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Fiction I Like/Have Read

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None are mine and most aren't on Ficwad.

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It's short at the moment, but my laptop's being pissy and not letting me view loads of stuff, I'mm update when I can be bothered. If you have work you'd like to submit, feel free to review with a link. I'll read, then post.



To be fair, most things are probably gonna be in this catagory.

The Time Is Nigh
Not actually sure if that's what it is called, but hey, what the hell. Korse tortures Fun Ghoul and makes Party Poison watch. And when I say torture, I mean rapes. However, this is very hot.

To Cast Turpentine Kisses
Teacher!Gerard and student!Frank. BDSM and very hot. Not the best written thing I've ever read, but I liked it.

Filthy Lucre
Gerard is a prostitute working the streets of New York. Frank has everything - money, drugs and the ability to sleep with anyone he wants. The two meet and our little rich boy becomes far more dependent on Gerard than he'd like.
Absolutely incredible story, that nearly had me in tears a few time. However, if you're in to Dom/Sub stuff (which I definitely am) it is as hot as hell. Completely heart-breaking but amazingly smutty.

Sequel To Above.


Doll House
Think SAW. Gerard has to survive the Doll house, to save himself and his bandmates. Very well written, and one of the best horror/fanfiction things I've read.

Words cannot describe how much I love this fic. A basic summary; Religion! Horror! Exorcisms! Piercings! And Gerard is a priest! It goes from exciting, to angst-y to OH FUCK! But exorcisms and Frerard = my two favourite things! So I love this!

The Anatomy Of A Fall
I can't really say huge amounts about this without ruining it, but it's funny and very original. Well worth a read.

Yeah, I don't know what categories to put these in.

Both Frank and Gerard are prisoners in a 1970's borstal. A bit of a hard read, and basically every warning possible is in this, but it is very good. Unfortunately I never actually finished this, but fully intend to... soon.

Rather cute little one-shot in which Frank is a poolboy.

An Emergency of the Heart
Cinderella AU. It's not that Cinderella-ry but that's why there are birds in it I guess. It's cute and it made me laugh.

It All Goes Back to the Dogs
Gerard is a live-in whore who Frank accidentally buys. Absolutely heart-breaking but really amazing and well worth a read.

Distance In The Afterlife
When Gerard (finally) comes out, the 'stage gay' he and Frank are always messing around with kicks up a notch. You can see where this is going.

Sparkle Motion
It's weird, it's cute, and it's got smut in it.

Sheer hilarity in which Gerard accidentally calls Frank whilst yelling at a cow.

[*Forever, Now
Absolutely adorable series, where Gerard and Mikey are orphans and Brian adopts them on the spur of the moment. Panic! At The Disco feature heavily in this too, and so do Cobra Starship (if I'm wrong with that, don't shoot me - I have no idea who they are, and am just going off what people have said). Extremely cute, and written very well.

Promises, Promises
Frank is kidnapped by Gerard, who is a bank robber. Very Sub/Dom-y

Wind Up Toy
Frank has a mental disorder that makes his thought process be similar to that of a child's. Gerard takes him in off the streets, and begins to investigate what resulted in Frank coming in to that situation. Not the best written thing I've ever read, but only because the way people talk is overly formal. If you can ignore that though, there's no problem!

A Splitting Of The Mind
Gerard's in a mental institution, but doesn't know why. Frank joins after Gerard's third year, with an aversion to being touched. Despite his self-loathing, he quickly be-friends Gerard. From there, things go downhill pretty quickly.
Most people I know have read this, but if not, it is a very good fic.
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