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Sure why not?

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Real Name: Sam...all you gotta know

Username: XEvil_AngelX (inspired by Breaking Benjamins song Evil Angel)

Gender: I have a NON-EXISTANT DICK (haha dirty minded) so yeah I'm a female broski

Country: The place with poutines, igloos, maple syrup, bacon, Simple Plan and snowboarding, yes Canada ;)

City: Cold Lake (dumbnuts named it a city for some odd reason)

Religion: I don't know what it's called, but I believe in god and all (go to a bible camp) but I don't go to church

Relationship status: Dating someone (although we are going to break up when schools done :( anyone up for giving me advice?)

Picture of yourself: Uhhhhh later

Favourite bands/musicians: -gives look- My Chemical Romance (not even kidding), Simple Plan (no hate but I FUCKING LOVE THEM!) Marianas Trench, All Time Low, Panic! at The Disco, Young Veins, Hedley, Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Nickelback (fuck.yes), Blink 182, Theory of a Deadman, Breaking Benjamin, Fall Out Boy, and so many more

Favourite movies: Chronicle, Hostel (1,2&3) Saw (1-7), Insideous (however it's spelt), Life On the Muder Scene, A Big Package for You (yay SP) MTrench- The Legacy, Stepbrothers, 30 minutes or less, Paranormal Activity (1-3), Trick or Treat, Nightmare on Elm Street (older ones), Nightmare Before Christmas, Spirited Away (So what, I love that movie!), Vampires Suck, and a lot of music videos

Favourite TV shows: Not a big fan of. Tv, but (don't judge) Masterchef, Hells Kitchen (my parents got me ino it 'Kay?), Big Brother, Survivor, Family Guy, MuchMusic countdown, Today's top 10 (except when it's an artist I don't like)

Favourite Books: Hunger Games (all of them), Lockdown, Maximum Ride, Virals, Ashes, Ashes, Bad Girls Don't Die, The Uglies (sums up society today), Twilight (the books), and others that I didn't mention

Heroes: Mike Ayley, David (however the hell you spell his last name but he plays bass in Simple Plan), Mike Dirt, Mark from Breaking Benjamin, Jon Walker, Mikey Way, Pete Wentz, Tommy Mac, Gerard Way, Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, Seb & Jeff (Simple Plan), Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Ian Cassleman, Ben Burnley, Chad Szeliga, Aaron Fink, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, Patrick Stump, Joe and Andy (sorry I don't know how to spell their last names, but Fall Out Boy)

Bandoms you write for: My Chem, Panic! Simple Plan, Marianas Trench, and Fall Out Boy

Pairings you ship: MIRO!! A lot but I am IN LOVE with Miro's okay?

In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad? Huh, I love a lot but it was a Simple Plan one (the author deleted it) but hmm Well any cute ones I guess (or dirty :*) )

Your favourite authors on here: Too many to all list (I love you all by the way) but Bella_Jinxx, DisenchantedDestroya, and for commenting ('cause she is hilarious and makes me smile) DaniAtTheDisco, but yeah everyone on here KICKS ASS

Your favourite fics on here: Too many, go check out my favs

Ficwad authors you think have cool persobalities?
Since I never really talk to anyone on here, I will choose Heartbreak_Beauty (talked to her before, and follow her on tumblr)
I want to have friends off here :;/, email?
Recording of yourself reading part of a fic: Later?

Sample of your writing:

It won't leave me alone, or maybe it was I won't let go. It's like a cloud hanging over my head, a stalker that won't leave me alone, a friend who abandoned me in my time of need. This was an overriding temptation, no this was an addiction.
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