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Profile Of A Ficwadian (MyNomDePlume)

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Sorry if you fall asleep reading this. I'm pretty boring. :)

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May I present - The most boring person ever!

Real Name: Liz

Username: MyNomDePlume

Gender: I’m a total girl (literally)

Country: USA!

City: I’m afraid that that information is... classified ;)

Religion: Jewish (first one!)

Relationship status: Single (and so confused...)

Picture of yourself (optional):
Sorry if I look like shit I was really tired when I took this :)

Favorite musicians/bands: Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Fun., 30 Seconds to Mars, Green Day, Radiohead... I’ll stop now before I fill up the entire page

Favorite movies: Source Code, City of Angels, The Three Stooges, Poltergeist, Toy Story 1, 2, and 3, Peter Pan, and most other Disney Pixar movies

Favorite TV shows: Dance Moms Miami (fierce!), The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, NCIS, Psych, Touch, and Awake

Favorite Books: The Catcher In The Rye. Nothing Compares to it

Heroes: Brendon Urie, Hayley Williams, and Gerard Way

Bandom you write for: Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy

Pairings you ship: Mostly Ryden, a little Frerard and Petetrick

In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written?: Probably “The Misadventures of a Certain Brown-Eyed Boy”

Your favourite authors on here: Kaleidoscope_Eyes, XxPerfectTomorrowxX, CosmicZombie, Mikeys_Glasses, DisenchantedDestroya, ChasingPavementsxoxo

Your favourite fics on here: Confessions of Slumber (Dr-Giggles), Hotel Mirrors (ChasingPavementsxoxo) , No One Can Save Me (Mikeyunicornrawr)

Sample of your writing:

A young boy lay in the grass. His pale face glistened with tears and streaks of eyeliner trailed down his cheeks. Bruises and cuts littered his skin, contrasting with his milky complexion. His eyes remained closed as hours ticked away.

To a passerby he might have looked dead. He was very much alive, though, and starting to regret it. The poor boy wanted to escape the abuse of his peers and their cruel remarks. He was so close to ending his life, but he simply couldn’t do it.

Something stopped him every time.

If only he could’ve figured out what it was.


That was it.

That low, velvety voice was what was holding him back.

“Ryan?” the voice asked again. Ryan wanted to jump up and find out who it belonged to, but all his strength had left him. It was a struggle to keep his chest rising and falling at a steady pace. He could only listen to the magical voice above him.
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