes. Her long hair was up, a few loose curls bouncing at the sides of her face.

She was a noble, clearly. The air around her said it all. Though she seemed frail, I had the instinct reaction to bare my teeth and grip my sword's handle tightly.

The only thing that held me back was the fact she was a girl. If not, I'd have her head. “Miss!” a boy shouted as she started up the stairs. It was far off, but echoed around the turret room.

I hid further behind the wall as her skirts disappered up the stairs. Once it was clear the boy had no clue where she was, I followed her silently.

The sun stung my eyes as I crossed the smooth stone floor toward the stairs. On the way, I tapped the wooden door, swinging it shut, giving me more time. My breath barely passed between my lips as I took to the stairs on my toes.

To my surprise, she didn't stop until she reached the top. My secret room. I inhaled slightly and hid behind the trunk pressed to the wall.

She turned, her eyes even wider now as she looked around at the stained glass windows. The roses were placed here by orders from my queen. She loved flowers and wanted them to be in every aspect of my life.

Even on my weapons. I ran my finger over the vines and petals of my sword. “Miss!” I heard the boy before she could. Her eyes were still grazing every aspect of my room.

My straw bed, the down pillows, the animal skin cover, everything. Her eyes fell on my armor in the corner. “Oh.” she made her way over to it.

I bit my tongue as she ran her thin fingers over my breast plate. “Miss!” the heavy footsteps padded up the last few stairs.

A thin boy stumbled into the room, breathing heavily. I ducked further behind the trunk in the shadows. “Ryo.” the girl looked at him, a smile on her face. “Look at this place!”

“Yes, it's lovely. Now we need to go!” he tried to lead her out of my room.

“But look!” she ducked out of his hand. I restrained myself from the groan of despair that bubbled up in my throat.

The boy, Ryo, looked like a guard. A fun fight, maybe. But his head would be gone too soon. “Someone lives here.” she turned him around the room.

“Then we really should not be in here.” he murmured, on edge. “What if they were to come back right now and punish us from breaking and entering?” I smirked.

Smart boy. I edged closer to the trunk and peeked over a bit more. His arms strained against the fabric of his sleeves, his shoulders broad.

I stood. “Yes, what if I were to do that?” they whirled to look at me. I stepped around my trunk and sat on the edge of the hard case.

Ryo stepped in front of the girl, hand on his own sword. “T-this is your home?” he stuttered. I nodded, crossing my legs and leaning forward.

“Yes. What of it, Ryo?” I tapped my thumb against the hilt of my sword in rhythm to my pulse.

“Who are you?” he asked, not answering me. I raised my eyebrows.

“Why?” I stood up. “Can you smell the blood on my blade?” I drew it, the long sword gleaming in the tinted light. “Prepare yourself, if you seek a fight, boy.”

“I came here for my lady, not a fight.” I raised my hand slightly, gesturing with my wrist from him to draw.

“Well, your lady is there, behind you. And, though it goes against my orders, if you survive in a fight with me,” I paused to bark a laugh “You both may leave. If not, she will be brought before Her Highness to receive her punishment.”

“And Ryo?” the girl squeaked behind him. I smiled at her.

“His head shall join the others, of course, my noble lady.” I placed my hand on my chest and gave her a slight bow.

Her face contracted in fear. Ryo drew as I was talking and had swung as I bowed. Our swords met with a loud crash. “How improper.”

I locked our blades together and got close to his face, brushing my nose against his. He screamed in anger and I shoved him away with a harsh laugh. “What's the matter?” I ducked under his blade as he swung at my head.

He said nothing. I smiled, our swords clashing together again and again. Each time, the girl flinched and covered her ears.

Suddenly, she fell onto my bed, her hat falling off. Ryo looked at her in shock, his eyes leaving me.

I took my opening and knocked his sword out of his hand. It clattered across the floor.

With a huge smile, I threw him to the ground.

He gasped as he felt the cold metal of my blade pressed against his throat. “You lose.” I sang. The girl stood slowly and made her way to me.

I looked up but held my sword fast to his skin. Our eyes locked.

Again, this girl surprised me. I expected her to flinch at the malice in my burning green orbs as the met her sweet brown. But she didn't react.

“Please don't kill him.” she whispered. I smirked and pulled his collar back, ripping the neck of his shirt.

“Very well. You both may go.” I cut RR into his skin, deep enough to make it bleed and scar. He screamed under me and bit down on his lip. “You are very lucky. I am supposed to kill once someone without a permit sets foot in the door.” I stood and smiled at the girl.

Ryo stood with some effort. He dug the tip of his sheath into the floor to support his weight. His beautiful red blood fell in thick drops to the wood under him.

I licked it from the tip of my blade, a shiver of joy bursting through me at the odd taste. So sweet.... not human.

The girl had her hands over her mouth as he bent over to grab his sword and fell to his knees. He stood shakily and grabbed his sword. I raised my eyebrows as I watched with interested eyes, returning my sword to it's cozy little home.
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