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Real Name: Corri
Username: XxLiveyourlifExX
Gender: ladyyyyyyyyy
Country: US
City: Dallas
Religion: Catholic (but not strict)
Relationship status: Awesome. That's a relationship status rigth?
Picture of yourself (optional):"Click This!":
Favourite musicians/bands: hahahah ummm obvi MCR, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, The Academy Is..., Aerosmith, The Ataris, Billy Joel, Blink 182, Bowling For Soup, Cobra, Death Cab, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Matchbox 20, Motion City Soundtrack, Semisonic, Taking Back Sunday, Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard, 3 Doors Down, 3Oh!3, etc.
Favourite movies: I'm a sucker for a sappy love story. The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love, Easy A, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Outsiders, Pineapple Express, Step Brothers, Anchorman, Pirates, Lion King, Aladdin, a bunch of others...
Favourite TV shows: Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother, American Colony, Dallas, and Teen Mom is my guilty pleasure.
Favourite Books: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, any thing Tamora Peirce, White Girl Problems, Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea, Jodi Picoult, I read a lot. Like a crazy amount. I couldn't possibly list them.
Heroes: Elenor Roosevelt...just people in general who know what they want and strive to achieve it while treating people around them with respect.
Bandoms you write for: MCR and Fall Out Boy
Pairings you ship: I'm a big OOC fan. I don't care if it's Mary Sue. I write what I like ;) Soooo OOC/Pete Wentz; OOC/Patrick Stump; and OOC/Mikey Way is what I've written so far.
In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written? Um. Go Ahead and Burn It Down in the Fall Out Boy category is something I'm really proud of. First, I actually finished a story, and second there's a lot of me in Chris, and it was wicked cathartic to write it.
Your favourite authors on here: Everyone is really good, or working on being really good. I admire how willing everyone is to take criticism. I think that's awesome. I tend to read people who review my stuff, so I'm a big fan of MissAbbieHudson and ChasingPavements (Izzy)
Your favourite fics on here: I'm currently reading the above mentioned authors plus Black Ink Love Song: A Cobra fic in the Fall Out Boy category and I'm Just A Girl and I've Been Stood Up...Again also in Fall Out Boy...
Ficwad authors you think have cool personalities (optional):Abbie and Izzy. Bella Jinx. Really all of you.
Sample of your writing: This is Chapter 2 of Go Ahead and Burn It Down:

Here, In This Place, We Count the Days

“I know. I’m sorry.” He walked back to the bed and sat next to her. “I’m really sorry.”

“It just hurts so much. I-I can’t-“ She dissolved into tears.

Pete leaned up against her headboard and wrapped his arms around her, tears in his own eyes. She cried for fifteen minutes before going quiet. Assuming she was asleep, he moved to get up. Her grip on him tightened.

“Please don’t go,” she said in a hoarse whisper.

“Ok.” He kicked off his shoes and settled back onto the bed, Chris resting her head on his chest. In minutes, her breathing was slow and even. She had fallen asleep.

There was a soft knock at the door. It was Chris’ mom. “Pete,” she called softly, walking into the room, “Is she ok?”

“I think she’s asleep,” Pete whispered back. “I don’t think she’s ok though.”

Her mom sighed. When she spoke, Pete could hear the catch in her voice. “I know she’s not. This is all so much harder than we anticipated.”

There was silence. Pete wasn’t sure how to respond. He didn’t have to.

“You can go home, honey,” she said. “I’m sure you’re tired.”

“Chris asked me to stay, if that’s ok.”

“Of course it is.” She came over and kissed the top of Chris’ head, then his. “Thank God you boys are home.”

“You can tell the rest of the guys they can drive my car home if they want.”

“Will do. See you in the morning.” She left the room.

Then there was quiet. According to Chris’ alarm clock it was six thirty in the morning. Soon Pete fell asleep.


Something with a relative heavy blow hit him in the stomach. Pete woke up with a jolt trying
to figure out what was happening. Then there was another hit on his arm. He looked wildly around, ready to kick someone’s ass.

Then he saw her.

Chris’ hair was messily falling out of a bun and her face was red with crying and anger. She was hitting Pete.

“Why did you have to go?!” She screamed. “You left me here. You left HIM!”

She continued to yell and scream and hit him. Pete stood, but he stayed in one place and took it. He knew somehow he deserved it. He had left. When his best friends needed him the most, he had peaced.

