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5th Period Massacre

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Frank is in leathermouth and gets sued, Gerard is his lawyer...FRERARD Collab with my friend on DeviantArt

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*Frank POV*

I woke up in a shitty motel room somewhere in New Jersey, or wherever my band played last. LeATHERMOUTH was taking the world by storm, and i FUCKING loved it. Stretching my arms, I noticed I smelled like sweat and cigarettes. Ew, shower time. As the cold water trickled down my tattooed body, I recalled the events of last nights show. Fans screaming along, me saying something about the corrupt society and government, flipping people off, all that. It was an adrenaline rush every time I'm on stage, normally I play guitar but thats more of a hobby, screaming and getting all my anger out. The band is a great...coping method. Grabbing the tiny shampoo, I started to wash all the grime, grease, and sweat out of my hair.

"I feel clean," I said with a smirk as I turned off the shower. Yes, I am aware that there is no one there, but I can get lonely at times.

Reaching my arm out, someone handed me a towel.

"Here," Dewees said.

"Thanks Jameeeeees...?"

"No problem midget."

I nodded, wrapping the towel around my waist. James and I are really good friends, we have the same tattoo even! I'm so used to having him around and plus this motel is complete and utter garbage, so a firm kick to the door can open one thats been locked...There is one thought that hasn't occurred to me, give me a moment, its all about to register.


"Front desk needs you," he said plainly. "Something about a fan from last nights show."

"Okay. Now leave me be, I'm uncomfortable being naked with you around," I joked.

"C'mon Iero I'm not gonna rape you!"

"Uh-huh sure."

Dewees unleashed his loud laugh and cheeky grin, leaving me alone in the bathroom. Now, I can get dressed!

I stepped out of the...shower bathtub thing, and proceeded to my luggage. I had at most six shirts, three pants, two boxers, and a suit with a tie. What, I can have my fancy moments, can't I? Deciding to wear my plain white shirt and baggy blue jeans, I got dressed and headed off to the front desk.

"Hello," the overly cheery manager said with the dorkiest smile on his face. "How may I help you this fine day?"

"Uhm I was told I had a call here," I said avoiding eye contact with the creepy dude.

"OH! Yes, you are Mr. Iero?"

"That's me."

"Alright well, they didn't leave much of a message besides for you to call them back," he said slipping me a pice of paper with seven digits on it. "On this number between the hours of eight and five."

"Okay, uhm thanks..."

"Good day to you sir!"

I nodded with the biggest amount of disturbance on my face. I grabbed the paper and looked at what was written; the number and a name. Gerard Way. Sighing I pulled out my phone and checked the time, it's ten-fifteen right now so I guess I can call. I dialed in the number and pressed the device to my ear, they picked up on the third ring.

"Hello, Gerard Way Attorney at Law, Lindsey speaking," a bubbly female voice answered. Ugh as if i didn't get enough cheer from the motel manager. Wait, did she say attorney at law?

"Uhm Hi, this is Frank Iero, may I speak with Mr. Way?'

"Of course!," there was a slight pause before a male voice answered. "Hello Frank, this is Mr. Way. But PLEASE call me Gerard, Mr. Way is my father."
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