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Rebel Love Song

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My chem and Black veil brides are oon tour what happens though when everything goes wrong.

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Black veil brides and My chemical romance where on tour. I couldn't belive it. I'm a huge My Chem fan!

So anyways we where meeting up at the starbucks in New Jersey, as we where doing our first show there. It was Ray's idea to do the first show here.

So a few hours later at about half two we arrived at the starbucks. It was only me and Ashley right now and so we ordered a coffee. Eventually at three o'clock everyone else turned up. Jake, CC, Jinxx, Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray and finally Bob. I bought the first round of coffees and we all talked about tonights show.

After about twenty minutes though some fans came up and asked us to sign a few things so we did to be nice. Most people here in Jersey are scared of us so it was a nice change to see we had fans.

So we left the Starbucks at about five and went to set up for the show at eight. We where there opening act for tonight and then they where ours the night after. I couldn't wait to see them. I had never been to there concert even though I was a huge fan. They first did I'm not okay and then went on to Famous last words.

When the show was over we all went back-stage to celebrate. I was just standing in the corner not engageing in the coverstions and stuff when Gerard walked over to me.

"Hey man your alright aren't you? You haven't spoke since we where back in Starbucks." Gerard said to me. I just stood there and stared at him his dark chocolotte brown eyes, shoulder leanth firey black hair, Misfits top and black skinnys with a black denium jacket on. I didn't relise how long I had been staring for until he started waving his hand in my face.

"W...What oh yeah am fine. Jst a little tired is all." I replied quickly.

We then stated talking about random stuff laughing and stuff. I had a really good time!


When I saw Andy for the first time my heart lept. I had always had a secret crush on him, for as long as I can remember. His long jet black hair deep blue eyes and amazing fashion sence. I just got lost in his eyes.

When he opened the show for us I couldn't help but stare at him all the way through it. He looked like he was having so much fun up on stage. He was having the time of his life. They opened us with Rebel love song. I so wanted to just hug him and never let go, and feel his soft lips on mine.

When we went on I couldn't think straight I kept thinking of Andy. Whats was going on I never fall this hard for anyone. Excerpt Frank but we broke up three months ago. Now Frank was with Mikey instead who was bi. I was happy for him but a bit jelouse to. Frank was MINE! I know e isn't anymore but still...

Anyways so yeah I was head over heels for Andy but I knew he didn't feel the same way about me. I knew that when I told Frank I liked him he was shocked. He also then jumped on top of me and kept tight hold of me. He wouldn't let me go. Thats what I hope it will be like if I ever tell him how I feel.

After the show I walked up to him as he was staying hidden in the corner "Hey man your alright aren't you? You haven't spoke since we where back in Starbucks." I asked. He just stood there and stared for a while so I waved m hand in his face. He mumbled the reply and then we started talking for a bit.

I loved talking to Andy. When I got back to the my chem bus I saw Frank crying on the couch. "Whats wrong man?" I asked he just cryed and leaned into me. Then he looked up at me and explained that Mikey had cheated on him. I felt angry at Mikey for cheating on Frank but also a bit confused.



I woke up the next day on our tour bus. When all of a sudden I heard a loud knock coming from the door. When I answered it I saw it was Mikey looking for Ash. "Hey Mikes. What ya doin here."

"Oh am just looking for Ash you seen him this morning?" He said I was just about to shoutAsh when he turned up behind me. After they had left I headed to the My Chem tour bus and knocked on the door. Gerard answered it and I saw Frank crashed out on the couch, dry tears running down his face.

"How come Franks not with Mikey?" I asked Gerard and then he explained to me what had happened. I felt so sorry for Frank it was unfair that he was cheated on. I couldn't belive Mikey would off though.

Then Frank woke up and saw me and Gerard talking in the kitchen. I turned round and saw him upset and walked over to him. I gave him a hug and reasured him that it was all going to be okay.
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