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Real name: Elizabeth (actually, it’s not. I prefer my anonymity. Which is sort of ironic, considering what I’m doing.)

Username: Mynameisnotimportant

Gender: Female

Country: Canada

City: Winnipeg

Religion: Christian

Relationship status: Given up on love.

Picture: Don’t count on it

Favourite bands: Los Campesinos!, Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, really old Eminem stuff, Jason Walker, Ludo, Regina Spektor, and Imogen Heap.

Movies: Avengers, Batman, Micmacs (with subtitles. Don’t do foreign languages), Sherlock Holmes, Fight Club, and Million Dollar Baby.

Tv shows: Futurama, How I met your mother, Glee, and The Big Bang Theory.

Books: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Silence of the Lambs, Venomous, The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth girl, Goth Girl rising, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Going Bovine, Harry Potter, Watchmen, and The Monstrumologist series.

Heroes: Lisbeth Salander, Hermione Granger, Ashley Spinelli, Renee Tomas, Peter Parker, Vriska Serket, Terezi Pyrope, and Dave Strider.

Bandoms: MCR. And I hate myself for it.

OTP Pairings: Renee/Locke (Venomous), Fanboy/Goth girl (Astonishing Adventures of etc.), Amy/Penny (BBT), Jade/Karkat (Homestuck), and Veser/Toni (Hanna is not a boy’s name).

Best thing I’ve ever written: I haven’t posted it yet!

Favourite author: Unitedsuck007

Favourite fic: Dunno.

Sample of your writing:
“Mmm! Gina! Gina! You listeneeng to me?” Ditto says out of the blue.
“I am now, Kiddo. What’s up?”
Ditto fumbles in his pocket before pulling out an orange piece of plastic. Ditto pushes down on a button and a thin strand of metal shoots out one end.

“Oh, cool! What’s that?” I ask, half hoping he’ll throw it to me so I can see better. Best perk of the job: the toys.
“It’s a Transvestite whip,” Ditto responds.
I do everything I can to keep from laughing. Everyone else, not so much. Murdoc bursts out laughing, same with 2D and Katharine. Artie cracks a smile, Waldo stares up at the ceiling, and the twins look confused out of their eleven year old minds.
“What’s so funny?” Ditto asks, eyebrows cinching together.
“Tri...Trifestus whip, Ditto. Not transvestite. Jesus,” Katharine wheezes, she’s laughing so hard. Ditto still looks confused, but if he wants to know what a transvestite is, he can google it.

Once we’re all done laughing about Ditto’s Transvestite whip, which is a lot longer than you’d think, we all start talking.
“Is Noodle actually dead?”
“What’s your middle name?”
“Don’t answer that. She’ll use it to run a credit check.”
“Where’s Russell? Is he dead too?”
Katharine’s making eyes at Murdoc, and she moves to sit with him, even though Murdoc’s sitting in a one person armchair. If Katharine’s got one fatal flaw, it’s the fact that she’s a slut. I’m being honest. Katharine was either a pole dancer or a hooker or something before she died. We don’t really talk about it much.

“Hey, how’d you guys find me?” I ask, waiting for a response to anyone.
“The guys on the boat with you died. Guess where they ended up,” Katharine responds, leaning in close to Murdoc.
“Goddammit.” is my only response.
“Exactly,” Waldo says, leaning back.
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