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Chapter Fourteen: This isn't the end, it's the beginning.

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Devin and her friends have fun for the first time in a long time.

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A week and a half later, Kevon was in custody, facing jail time and a restraining order. Joe, Andy, Pete and Patrick piled into Joe's car and went to the hospital to pick up Devin. She was waiting for them at the door, smiling. Patrick scooped her up in his arms and took her to the car. She laughed and flung her arms around his neck, and they kissed passionately.
"Save it, you two." Pete said, rolling his eyes and gagging.
"Jealous, Pete?" Patrick asked teasingly, one eyebrow raised slyly.
Pete rolled his eyes again and got in the car. Devin's stitches were out, and her scars were in the grotesque beginning stages of healing, but she knew that eventually they would fade enough to be able to cover with makeup. Joe parked the car in Patrick's driveway, and they all piled out. Patrick threw open the front door and let everyone pass, and then he closed it behind him. The five friends sat down in the living room, laughing and talking, eating from the bowl of chips on the coffee table.
"I bought two extra controllers, we can all play Mario Cart now!" Joe exclaimed gleefully, pulling out a white shopping bag and producing two game cube controllers.
"You are such a geek." Devin laughed, but she sat down on the floor none the less and played with her friends.
"I may be a geek, but I'm a good geek," Joe laughed as he won for the fourth time in a row, "Anyone up for another game?"
"Nah, let's go swimming." Andy declared, and they all scrambled to change.

The group stood around the pool deck, putting off jumping in. Devin stood in a revealing red-and-black bikini, a brave move. Her scar could be seen on her side, but she didn't care. The guys loved her anyway.
"It's cold..." Joe shivered, dipping his toe in the water.
Devin rolled her eyes.
"How about we all jump in at once? Hold hands!"
She grabbed Patrick's hand and Andy's hand. The group joined hands, and Devin counted off.
"One...Two...THREE!" she cried, and the entire group landed in the pool with a deafening splash. They surfaced, laughing and splashing, but Patrick scowled.
"I swear there's a lot less water in here now. Do you know how much it costs to fill this thing?"
"Get over it, Patrick." Andy said, splashing him.
"Oh no, you don't!" he challenged, splashing back.
Soon the entire group was splashing each other and laughing. When it died down and the waves quit, Devin climbed onto Patrick's back and hung on while he piggybacked her around the pool.
She slid off and swam ahead of him, splashing him with her legs as she went.
"Hey! The splashing war is over, Love!" he cried, laughing. He lunged forward and grabbed her around the waist, and she spun was last week all over again.
"This looks familiar." Devin said flirtatiously.
"If I recall, we never quite got to this point." He answered, kissing her.
The others groaned.
"You guys are so lovey-dovey now, it's too weird!" Pete said.
Devin and Patrick pulled away and laughed at the others.
"Campfire?" Patrick suggested.
They all climbed out of the pool and Patrick threw a match onto the logs in the fire pit.
"I'll go get my guitar." Patrick said, rushing into the house.
Devin wrapped her towel around her closely, and sat on Pete's lap.
"I'm sorry me and Patrick make you gag." She teased, kissing his cheek affectionately.
"Oh, I'm just teasing, Dev. I'm glad you're happy. That's all that matters."
"What about me?" asked Patrick, coming up behind them.
Pete sighed mockingly.
"Well, I SUPPOSE you can be happy." He said sarcastically.
Devin laughed and climbed off his lap, settling at Patrick's feet.
"This looks familiar, too." She said, staring into the fire.
"Except last time it wasn't happy." Pointed out Andy.
Devin smiled. Patrick began to play "Our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get sued," and the others joined in. When the song ended, Devin closed her eyes dreamily and smiled.
"I love you guys." She muttered, and drifted off to sleep.
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