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Lets Prove Them Wrong

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Mikey gets bullied and he just doesn't know if he can take it anymore. Third person pov.Songfic- Make It Stop(September's Children) by Rise Against R&R?

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Mikey Way age 15

Mikey Way hes just a normal teenager. He's an outcast. He's a nobody to the rest of the world. He is openly gay at his school. Not by choice though. It wasn't his fault, they stole his notebook. He was bullied about being gay before they even knew he was.


"Give me my notebook back Tom!" He yelled at the boy currently holding his notebook above his head. Yeah sure Mikey as tall for a 14 year old but he was still skinny and weak. Tom was the quarterback he would be dead if he tried to fight him.

"Why? Admit you love for a guy? Cause you a fag? Right? Is that why you where make-up? 'Cause your a little fag?" Tom sneers his pack off so called 'friends' laugh at the comments.

"N-no!" He squeaks they pack of meat-heads can already tell he is lying. "J-just g-give it b-back! Its n-not yours!" He says tripping over his own words and making him so like a stuttering fool. He tried to reach up and grab the notebook. One of the others grabbed Mikey and held him back away from Tom.

"Well let's just read it and find out. Shall we?" Tom opens the notebook and flips through the pages. He stops at one page and starts to read aloud, "Today is math there was a new boy. He was pretty cute. His name was Bob Bryar hes tall,blonde and boy did he look strong. He sat right next to me. He actually talked to me too! We actually had a lot in common, he liked a lot of the same music I did. He said that he hoped to see me later. So does this mean he wanted to actually be my friend? Me the gay emo freak? God I sound like such a girl sometimes." They all laugh and they turn to the next page which is the most recent thing Mikey has written. Tom scanned through it and read one part he wished they hadn't saw, "Last night, I told my older brother Gerard that I was gay." Tom spat the last word and threw the notebook at Mikey. The one holding Mikey pushed him to the ground and kicked him the stomach hard. They all walked out laughing destined to tell the whole school of Mikey's dirty little secret.

End of Flashback

Today is just another day for him. The bullying, the tormenting, the name calling, the glares. You get used to it after a year but today was different for Mikey. He opened the double doors that led to his locker. He looked at his locker with shocked and sad eyes. All over his locker were stickers that said 'Fag', 'Gay', 'Sissy', 'Queer' but then one that hurt the most 'DIE FAG' he pulled it off and began to open his locker. Before he could get his locker open somebody grabbed his bag off his shoulder and took off running with it. Mikey could see who it was and went after them.

Mikey kept following them and they ran straight into the bathroom with it. He followed them in there and saw a few people standing in there and the one with his bag. He was suddenly grabbed by someone and they held his arms back so he couldn't run away. Two girls came out and grabbed his face and tried to kiss him. He tried to turn his head but they kept it in place. They kissed him a few times before throwing him to the ground and his bag being tossed at him next. He got up and the tears started to fall. He pushed open the door of the bathroom and walked down the hall to his class.

He was still a teary mess once he got to class but he managed to get through that hour. But throughout the rest of the day it got worse. Hateful comments thrown at him, paper balls being chucked at him with more shit written on it that he didn't care about 'cause he has hear it all. They called him every name in the book he has heard it all a hundred times or more from about everyone at the school. Even some teachers, it was horrible he didn't want to live with this.

At lunch he sat alone away from everyone. Some kids walked by and messed with him a little and then walked away. But then a group of football players and cheerleaders came up to him and started yelling all the comments at him that he has already heard before. He just kept writing and drawing his notebook ignoring them. He had his un-touched lunch tray next to him and he was about to eat when a one of the football players spit in his milk then walked away, he stared at the milk for a minute then went back to his notebook. But they weren't done with him just yet. A cheerleader picked up the milk and poured it on his notebook and another jock flipped his tray onto his him. He stared at the table with confusion and awe. They all walked away sneering at the look on his face. He grabbed his notebook shook it out to get all the milk and food off of it. He stuffed it in his bag and ran out of the lunchroom.

He kept remembering what Gerard said before he went to art school after he graduated high school. He said 'It will get better Mikey, I promise'. Mikey didn't want him to leave he knew that the bullying would get worse once Gerard left for New York, he would always protect him but know he can't. Mikey ran across the football field and started walking the way towards his house. He walked down the street of his house knowing fully well his parents would be at work. He swung open the door of his house and slammed it in his anger and bitterness. He threw his bag to the ground and stormed up to his room. He threw open his door and slammed it and locked it. He opened the closet door and opened his safe and pulled out a small box and opened it. The box contained a small pistol. He put the only bullet he had in it and held it up to his head. He remembered Gerard words again,'It gets better, I promise. Stay strong and never let them take you alive.' He thought through everything he had and reasons to be alive. Then he lowered the gun and put it away.

Just the one small decision lead him to a new life.

17 years later

Mikey Way bassist of the punk band My Chemical Romance is still going strong. He's with his brother, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, and Bob Bryar. Yes the dude he had a crush on in high school is now playing with him in a band as their drummer. But few years back Mikey realized he was just bi-sexual and is now married to his wonderful wife Alicia Simmons. He stayed alive and proved the bullies he was strong and they couldn't take him alive. My Chemical Romance have 4 albums out and are now working on their 5th. They are a famous international band that saves the lives of kids around the world. With Gerard's words he saved his brother's life and million of kids around the world, with those words he always told Mikey so long ago:

'Stay strong and never let them take you live. Always keep running.'

He proved his tormentors wrong and he was so fucking happy he did.
Make It Stop(September's Children)- Rise Against inspired this.
Dont forget to R&R :D

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