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Hi! I'm Shayla. . .I've been reading fics here since May, was too shy to actually set an account until now. My ex-girlfriend Alice made me make one cause she thought I should put some of my writing up. . so here I am. Hopefully you guys aren't the judgy type cos I'm kinda a freak. :/ I like chipmunks, the color green, gymnastics, failing miserably at bass guitar, bonfires. . . So yeah. . Ask any questions, introduce yourself- anything's cool. :3

Real Name: Shayla Becker

Username: Shayla_boo Alice came up with that. -__-

Gender: Pretty sure I am of the female orientation. looks down shirt FUCKING HELL. YES.

Country: USA baby. :)

City: Fairbanks, Alaska

Religion: Christian

Relationship status: Single. So. . uhm. . . yeah. I'm willing to be in a relationship right now.

Picture of yourself (optional): (Please use for this) Sorry I don't wanna make your eyes bleed. IT'S CAUSE I CARE OKAY??!!!

Favourite musicians/bands:
My Chemical Romance
Ellie Goulding
Mindless Self Indulgence
Hollywood Undead
Modest Mouse
Dot Dot Curve
Green Day
Good Charlotte
Neon Trees
Rise Against
Vampire Weekend
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Favourite movies: Cloverfield, Sweeney Todd, Jaws, Yes Man, Amityville Horror, The Avengers, Dracula, Saw movies, Edward Scissorhands

Favourite TV shows: Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files, NCIS, Grimm, NBC Dateline, Cake Boss, Supernatural YAY FOR DEAN

Favourite Books: The Outsiders, The Hunger Games, A Series of Unfortunate Events

Heroes: Ray Toro, Edgar Allen Poe, Lemony Snicket, Amelia Earhart

Bandoms you write for: My Chem :)

Pairings you ship: Frerard, Frikey, Framia, Franina, Gozzie, Bobifer, Rayven, Frazzie, Mallie

In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written?: What Would You Rather?

Your favourite authors on here: Unitedsuck007, CosmicZombie, ChasingPavementsxoxo, Jack-the-ripper, xXxILoveFrankIeroxXx, aMoronGoneViral, ColorfulShadow
xCherrikidXD, Mirazal, Atomickilljoy, tmbfucks, Cookie_monster, RavenVanSlaughter

Your favourite fics on here: Adopted By My Hero, Little Trouble Makers, Listen To The Wind, Young Cardinals, Karma Police, Sons of Destruction- a Killjoy Story, To Love A Lost Girl, Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us,

Ficwad authors you think have cool personalities (optional): Everyone. Especially tmbfucks, fatherfuckingmeese and atomickilljoy

Recording of yourself reading part of a fic (optinal): (Pleasae use for this): Nahh.

Sample of your writing: Ray turned around to see me. "Hey man! What's up my diva homie?" he cheekily said. I ignored the jab. "Listen Ray, Valentine's Day's coming up and I don't know how to tell Hozzie I love her? What do I do?" Ray snorted. "First, man up. Second, just tell her, it's not that hard! Shayla's going out with me, isn't she? All I had to do was kiss her." I straightened up and ran my hand through my hair. "Alrighty then." My heart was beating as fast as Mikey could drink a coffee. I walked up and tapped Hozzie on the shoulder. She turned toward me and I closed my eyes, leaning in. "MMMMFF!!"
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