Chris’ shouts had attracted the rest of the household to the room. Her mother was weeping, the man who Pete remembered to be Chris’ Uncle Steve looked perplexed, and her dad was making a move to restrain his daughter, but Pete shook his head at him.

With every blow, Chris’ strength seemed to wane until, eventually, Pete could put his arms
around her and she was punching him half-heartedly in the chest, sobbing.

“I’m sorry. I really am, Chris,” Pete said into her hair. “I wish I could take it back.”

She just continued sobbing in response. Then her knees began to buckle and she and Pete sunk to the floor.

Some time later her family had left the room and Chris had calmed down and stopped crying. They were still sitting on the floor, now leaning against Chris’ bed.

“I’m sorry we left Chris. I’m sorry I left.” Pete said, clasping his hands in he lap and staring at his feet.

“I know you had to Pete,” she sighed and reached for his hand. “I just got out of control. I know it wasn’t your fault.”

“I understand if you’re mad at me,” Pete replied. “I bailed. Things got tough and I just left. It was unfair.”

They continued to talk about the past. Things you wouldn’t understand with out a little bit of back-story. So here it is:

Chris’ older brother, Matt has been best friends with Pete since before they could talk. Unlike most older brother/younger sister relationships, Matt and Chris got along really well. She was only two years younger so it was just natural that she joined Pete and Matt in their shenanigans and hi-jinx. People referred to them as the Three Musketeers (or the Terrible Trio, depending on who you asked).

The boys graduated high school leaving Chris to kind of fend for herself. She was a little depressed, but Pete soon returned from college to focus on music.

The day after Chris’ graduation, Matt was diagnosed.

He had a terrible migraine and his mom decided to take him to the doctor, who then decided he needed an MRI.

That’s when the found it.

A tumor the size of a large egg in Matt’s brain. His prognosis was not good. They gave him three months. That was one year, seven months and six days before Patrick got the call from Stacy. Their lives became broken down into days.

On day two, when Matt tearfully told Pete what was going on, Pete broke his hand hitting a cement wall in the hospital.

On day five, Chris returned from her senior class trip and had to be told the news. She sat quietly and didn’t respond.

On day ten, Matt started chemo.

On day twenty-three, chemo almost killed Matt.

On day twenty-six, Chris ran away.

On day twenty-seven, Joe found her at the 24-hour diner with Bunny.

On day twenty-eight, Matt finished his first cycle of chemo and was released to go home.

On day thirty-two, Matt was hospitalized with an infection.

On day thirty-three, Pete’s new band with Joe, Andy and a kid named Patrick received it’s name, Fall Out Boy, at their third show. Matt had been absolutely livid when he found out
that Pete had stopped making music when he got sick.

On day forty-two, Chris declined her acceptance to the University of Texas-Austin to stay home and go to community college.

On day fifty-six, Matt started his second cycle of chemo.

On day seventy-one, chemo almost killed Matt. Again.

On day eighty-four, Matt finished his second cycle of chemo and was cleared to go home.

On day one hundred, a MRI scan showed Matt’s tumor had shrunk to the size of a golf ball. Matt had survived past the doctor’s expectations.

On day one hundred and twelve, Matt started his third cycle of chemo as an outpatient.

On day one hundred and forty, Matt finished his third cycle of chemo without complications.

On day one hundred and sixty-eight, Matt began his last cycle of chemo for this course.

On day one hundred and ninety-six, Matt finished his first course of chemo.

On day two hundred and fifteen, a MRI scan showed Matt’s tumor had not grown since his last scan, but it had not shrunk anymore.

On day two hundred and sixteen, Chris called Pete from her car at a park they used to visit when they were younger. She had taken a bunch of pills to end it, but had thought better of
it. She needed Pete to save her. He did.

On day two hundred and eighteen, Chris was released from the hospital.

On day two hundred and sixty-four, Matt, Chris, Pete, Patrick, Joe, Andy, and Stacy went to the 24-hour diner and sat for almost twenty-four hours. They ordered everything on the menu.

On day two hundred and eighty-seven, Matt decided he was feeling better and stopped taking his maintenance drugs.

On day two hundred and ninety-four, a MRI scan showed Matt’s tumor had increased in size, and more seriously had begun to grow finger-like appendages. He was hospitalized.

