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Sure, I'll do one for the craic... I really should be writing the last chapter of my fic instead of this but you know like...

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So, since I saw lots of people doing this I decided to do it too. You know, like, join in and stuff... Here you go!

Real name:
Alex Harris (But they call me Lee mostly...)

KobraBlaze (Mix between two nicknames I got...)

Female, pretty certain.


It's not a city. Just like a town. And I don't really live in it. On the outskirts kinda thing... Next to a farm

I failed religion in school. I'm a Catholic but like really I'm like an Atheist. I just go along with it all on Christmas Eve mass... :)

Haha. If my mother thought I was going out with someone...
Just friends.

Picture of yourself:
I don't have any picture of myself on my phone. If you just imagine 15 year old with dark blonde hair with blue streaks. That's me.

Favorite musicians/bands:
Green Day
My Chemical Romance
30 Seconds To Mars
Mindless Self Indulgence
Fall Out Boy
Panic! at the Disco
Jimmy Eat World
Billy Talent
Good Charlotte
Taking Back Sunday
Foxboro Hottubs
Lost Prophets
Bowling For Soup
Box Car Racer
Sum 41 (I may have already said that)
I could keep going but you know, does it really have a huge impact on your life?

Favorite Movies:
Harry Potter movies.
Life on the Murder Scene. (Does that count? Well I'm saying it counts!)
Panic Room
I don't watch alot of movies

Favorite TV shows:
Okay, so like, I only really watched t.v. When I was younger so like... These are mostly kids programmes.
Pokemon (The old versions)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Thomas, the Tank Engine
Kenan and Kel
The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
I only watch Kerrang! And Scuzz and MTV:Rocks now. So you know like...

Favorite books:
I don't read alot of books. I couldn't even finish the first Hunger Games book.
I read Of Mice And Men in class which was good.
Harry Potter

Mikey Way
Frank Iero
Ray Toro
Gerard Way
Bob Bryar
Travis Barker
Billie Joe Armstrong
Mike Dirnt
Tre Cool
My brother (For introducing me into previously said bands)
And the people here who read and review my stories. (Thanks you guys!)

Bandoms you write for:
My Chemical Romance

Pairing you ship:
Frikey, Pikey... Wait what does 'ship' mean? Like the ones I like? I'm gonna give you them anyway...
Just anything with Mikey

In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel that you've ever written?
I've only written four so uh... 'Stay Together'

Your favorite authors on here:
Well, I really like everyone (except those trolls) Everyone is so kind and friendly.
Probably my favouritest out of lots and lots of you would be (And in no particular order...) DisenchatedDestroya, CatsscanFlyy and youcanstakemyheart (Plus so many more)

Your favorite stories on here:
Okay, well There is loads...
Like I love everyone from DisenchatedDestroya and youcanstakemyheart and I can't pick a favourite.
Frank On A Leash - uptownmassacre
Currently reading Heathen by youcanstakemyheart and it's really good too. Just so many!

Ficwad authors you think have cool personalities (optional): Everyone here seems to be really interesting and different. Some of them:

Sample of your writing:
This is from 'Stay Together'

All I could here all night was the shattering of glass, shouting and the small, innocent whimpers from the room beside me. It really was getting all too much for Mikey. He was only 15 for Gods sake. He was just a child who should belong in a happy family with lots of friends. That was another thing. His friends . He didn't have any friends. They picked on him and beat him up and leave him in the toilets for a teacher to find. There have been many times he comes home with a bloody nose and split lip and eyes that cry out for help. I have had to show up for parent/teacher meetings instead of our own parents to discuss him being bullied. The first time I had heard of this he was only 6 or 7. But he wasn't the one to tell me. It was a teacher. He wouldn't admit for years and years until one time he didn't come home after school.

Our parents were out at some bar getting drunk and I was at home worried if he would make it home on the bus. But he didn't. I went down to the school and by then everyone had left, all the teacher and students. I went out of my mind. I loved the kid so much. I couldn't imagine anything happening to him. I walked around the back of the building and peered over the wall. There he was, so broken. Blood around his face and bruises on his body which I could see through his torn clothes. My heart just burst like his tears poured out when he noticed me. Ashamed of himself of letting me see him this way. I brought him and fixed him up. He was just so small and innocent. I couldn't understand it.

Just like how I couldn't understand how our parents would let him near this horrible unhappy environment. I walked into his room and sat down softly beside him. His eyes opened wide and relaxed when he saw it was me. I didn't say anything. I just hugged him, covered his ears and let him cry into my shoulder.

I thought about things like how he was starting his first day at Belleville High School tomorrow. I decided to transfer him to here because he needed a new start and I thought perhaps this could be it. But how wrong was I? He would never fit in because some people were just selfish assholes.

I really wished I could be there with him but I had graduated last year and I was now working in a music shop down the road.

I heard stomping up the stairs and a door slammed shut. Mikey just looked up at me.
"I want it to all stop"


And there you go. Thank you for reading! :)
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