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This is me.

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Real Name: Rose Francesqa Walker
Username: RoseFrankiie
Gender: Female
Country: England, UK.
City: I live in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, we have 7 houses. So I'll say HullYorkLeeds, because they're all so close to me.
Religion: Athiest.
Relationship status: Single? I have "friends-with-benefits"... I'm the girl that guys cheat on their girlfriends with. Unfortunately.
Picture of yourself (optional): This is me right now. I took a photo for you. (and this is me a while ago, pulling faces at my fake tiger

Favorite musicians/bands: I listen to anything, so uhm... Arctic Monkeys, Rizzle Kicks, Skrillex, Falling In Reverse, Calvin Harris, Twin Atlantic, My Chemical Romance, Enter Shikari, Jeffree Star, Missing Andy, Lady Gaga, Atreyu, The Wanted, Family Force 5, Cobra Starship, Adam & the Ants, Escape The Fate, Busted, Pink Floyd, Royal Republic, Kill Hannah, AFI, The Stranglers, Hollywood Undead, Jon Fratelli... I could go on forever like this.

Favorite movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas is hands down THE best film. Every superhero film ever made, Prom Night, Unstoppable, Dude Where's My Car?, Killing Bono, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Jesus Henry Christ, Submarine, Sweeney Todd, A Clockwork Orange, Soul Men, The Blues Brothers, Freddy vs. Jason

Favourite TV shows: The Big Bang Theory, Grimm, How I Met Your Mother, Top Gear, Simpsons, Family Guy, Bones, Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Sample of your writing:

I'm going to put two samples in, an MCR one and a P!ATD one :)

Taken from To The End:

Her screams have stopped almost completely, just the occasional bubble of frothy mess where she keeps spitting out the blood and her wrists are dripping from where the tight wire has dug into her flesh.

She is so irresistible.

I lift her shaking arms towards my mouth, lapping up the metallic blood and groaning in satisfaction. I pull back unwillingly to let Frank continue. He lifts a sheet from the side, placing it over her features and wrapping it tightly around her face. She yells out, each noise being stifled by the loss of tongue and I almost feel an emotion vaguely connected to pity for her. Pity which is immediately over come by merciless craving for food.

Red liquid pools and stains around the indent of her mouth, clashing with the stark white sheet that’s suffocating her. Her head is twisting around as her muffled screams pierce the air. The fear radiating from her body arouses me and I smile, leaning forwards and licking a stripe along her neck. The blood is dripping down to meet my tongue and I lap at it hungrily, holding her body still as I lower myself on top of her, pushing her back onto the table. I nip along her shoulder blades as she writhes uncontrollably before her knee comes into contact with my balls and I recoil in pain.

“Fuck!” I scream, almost sliding off the table and dropping to the floor. I curl into the foetal position as I hold onto myself precariously. Frank’s feet come into my view for a moment before he heaves himself onto the table in place of me, a carving fork held in a blood covered hand.

Taken from Maybe Memories:

“Don’t you have any fucking respect Pete?! Some of us were trying to sleep! Though I guess if it wasn’t for fucking Brendon here, you wouldn’t even know your way back here!” He gestured towards me, making me giggle loudly.

“We got l-lost loads.” I hiccupped slightly, sending me off into more fits of giggles. Patrick gazed at me in astonishment before reprimanding me and leading me by the hand back to my room. Pete was stood behind us still in the doorway looking dazed and waving meekly. He mouthed the words “He’s like our Mom.” at me, making me grin. I was pushed into my room and the door shut behind me as I stumble over Ryan’s shoes left lying in the middle of the floor.

As I hit the ground I realized Patrick had left me and Ryan was sat up in bed rubbing his eyes wearily. “What the hell B. What time is it?” He looks round, trying to locate me but not managing. He flicks the switch to turn the light on next to his bed and finally spots me on the floor. “Oh sorry! I would have moved them, I guess I fell asleep before I got chance.” He gets out of bed to help me up and holds his hand out as offering to pick me up. “Why are you so late back anyway, you usually get Pete back ea- Are you drunk?”

“Beeeeeeeeeep, beep beeeeeeeeeep, beep beeeeeeeeeep, beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…”

“His BP’s dropping…”

“What’s happening?”

“I thought I told you to get out. Okay, everybody clear.”



His jaw nearly hits the ground as I sway on my feet in front of him, smiling and nodding. A mixture of emotions crosses his features: sad, confused, worried, concerned, puzzled, angry…

Angry. As soon as I saw the anger I backed away slightly, sinking backwards into the wall behind me, away from Ryan’s piercing gaze. He just stepped closer, forcing my head up but I avoid his eyes, looking around the room anywhere but at him. I don’t want to see. Don’t want to know the pain, the disappointment. Not with me, sweet, innocent little Brendon. I promised, promised I would never do anything stupid, I couldn’t risk it. Didn’t want to risk it.

Obviously, the beeping thing in the middle makes more sense in context with the full fic XD
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