On day two hundred and ninety-five, Matt began the first cycle of his second course of chemo. This chemo drug was more aggressive than the last.

On day three hundred and one, Matt did not have the strength to hold a conversation with his sister when she visited.

On day three hundred and two, not being able to cope with her brother’s current state, but knowing the previous ways she had gone about expressing her pain had been wrong, Chris began planning a benefit concert for her brother.

On day three hundred and twenty-three, Matt finished chemo, but was kept at the hospital for surveillance. Psychiatric surveillance.

On day three hundred and thirty-one, Matt was released from the hospital. Just in time to attend the benefit his sister had put together that night. They raised fifteen hundred dollars for the development of a cure for cancer. Given the fact that their main audience was kids who only had a couple of bucks to their name, fifteen hundred was pretty impressive.

On day three hundred and fifty-one, Matt went back to the hospital for inpatient chemo.

On day three hundred and fifty-two, Matt was prescribed anti-depressants. As was his mother.

On day three hundred and sixty-four, an ambulance had to be called to the music wing of the community college. Chris had had a panic attack when she got the news that Matt’s scans were in. And they were worse.

On day three hundred and seventy-nine, Matt finished another cycle of chemo, but wasn’t well enough to go home.

On day four hundred and seven, Matt began the final cycle of chemo for this course.

On day four hundred and thirty-five, Matt finished chemo.

On day four hundred and thirty-eight, an MRI showed that the tumor had shrunk again and Matt was released again, with a strict regimen of maintenance drugs.

On day four hundred and fifty-two, Chris took Matt to a Fall Out Boy show. There was a
Fueled By Ramen record rep there who offered Pete, Patrick, Andy and Joe a spot on the winter tour. It would start in a month and a half.

On day four hundred and fifty-three, the band decided to go.

On day four hundred and sixty, Pete announced he would find a replacement for himself for the tour because he would not be leaving Matt.

On day four hundred and sixty-one, Pete had to ice a black eye given to him by Matt. He also, coincidentally, decided to go on tour.

On day four hundred and ninety-five, Peter and Christina got in a huge argument about Pete leaving.

On day four hundred and ninety-six, Chris apologized (a little grudgingly) to Pete and told him to go. Not for the band, not for himself. For Matt.

On day four hundred and ninety-seven, the boys packed up an old passenger van they bought cheap, and left for tour.

On day five hundred and fifteen, Matt went into the hospital with another infection. He refused to let anyone call Pete.

On day five hundred and seventeen, Matt was released.

On day five hundred and forty-six, Matt was hospitalized again. For an increasing headache.
Scan’s revealed the tumor’s growth. Again he refused to let anyone tell Pete.

On day five hundred and fifty, Fueled by Ramen reps offered Fall Out Boy a record deal. They would record and release their first studio album in May.

On day five hundred and fifty-one, Matt was released with a prescription for pain medication. His tumor was rapidly growing. There was nothing else they could do but manage his pain.

On day five hundred and sixty-three, Stacy decided someone in the band needed to know. She called Patrick, but made him promise to not tell Pete.

On day five hundred and sixty-five, Chris dropped out of school entirely.

On day five hundred and sixty-eight, Pete questioned Patrick about his depressed attitude. Patrick couldn’t give him a reason why it was happening.

On day five hundred and seventy, Matt didn’t get out of bed.

On day five hundred and seventy-two, Matt couldn’t swallow pills.

On day five hundred and seventy-three, Chris ran from the house in bare feet. For ten miles. Stacy went and picked her up. She was crying on a park bench, her feet bleeding.

On day five hundred and seventy-seven, Chris called Pete and hung up before he answered fourteen times. She wanted to tell, but she couldn’t break Matt’s trust.

On day five hundred and eighty, Matt, who could barely speak, told Chris to be strong. He told her he loved her, but it was time. This was too hard.

On day five hundred and eighty-one, Matt passed away around six forty-five in the morning. His parents, his sister, and his girlfriend, Stacy, were there. Matt was twenty-three

A/N: So depressing I know. This was crazy hard to start writing, but I got like to day eighty-four and then I couldn't stop. If you're reading this awesome =) however I can't promise that it's going to get anymore cheerful. This is kind of a "Corri is dark and twisty inside" kind of story. Review if you want to.

Hope you like it (me?) K. Greatttttt.
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